Authored by:

Abu Islam Al-Sahil

Presiding Chair & Founder

August 9th 2015


Prophet Muhammad {S.A.W.} is not coming back to life: this is a fact. However this should never be a sad disappointing fact since as long as one can seek and lead by the ‘spirit of the prophet’, which means the ability and skills to appreciate the changed world and society around him/her and the need to adapt old ancient Islamic Shari’a (Laws) to modern Islamic nations and people and most importantly to seek a unity of all factions – namely, the branches of thoughts and beliefs within Islam as well as races, nationalities, political thinking and the likes – only then the Greater Muslim Umma’h can attain the new Golden Age of Islam.

The present claimants of Islamic leadership are short on exhibiting or even actually possessing the said ‘spirit of the prophet’; in other words, they do not have the leadership skills, abilities, personalities and characteristics required to liberate – peacefully and without further bloodshed and pains – and unity successfully all factions without favoritism or persecutions, the Muslim Ummah. What the present leadership claimants have in common is simply this horrible fact they will continue to terrorize, brutalize, oppress, subjugate and always ready to sell out Muslim Ummah (People and Lands) to their foreign masters and other highest bidders and perhaps most disturbing and equally disappointing is the fact that accepting their leadership legitimacy and claims will never move our Ummah as a promising, gifted and talented society forward to catch up with the rest in all areas but instead they will make us third-rate and worse and thus make us equally vulnerable to continuous bloodshed, imperial and colonial interferences and the likes because we will never be in position to stand toe-to-toe with advanced technological weapons fo our enemies or even their advanced societies of well-educated supporting population as scientists, managers, inventors etc.

As such…

  • The Treacherous Ruling Elites (The House of Saud, Hashemites, Libyan, Afghani and Iraqi ”Puppet Government”, and Egyptian-Tunisian repositioned into power old establishment cronies and others) will continue to act in the interests and benefits of their own greed as well as that of their foreign western masters in Washington, London, Paris, Brussels etc, while forcing ”absence of progress” in education, health, employment etc by forbidding women into education or work, and so forth.

  • The [Honorable] Traditionalists-minded Resistance Partisans (known popularly as ”Jihadists” or ”Islamists”) will also prove to be more of a burden and a nightmare for Muslim people and world as their similar inabilities to move away from traditional rigid and out of time and place ancient laws of ”God” (Shari’a) and adapting to changing world around them [and us all] will mean a continuation of more mindless violence, wars, bloodshed, divisions, hatred, sectarianism and also an excuse for foreign powers to continue interfering and dominating our lands and people without mercy and with pure greed and lust made possible by their local lackeys. These will to forbid progress and development within our societies and thus continue to make us more vulnerable to external enemies and greedy parties.

And it is the aim of the present author and the party founded here (The Greater Islamic Alliance [Sunni-Shia-Kurds-Communists-Democrats-Secularists-Nationalists-Republicans etc] for Liberation and Unity) to show how such a spirit [of prophet] can look like today and thus to present a third option to you our beloved and dearest fellow Muslim citizens.

The aim of this party, unlike those of the foreign-supported puppets and religious-honorable partisans is not to enforce or force upon any laws on you with claims of ‘superiority of the laws’ but rather to directly consult with you, dearest Brothers and Sisters and Elders, which laws you preferred to be governed by, with your direct support and with you beside; yes, it is a version of Islamic Democracy, taking the best of modern human age laws and the best of our ancient Shari’a laws to produce a perfect set of Good Laws guiding Good Government and guarded by Good Arms (used only for ‘Just Wars/Jihad’ for initial use of liberation & unity, then self-defense).

Abu Islam Al-Sahilliyah

Leicester, UK.

August 2015

On Supreme Laws of The Future Union: The Constitution or New Sharia

Taking off from where we left above [in the Foreword section] we can state that our party will seek to adapt the very best of Islamic Shari’a with the very best of what exist today as lesser evils or corrupt system of Republican democracy with preferences for ‘internationalism’ on trade, peaceful and co-operative multilateral world system and stable international security based on mutual trusts and ‘peer-ship acknowledgement’; that is not seeking to treat each other as all in same leadership status with no one as ‘first among equals’. For example on Internationalism and ‘sharing earth together minded nature’ we will seek to create in cooperation with all states of our world a special governing body for key essential and strategic ”natural resources” so they can manage as corporation in allocating quotas for each states and in accordance to what each specific state is in dire need of however beyond the dire critical need quotas then states will have to barter exchange between themselves in agreement the remaining needed ”not essential” quotas or actually buy these from one another.

Of course, as stated from adapting to democratic values we will see a constitution that promote and encourage all aspects of civil laws, rule of law, human and individual rights, freedoms of expression, association, religious beliefs and practices, gender equality (with absolute practical application of laws, rather than ‘talking’, of breaking ‘glass ceiling’ and the likes).

