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The video you are about to watch is 7mins long and animated, with the victim, Ms. Gemma Atkinson, a Londoner, narrating the story as it happened to her and her boyfriend (observe the boyfriend ”Asian-Looking Characteristic”, probably why he and not her, was ”stopped and searched” in the first place) in real-life supported by her … Continue reading

A Dim Future For Generation Y (Born c.1980s): A Study Published By The Urban Institute (Source: The Atlantic)

The Unluckiest Generation: What Will Become of Millennials? By Derek Thompson   AP The nearly 3.7 million American babies born in 1982 weren’t special, except to their families. But in the eyes of demographers, they were categorically different from the 3.6 million Americans born in 1981. They were the first members of a new club: … Continue reading

The Almost Complete Efforts Towards Western Totalitarianism: How The West Is Too Close to a V For Vendetta Scenario!

In the classic, and highly recommended film, V for Vendetta, the viewers at one point are introduced to how the hated and despised totalitarian government/leadership came to power in the first place, by feeding, what within the social and political science discourses is referred to as, ”risk-aversive society” with never-ending diet of fear and paranoia; … Continue reading

Post-Boston Debate On US & Muslims: On Muslim Women Rights and Collective Muslim Surveillance (Source: New York Times)

In the wake of Boston Marathon Bombings, the United States is collectively gripped with the new ”self-enlightenment” quest towards the goal of moving to new understanding and approaches in dealing with, what appears to be portrayed across the board as, ”The Muslim Problem/Issue”. The New York Times today has few good, and highly recommended, readings … Continue reading

Two Excellent Articles (+): On Islamophobia & Ameer Shakeer (And A Discussion On ”Terror”)

On Islamophobia, the article comes from The Roots (a US Black-Americans specific magazine): THE ROOT | It’s time to redefine Islam and race The second one, on Ameer Shaker, comes from The Guardian (one of the only two contributors worth reading in complete from such a paper as we have continuously stated it is just … Continue reading

Our Training: We Just Added A New Page On Leadership Educational Training

Please see the page above marked ”Training II: Education”. The training is relevant to all members, though more beneficial in particular to those to be leaders (sort of leaders-in-training or cadre training course). For Monday headlines of interest see the list below as well as the weekend highly recommended post below/just after this post; 1.5m … Continue reading

[[Added: Amir Shakeer Amazing Story]]This Week In News: Our [Not-To-Be-Missed] Highly Recommended Weekend Readings For You

Added Stories on Sunday 21st April 2013: [1] How certain security services parties (MI5, MI6, CIA etc) are colliding to stop the release of Amir Shakeer an Innocent last British Citizen held in Guantanamo who was cleared of all charges since 2007, but his release is deemed ”harmful” to these parties since it will see … Continue reading

@Campaign: Our Campaign to Stop the Politicization of Religious Practice & What you can do?

Dear Readers (Brothers and Sisters), On this post you will find the useful advice and direction in what you and us need to do to Stop The Politicization of Religious Practices. Our proposed Campaign Strategy is based on a simple- emailing (operation @campaign) approach to the following addresses (the responsible newspapers and a local paper, … Continue reading

On ”Segregation Debate” Campaign: Read Our Full Press Release (prepared and sent out)

Please find attached on this post our fully prepared and sent out press release in response to recent articles/headlines on ”negatively” portrayed purely religious-cultural Islamic practice, the separation of Muslims sexes, and turned into a political discourse. We will inform you all more if or when published. We sent it out to The Guardian, The … Continue reading


Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is absolutely critical that a coordinated campaign is urgently required to putting a stop to the growing new trends of external ”interference” on Islamic Religious Practises by elements within the British State and Media, namely the Islamic religious practice of separating, or as propaganda-succinctly put ”segregation” (a deliberate use of … Continue reading