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The Resistance Mantra: The Genius of Simplicity, Is the Genius of the Strategy

Simplicity, not complexity, is a heart of strategic genius. So what should be the essence of the Greater Global Islamic (or any other anti-imperialists, colonialism, militarism and so forth) resistance be? It should be…… NEVER ATTACK THE PEACE-LOVING INNOCENT PEOPLE NEVER ATTACK THE INANIMATE NATION-STATES BUT ALWAYS ATTACK THE BIG CORPORATIONS! OR IN SIMPLER CHANTING-STYLE; … Continue reading

(Highly Recommended) Peter Ludlow (Philosopher) On New York Times’ The Stone: Western ”Democracies” are ‘Government of Fear, By Fear, For Fear’!

New York Times is another propaganda platform but it’s ”Philosopher’s Column”, called ‘The Stone’, is rather unmissable reading with highly interesting and intelligent articles from some of the leading modern western philosophers. Today I will reprint (copyright belongs to New York Times) here in full yesterday’s fantastic and highly recommended article by Peter Ludlow titled … Continue reading

David Davis (Senior Tory MP) On The Daily Mail: How Modern Technologies Are Used By Modern ‘Demo-Fascists’ Police States To Spy On You (Recommended Reading)

Your mobile phone is watching YOU, writes DAVID DAVIS: Campaigning former Shadow Home Secretary’s own phone log reveals the insidious tracking of our every move By David Davis PUBLISHED: 00:02, 12 January 2014 | UPDATED: 11:22, 12 January 2014 British security services using American technology to spy on our personal details; German leader Angela Merkel’s … Continue reading

Salafi Jihadists & ”Arab Spring Revolutionaries”: A Band of [Criminally] Fools & Idiots!

If the majority of Greater Islamic Resistance across the Greater Islamic World today were to be primary fighting, truly, for the liberation and unity (and the protection of the honour of Muslim People and Nations), then there contemporary wars could have been won in less than a decade. However, and with greater sadness, the contemporary … Continue reading

George Monbiot On The Guardian: Further Extension of British Police State (MUST READ)

Until the late 19th century much of our city space was owned by private landlords. Squares were gated, streets were controlled by turnpikes. The great unwashed, many of whom had been expelled from the countryside by acts of enclosure, were also excluded from desirable parts of town. Social reformers and democratic movements tore down the … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0 or United Muslim Front: [Statement No. IV] A Discussion On Successful Military Operations

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!   UNITED MUSLIM FRONT FOR LIBERATION AND UNITY   STATEMENT NO. IV: DISCUSSION ON SUCCESSFUL MILITARY OPERATIONS   By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil     What is the secret of a successful military operation?     The answer lies in the ability to bring the enemies to you, or popularly know as … Continue reading