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Al-Qaeda 3.0 or United Muslim Front: [Statement No. IV] A Discussion On Successful Military Operations

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!






By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil



What is the secret of a successful military operation?



The answer lies in the ability to bring the enemies to you, or popularly know as the genius abilities of marshalling initiative, surprise, economy of force, concentration of mass, aggression etc (aka the principles of war) to ones advantage; weakening the enemies while strengthening one’s position vis-a-vis the former.


So how does one achieve such a success, that is bring the enemies to one’s own ‘turf’? The answer lies in the abilities of the resistance in assaulting repeatedly the soft targets that is known as ‘the Long Tail or feeding tubes’ of any military operations. For example, during conventional or Guerilla warfare the primary source of attack (that is the long tail within this environment/context) are those thing that will force the division of concentrated enemies forces in order to protect these key resources. This is similar to any warfare including the present Global Islamic Global Resistance.


Lets take the Aemanes Oil Complex assault in Algeria or the Westgate Mall Assault both of these were over-the-top idiotic operations which could have been done much cleverer by ‘attacking’ (and thus avoiding endangering innocent civilians lives) these structures ‘long/feeding tails/tubes’. What do I mean here? The first point of attack was ‘BP’ and the second ‘Financial Centre’. So the question is how could these two attacks have been conducted within a much more successful operational model which I will discuss here now.


First, the operational model discussed here can be observed to have the positive advantage of achieving [a] an assault on the enemy, while [b] preserving ones own limited forces and of course [c] not unnecessarily endangering any innocent civilians lives. Secondly, the operational model seeks to ‘bring out’ and thus ‘spread thinly’ the enemies heavily concentrated and well-protected and supported (with heavy weapon systems) forces. Thus the attacks could, and acting as general model for every resistance, seek to assault ‘Enemies Oil Companies and Financial centres’ by going after ‘their feeding tubes’ (the long-tails). For example, logistic convoys of oil transporting trucks or ‘neighbourhoods’ or isolated streets ‘Petrol/Gas Stations’ (all done with finesse that do not endanger any non-combatant individual lives; owners, drivers etc); this means for example ‘taking over’ a local ‘Gas Station’ and ‘removing the precious asset/product’ (that is oil and gas reserves) by either via cleverly pre-conceiving indigenous ways or means to take it with yourselves on retreat (post-ops) or laying waste to it, e.g. burning it while making sure no non-combatant individual lives are put on risk towards any form of fatality or death (that is clearing these areas of civilians before ‘ridding/stripping it away of its asset’).


Above described seemingly ‘small’ action actual is worth unmatched military engagements as these very small and seemingly worthless act in time will accumulate into massive pains for the enemies whose primary focus within the urban-centric approach to fighting insurgency is to secure the financial and economic as well as ensuring painstakingly the social continuum and well-being of primary centres of the country. These ‘small operations’ will also in time force the enemies concentrated forces to divide and thus thin themselves up and be ready to be picked one by one away from their supporting ‘force multipliers’; that is well-protected bases, aerial and ground-based weapon systems; sympathising populace areas; very close lines of concentrations (extending their long tails and creating more vulnerability) and so forth.


In short, my advice here is pick the ‘feeding tubes’ (which are everywhere and not well-defended or even with zero-protection at most of the times). These small operations will force the division of enemy forces while also providing opportunities for underground combat cells to slowly pick these off one by one and to expand co-ordination with their close guerilla forces. In other words, military operations do not need to be [a] very big or decisive which will focus on forces-to-forces engagement, especially within the earlier phases of resistance where everything is highly limited and vulnerable, and also [b] not pre-occupied with ‘Media Attention’ but rather feasibility and value!






What has been discussed here does not mean that, or give licence to, any resistance forces as free to target indiscriminately any ‘businesses’ or economic structures inside our [resistance] areas of operations (which we defined and limited to inside Muslim Nations Only!). Instead what I have sought to impress upon is the need to selectively and intelligently target ONLY our enemies financial and economic assets (and their supporting political, security and social structures). This means not targeting local popular markets but instead selecting the critical and isolated ‘feeding tubes/long tails’ of our [resistance] enemies economic and financial assets, structures, wealth, products and services; meaning limiting operations on the mega-global western corporations (which I have painstakingly defined in a very narrowest of focus) and their local puppets and collaborators assets.


Above can be achieved by [a] embracing the ‘Mafia Tactic’ of reinforcing absolute ban on any products or services produced and provided by these enemies corporations, for example, if a local shop sells products traceable to these firms, e.g. BP petrol or gas, or Nestle or Medicines from these companies, then first the owner should receive a clear warning to remove all these products (well specified on the document sent out), and to only sell the alternatives attained from within the emerging markets. If the owner refuses or ignore the warning he or she should not face any physical retaliation or harm but rather a simple visit by specially hired ‘local street thugs or goons’ to ransack [in open daylight/public] the shop by forcefully removing the said products selectively not ‘criminally’ thrashing or damaging the proprietor’s said business (and public statement should be read or published-and-pinned on said business establishment explaining such an act of vandalism as well as the hired-thugs must be informed of post-consequences of any out of control criminal behaviours beyond agreed established terms, that is go in and remove the given list of prohibited items only not undertake monetary theft or abuses or further unwarranted criminal vandalism).


In short, no local Muslims Nationals-owned businesses should be targeted but only foreign businesses, their products, services, wealth, businesses and services (and local business people collaborating with these and, f course, not in personal bodily harm only assets-targeting; a special form of resistance own ’financial targeting strategy’ to cut off the money, investment, profit etc making it unprofitable and undesirable for foreign big corporations establishing and maintaining businesses or investment inside our nations- the bleeding strategy).



Assalam Aleikum Warhamtullahi Wabarkatul,


Abu Islam Al-Sahil.





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