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Reading Beyond The Story: How Imams and Mosques In Britain Are Controlled By The State Security Apparatus!

On today’s Leicester Mercury there is an informative published article (behind the story analysis) on how this Friday (28th June 2013) during the Jumma [Friday] prayers all mosques across the Isles (UK) will essentially coordinate their Friday-Summons on one particular issue, the grooming scandal. Now this little coordination observation is the key to analysis based on ‘behind the real story’, as it clearly shows an ‘invisible hand’ in play; well-managed approach to social control. This is why British or many western Mosques have no real, or even merely spiritual, authorities, legitimacy or even same sacredness found and directed at real mosques found in the home countries (independent places of worship not politics and treachery); in other words, for many western Muslims, western mosques are essentially a temporal [quick] place for prayers-visits and that is it, not assemble, or forum-ing or debating, meeting, engaging, exchanging ideas and thoughts, philosophizing, teaching, community activities, and so forth (the real essence of Mosques).

Anyway other stories include the arrest of a ’75’-years old man in connection to attempted bombing of a Walsall Mosque and Islamic Centre, and for other news headlines have a glimpse at the highly selected list below;

PressTV – UK far-right fascist group EDL mocks Stephen Hawking
Duwayne Brooks and the Lawrences are not alone in needing answers | Simon Hattenstone | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Prism: secret surveillance could destroy democracy rather than defend it
The Criminal N.S.A. – NYTimes.com
UK spy agencies get $154mn bonus amid sweeping cuts
UK austerity: ‘Diverting money from poor to rich under guise of economic crisis’
C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police – NYTimes.com
Inside Guantanamo Bay: Horrifying pictures show the restraint chairs, feeding tubes and operating theatre used on inmates in terror prison | Mail Online
The terror diaspora – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition
Christian Muslim Forum – Christian Muslim Forum
When Exercise Becomes an Addiction
Food really is addictive: Study finds brain activity similar to heroin users after eating certain processed foods
New NSA leaks show email surveillance under Obama
US Army restricts access to Guardian website over secrets in NSA leak stories



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