However as stated above the most significant aspect and resolve of adapting to democratic ideals and to fight is to making sure that Islamic identity, values, norms, multitude of customs and traditions, the embedded nature of religion into all our aspects are enshrined at the center of newly introduced and proposed for consultation constitution (new Shari’a). In other words, Muslims will be required to keep and observe the old traditions of their Islamic ways of lives – as long as these #do not infringe upon their constitutional ‘natural’ rights such as property, happiness, security, livelihood, life, death etc – while enjoying all aspects of democratic freedoms and rights.

  • For example, no western clothing will be allowed to be embedded within Islamic societies. This distort and corrupt our Identity and nothing more. In other words, we do not seek to enforce Burkas, nikab etc, instead Muslim women will be required to observe their traditional respect for modesty by wearing clothings that are loose and bland and covering head to toes in public but in private (at home and around those known or relative of them) they can wear whatever they wish (as long as these are made locally and not ”copying western clothing mannerism” word to word, of course they can be inspired with western, Asiatic, African or any other cultural clothing mannerism, or languages, Music etc but not copy it to the letter as stated above; simply, no importation of other cultural customs preferences or trends in their pure or original forms. This is just imposing others attempted ‘dominance’ over our own identity (read Gramsci’s Hegemon theories or Fanon The ‘Wretched of the Earth’). And to clarify, only scarves will be made mandatory in public and not nikab (ninja-eyes) or burkas, these two forms of wear will essentially be a pejorative (rightful says) of the person (sister) herself, her family and her spouses and not a matter of the state.

  • Alcohol will stay banned!

  • No underage marriages below the age of 18 years old for men and women.

  • Complete freedom of religious practices and beliefs; Islam, Shi’ism, Coptic Christianity, Mystic sects and cults etc. But all these must observe public codes of conduct.


The government at federal level will be governed by non-elected (nominated mainly) Shura Council of the Guardians equivalent to EU commission. This will stay in power in ten-years after which the ‘First Guardian’ (equivalent to Presidents) will never be allowed to ask or extend terms of rule but forced to leave and appoint a successor (his long-time trusted and vetted patriot-loving deputy); if the First Guardian is a male, the law will be he must choose his next successor to be a female candidate or let the special committee for nomination to do so for him if he refuses. This applies same if one is a female First Guardian, she must have a male successor and so forth to infinitum.

Each guardian will be equivalent to ministers or secretaries of states in overseeing defense, foreign affairs, economics etc for the entire union. Below them, their immediate deputies, will come from those representatives directly elected by the people. This is the second structure of government made up of structures similar to UK-US bicameral model see below (the legislative).

The guardians role will essentially be that of proposing laws made to govern the entire union. Once these laws are proposed they go to second chambers (structure of government: the legislative) and debated first within the House of Direct Representatives where here the proposed laws (in bill format) will get first scrutiny by seeing either proposed amendments or inclusions or exclusions or clauses (with reasons to be stated in details and legal and expertise manner) and once this is done the bill (proposed laws) now amended, changed or the likes will go back to the Guardians for second reading and reviews and once the Guardians have agreed to changes etc they will inform the House of Direct Representatives who will have their own second reading to make sure nothing has been slipped in without their knowing and after the bill will pass to second house, the House of National Representatives (See below).

First lets outline what is the;

  • House of Direct Representatives: it will seat for 5 years and candidates will represent every population sectors, such as Kurds with special representatives, and every tribes with each representatives. This house will essentially attempt to be absolutely representative of every make up of the Ummah in terms of tribes and nationalities. And as stated they make laws by making sure these do not infringe upon the preferences of their tribes, represented people etc. They can also introduce independently of the guardians laws but must be first approved and reviewed by Guardians and the third house (see below).

  • House of Indirect Representatives: this will seat for unassigned time status. This house is similar to UK House of Lords. It will have on one side (the right) the Guardians who have moved from Guardian council and now can seat here until the age of 64. Their role at this house is to continue defending the newly updated Shari’a constitution from neo-conservatives religious-minded intentions and ends as well as any other threats to undermine these laws. Besides them (on same side) seats a body of highly qualified and respected national academia, people who will provide scientific, legal, professional and the likes knowledge and experience in defending supreme laws of the lands for the common good of the union and it’s people affairs and rights. The left side will include the religious representatives from all schools of Islamic thoughts (shi’a Imams, sunnis ulema, sufists scholars etc), these will also seat next to non-Islamic religious representatives such as coptic christians, Druze, Yazidis, and every other citizen of the union with non-Islamic religious affiliation or association. The role of this house as such is to either defend or attempt to defeat proposed laws due to [a] faults in legal, professional and other similar concerns, [b] religious concerns as perceived threats to their rights to religious beliefs and worship etc and finally to seek [c] to provide much needed ‘special representational’ expertise in making sure the bill is sound and perfect and does not infringed on any rights or constitution parameters.

