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((UPDATED)) Its Official: The Fascist ”Democratic” State of Britain Gives it’s Spies (GCHQ, MI5, MI6) Full LEGAL POWERS to SPY ON YOU (via your phone, computer etc) — HURRAH!!!

Fascism is an inherent and natural predominant trait of a British State n Government; from it’s major philosophical model as laid out by David Hume in Leviathan to The Royals as unelected and undemocratic institution and fans of fascism (when practiced openly by others, see Edward, present Queen and support for Nazis) to the Tory … Continue reading

Republican Party Of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland: Our Rough (and Brief) Blueprint/Manifesto

Dear readers and supporters today we will discuss/outline briefly key principles and values of a truly Republican Party of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Further suggestions are welcomed before we attempt to take this out to the public: Nahh, just intended to encourage public intellectual debates. One might be interested in following this up … Continue reading

Photo of The Month (Oct 2015): ‘The Running Jew-Dog’

Caption On ‘The Running Jew-Dog’: A brave young Palestine armed only with a kitchen knife going (chasing) after a scared running Jew-Dog armed to teeth with heavy weapons and guns…and he gets him in the end before murdered (with his hand clinching, still, with pride and bravery his little knife high and above with pride) … Continue reading