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Ismail Patel On OpenDemocracy: The New Era of Persecution of The British-Muslims (Highly Recommended Reading)

Published on openDemocracy (http://www.opendemocracy.net) Britain’s long standing de-civilisation of Muslims Ismail Patel [1] 25 June 2013 The Woolwich murder and its backlash has exposed what has been apparent for decades – Britain’s liberal democracy has failed to prevent the persecution and victimisation of its Muslims. The horror of the murder of Lee Rigby on the … Continue reading

Reading Beyond The Story: How Imams and Mosques In Britain Are Controlled By The State Security Apparatus!

On today’s Leicester Mercury there is an informative published article (behind the story analysis) on how this Friday (28th June 2013) during the Jumma [Friday] prayers all mosques across the Isles (UK) will essentially coordinate their Friday-Summons on one particular issue, the grooming scandal. Now this little coordination observation is the key to analysis based on … Continue reading

The British-Western Crisis: The Disintergration of Society From It’s Institutions (A Very Bad Week For UK Police)

This week The Guardian tries to shift our focus professionally away from the crisis of national security and surveillance (very serious, but never presented as such, and it was only presented because there was no other way out of it; in other words the Guardian-Washington Post had a choice either to ‘manage-print’ the leak-stories or … Continue reading

News Alert & Important Advice: First Bombing Target on Midlands Muslim, The Ever-Spinning Pork Story & Watch Out For Your Cars!

The Advice: The Targeting of Muslim Cars First and fore most lets deal with a little important advisory statement for the benefit of local Leicester/British Muslims. The advice is based on a professional common-sense and the general ability to keep ‘one step ahead’ of criminals/hooligans [etc]: based on understanding and assessment provided via criminal intelligence … Continue reading

Community Park Games: Leicestershire Police ‘Steals’ Our Idea [not the first time, ha]!

Yesterday at Spinney Hills Park [Highfields Areas] Leicestershire Police in cooperation with the Leicester Riders (local city’s basketball team) held what they dubbed (and sound very familiar to us since because we also had in the past shared such idea, and others, in discussions with them and the Leicester City Council as well as the … Continue reading

UK’s Surveillance Reach Is Greater Than That of US (We Told You So): Edward Snowden [The Whistleblower] New Round of Tangible Evidence on The Great New Western Surveillance-Police State (with an added discussion on intelligence services)

Well, we have been telling and warning the lot of you out-there for some time now that even with the calls for legitimization of surveillance-police state via official state-laws such as the Snoopers Charter the UK security and policing services have never had problem of a blank-snooping powers on everyone, innocent or not. Why? First, … Continue reading

Tom Engelhardt On Le Monde: A Fantastic Article on The New Rise of Western Surveillance State [Post-NSA-GCHQ Leaks]

The making of a global security State The five uncontrollable urges of a secrecy-surveillance world 17 June, by Tom Engelhardt on Le Monde As happens with so much news these days, the Edward Snowden revelations about National Security Agency (NSA) spying and just how far we’ve come in the building of a surveillance state have … Continue reading

Simon Jenkins On The Guardian: Britain’s response to the NSA story? Back off and shut up

Britain’s response to the NSA story? Back off and shut up Snowden’s revelations are causing outrage in the US. In the UK, Hague deploys a police-state defence and the media is silenced Simon Jenkins The Guardian, Wednesday 19 June 2013 On Monday the Guardian carried a story that British intelligence had spied on delegates at two … Continue reading

Leicester Anti-Muslim Attacks: ‘First Officially Reported’ Local Cases of Anti-Islam Violence (Source: Leicester Mercury)

Yesterday the Leicester Mercury published an account of a mosque graffiti-attack in Oadby (click here), and today it has an article (published below in full) on the rise of attacks against local Muslims, specifically the Somalis. Remember One: most of these attacks which takes place tend usually not to be reported, since Muslims, like any … Continue reading

Arrest Glenn Greenwald!: Neocon US House Rep. Peter King (R) at It Again (Source: FP)

First some interesting headlines of relevance to Muslims:   EDL sprayed on a bin at Oadby Islamic Centre, in Sandhurst STreet | This is Leicestershire Family face losing £200,000 home in landmark ruling after grandfather’s terror training conviction Boxer who threatened Muslims with ‘insane violence’ while posing with a gun on day of murder of … Continue reading