Below these super federal government structures will come regional (provincial, equivalent to US ‘States’) governing structures with devolved powers to many areas as with US state-models and UK devolution model. These will have their own mini-parliaments (like Scottish and Welsh Parliaments) and their own leaders, where laws and regulations will be made as long as these stay true to the constitution and federal laws, so to avoid local tribal favoritism, cronyism etc.

More will be discussed in future on this aspect of government.

One point must be made. Political Parties are acceptable and will be the basis of electoral mandate.

Political Funding will be covered fully by federal or regional governing bodies to avoid corruption, lobbying manipulation and the ‘buying of political power’ as in US.

Lobbying will be allowed but not directly to representatives or any person employed by governing bodies at all levels, instead there will be a separate offices of General Lobbying for every aspects.

Corruption, nepotism and cronyism will not be tolerated and laws will be passed to ensure a lifetime punishment is placed upon offenders in terms of incarceration (long term sentences for jail) to financial freezes etc. No one can be allowed to be above corruption laws or any constitutional laws even the First Guardians.

Referendums and voting will be a constant activity as no laws can be proposed in their fullest unless people are also directly involved and consulted for feedback; made much easier with modern technologies.

Special ‘watchdog’ committees will be put in place to watch those in power (institutions and people) and be conducted by citizens, learned people, legal professions, law enforcement etc; all selected through random ‘lottery style’ or ‘jury selection’ methodologies. These will rotate after every seating/per reviewed cases etc.

The First Guardian after office will not be allowed to have any influence or role in politics or private businesses association with government contracts (defeating ‘revolving door’ problem) but will be expected to take up professorship (teaching) role or academic leadership of universities etc; to help teach and guide future leaders.

Many other laws and regulations will be detailed in tackling corruption, favoritism etc.

So How do we get there from where we are now? How do we fight successful?

This I personally have already covered in details here (please familiarize yourself with the reading).

In short;

  1. Do not unite foreign powers with their local population and military (Clausewitzian trinity) by directly declaring hostilities or intention of future or present hostilities against their states or people or interests; Nazi idiocy.

  2. Do not accept the supremacy and sovereignty of ‘rule of Shari’a’ this will never take us forward or improve our lives but will rather cause more problems, difficulties, hostilities between each other, mindless bloodshed and weak state in defense.

  3. Do not accept nothing short of complete subjugation of puppets to new constitution and seek [classified]; those who diplomatically accept to the union forces will be rewarded with life and left to their important roles at local stratas.

  4. Do not conduct any operations inside foreign states of non-Islamic make-up; meaning, we must limit our wars (Limited Wars) inside our borders only. Never attack foreign persons, but if these are held in suspicious of espionage etc then they should be used as exchange currency for our held brothers and sisters (and always get sisters first for an exchange even if the enemies have the First Guardians in custody; first exchange is, we all know who, hint the Pakistani Nuclear Physicist sister).

  5. Do not use or embrace any terror tactics, techniques or methodologies; especially not to suicide bombings, no to ”lone wolves” etc. Against collaborators and traitors [classified]…

This is how we make a durable, strong, peaceful and prosper unity among our people and lands, not by ways of puppets or religious-minded [honorable] mujahidins.


To challenge any accusations of that we are just another western-funded or -supported monkeys or stooges we can simply say something that any actual and real western-funded or -supported stooges and puppets could never say or hope to do so; by making such a statement their central policy within their political manifesto and conduct.

Of course it is our policy in relation to Palestine.

We simply do not accept any existence of a Jew ”state” or even a single Jew person presence within Palestine, let alone a ‘two-state solution’. We believe Palestine is for fellow countryman and women of Palestinian nationality ONLY!

There will be zero talks, formal or informal, open or in secret, with the Jews or those claiming to speaking on their behalf.

The Jews residing in Palestine will simply be provided with two key options;

  1. Voluntary leave the land en mass..

  2. Forcibly removed from our lands of Palestine with all – and by all – necessary means available.

Now in reference to why we are not just another ”Islamists” or ”extremists” seeking to come in with pretense of ”free society and free minded nature” then after liberation to re-subjugate you into ancient Shari’a laws we can simply say; go back and re-read this document/manifesto and say if you really think we have a shred of ”extremism” in us, other than pride of Islamic Identity patriotism and defense. For God sake, we want ”to introduce democracy” – Ooooo, the dread ‘D-Word’. Would any ”extremists” (that is, Neo-Conservatives) accept this???

Assalam-Aleikum Warhamtullahi Wabarakatuh


Abu Islam Al-Sahilliyah


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