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Animal In The News: The Lessons To Learn!

of course the ‘amazing’ story of the week is the apparent cat who saved the child: click here and watch. nevertheless there are more questions than the usual the media favoured soundbites; for example, the clear main question is was it really a deliberate animal instinctive attempt to save it’s owner or was it a … Continue reading

New Oldham Crisis: Yorkshire In Trouble Again, As Fascists Right-Wing Anti-Muslim Groups Go After Local Muslims (starting with Bradford)

Far-right activists hand out Bibles outside mosques in Bradford Jonathan Brown Sunday, 11 May 2014 Far right activists have targeted mosques in Bradford attempting to hand out Bibles and distribute leaflets accusing community elders of failing to stop grooming gangs. It is believed members of Britain First, some wearing uniforms, staged the protests at 10 … Continue reading

Headlines: Rise of Islamophobia Attacks on British Muslim Sisters & Boko Haram Not An Islamic Resistance!

Story No 1, the rise in Islamophobic assaults on Muslim Sisters in UK, ┬áis printed in full below (Telegraph as main source). Secondly, the central Islamic Resistance groups, in particular Al-Qaeda, should issue forthright, and with immediacy, a strong statement distancing itself from the idiots known as Boko Haram (of Nigeria). The abduction of young … Continue reading