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Salafi Jihadists & ”Arab Spring Revolutionaries”: A Band of [Criminally] Fools & Idiots!

If the majority of Greater Islamic Resistance across the Greater Islamic World today were to be primary fighting, truly, for the liberation and unity (and the protection of the honour of Muslim People and Nations), then there contemporary wars could have been won in less than a decade. However, and with greater sadness, the contemporary ”resistance” and ”revolutionaries” are made up of band of fools and traitors, respectively: the Salafis are the Fools failing to realizing that there unique selling point ”Islam is the answer” is, as one would put it, ”so yesterday” and ”so feared as a brand” to be universally accepted, passively supported or actively embraced by Greater Muslims; then you have the young ”wannabe-Rambos” running around as ”Free Libyan or Syrian Armies” whose connection to outside ”old masters” is nothing new but same treacherous criminal behaviour of the former deposed regimes.

In short, No Muslim, or at least NO MUSLIM WITH BRAINS, will ever waste his or her time or energy to move an inch to go to so-called ”Jihadi Lands” when the cause of the ”violence” is fearfully old-new religious tyranny of the Salafi Jihadis (Al-Qaeda and Allies) or same old sell-out spineless criminal puppetry of ”New Young Revolutionaries” of so-called” Arab Spring. For us, intellectual nationalists and republicans, we will bide our time and wait out for these fools and idiots to either kill each other out, wear one another out or just fade out, as the great Chinese say goes ”Bide for Time, and Never show your Strength”!!!

Good Luck to Losers and Idiots!!!!


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