What is Wrong With The Muslim World?

The Problem: The Existence of Two Self-Serving Camps

One does not need to be fully knowledgeable on the history and general understanding of Islamic Studies for one to appreciate this very simple fact, that the core Islamic problem (disunity) has always been the existence within the Islamic World of two [strongly] self-serving camps: namely, that made up of the local rulers (or puppets), installed by their foreign masters, and thus exists purely to serve their masters via fulfilling their own personal greed for personal wealth; secondly, is the camp made up of the ‘God’s Soldiers’, the existence of the [admirable] resistance fighters whose primary goal is to serve the cosmic power so to gain their own post-life rewards (self-serving factor).

Problem Identified And Analyzed: Absence of Ummah Representation!

Here is the point observed from the above identified problem one needs to come out with: namely, both of these camps have ‘masters’ and/via personal goals to serve, and both seemingly do not take, even in passing, the interests of the Ummah (the Muslims). In simpler words, both of these opposing camps only serve themselves through their respective masters but never take account of serving the Muslims (the people who need to be ruled by good laws and standards).

The Solution: Islamic Nationalism

This is why, based on above analysis, the only viable solution in existence is the embracing of Islamic Nationalism as a way to serve this large ignored, but very important, entity; the heart and soul of Islam. This is why we, at JG, are proposing the self-organization of Muslims into small ‘Nationalist Working Groups’ on per to old Communists, who will follow the shared set of doctrines based on the rule of law and basic laws of nationalism (see all the above pages for initial self-education).

In Sum:

Let’s Start Working For True Masters, The Muslim Ummah. We, Islamic Nationalists, are the third-way and only hope for long-lasting unity.

We do not present or serve the interests of external masters like the Muslim Ruling Classes.

We do not present or serve the interests of cosmic master like the Muslim Resistance Forces.

We intend and aim only to represent and serve the interests of the Muslim People (our real masters)!



One thought on “What is Wrong With The Muslim World?

  1. Good point, those in power seek to have a life of opportunity that is of self interest that destroys the moral and well being of the many, and those who apparently are on a path to God are committed to criminal behavior to receive reward in the kingdom of God, not only can this criteria be applied to the Islamic persuasion but more important is a belief albeit unspoken of the Western Allies, we see the leader of Australia Tony Abbot as a example, turning his back on his calling to become committed to a life that was in the church, to the so called real world, today He is now like I would say all those of a privileged position of power and glory in this world, now not content with a salary of some half a million dollars plus, besides perks and insider trading tip offs, also involved with pilfering money on tax fraud, and repaying a token amount to ease his conscience, my point is the remuneration is high to attract people so to prevent corruption, my comment on this is this high pay and privilege attracts the corrupt such as people like Abbot, at the moment a lot of politicians here in Australia are all on the fiddle I would say the whole country is a cess pool of corruption.
    Further more the people that run this country as I believe most countries are all committed to thinking they are born to rule by divine proxy, this idea likely also to be what Buddha, promoted as in karma, I find Buddha as a system claimed by him as extremely doubtful, and creating or confirming the caste system of oppression.
    What is right about Mohammads idea, is He came after crusades had got it in for those who lived as Arabs, from incursions of Western invasions, and He redefined spirituality as taking up arms against incursion, as opposed to the message Christ to turn the other cheek, which is all very noble, but try as you may to change a reptile who has got its teeth in to you and see where it gets you! Not only is Christs teachings suspect from many points of view, or at least the rendition of what the teachings are supposed to be, having said that, a contrary saying of Christ, is coming with a sword, this of course can be taken as esoteric, that is the sword applied to the Old Testament and bringing in the New Age.
    As I muse on the prayer “On Earth as in Heaven”, I would say we are a few centuries away from this idea, not only that the Wests materialistic indoctrination is well entrenched, the Western Jew who gives us his interpretation on TV, on art, has recently spoken on art, saying we know all to much? how could he with a straight face say or think this? he said this from a scientific point of view, what to me is so irrational in particular with much of the Jewish interpretation of reality, and their cultural ideology is their apparent authoritarianism and pursuit in power positions, my critique on his statement is, if the Universe came as claimed by some or many scientists, that the beginning of the Universe started form a size smaller than the pore in ones skin, either hi is right, the Jew, or he is either mad, or up himself or both.
    I am signing off as their is much to be said on this subject but I do not want to bore those who have a short concentration span.

    Posted by donwreford | October 7, 2013, 3:48 am

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