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On The Jewish Question: My Full Personal [Policy] Clarification

On the question of the Jews inside the Muslim World and Palestine – as these are two different questions- I, personal position, hold this particular policy to heart and I will repeat it in the future. All Jews residing within the Muslim World – at this point excluding Palestine – will be forced out of … Continue reading

The Muslim World (& Middle East) Today: The ”M & A of Resistance”, aka The Alliances and Merges Between ”Islamist” Figthing Groups & Old Ruling Regimes’ Guards and Support Bases

In Somalia, after the fall of Said Barre and the coming of Islamic forces under the aegis of Al-Qaeda warriors of Soviet-Afghan Wars, the (Barre) old regime loyalists with their tribal support bases initially fought off their ”old Islamists” enemies but soon learned the harsh reality of survival which dictated the need to embrace and … Continue reading

Predictions & Analysis: The Rise & Rise of Islamic State Khilafah Legitimacy & Popularity Among Global Muslims (and Fighting Groups Through The Bay’a)

The recent western (and Muslim World Western Client/Puppetry States) increased aggression and belligerency against the Islamic State, as well as increased ‘disinformation and propaganda’ – seen from the stories of orgies and rapes to apparent ”how to behave when a sister/a Muslim women” ”leaked manuals”, to ”sex-capeds of fighters with their wives” containing all sorts … Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Glenn Greenwald Excellent Piece On The Intercept On How To Control Perception Of Action Through Semantics

The ability to control and dominate global social, political, economic and cultural (and mass communication) discourses comes with great advantages. Since being a ‘master’ of such ‘language and spheres of interactions’ one can avoid mass (public and self) criticisms through ‘semantic re-labelling or re-branding’ of normal language and words; for example one can call torture now  … Continue reading

JG [Award] Winning Photos: The Old But Beautiful Stills (From Afghanistan c.1990s) of The Late Am’r Sheikh Usama Bin Laden (R.A./PBUH)

These pictures have been released today via western media; expect the usual dose of propaganda if seeking to refer to original sources; here (for CNN) or here for The Telegraph and here for Daily Mail. Below we have picked up the most beautiful among the published selection of The Late Am’r Sheikh Usama Bin Laden … Continue reading

Telling As It is: The Fearless Simon Jenkins [On The Guardian] On What Really Make British Muslim Fight Back (And A Commentary On Rima Karaki Stupidity)

First on Rima Karaki, the Lebanese TV Host who ‘answered’ back at a respected Muslim Ulema. We all know, but seemingly not the dumb girl basking in her 15-mins of ‘propagandized opportunity’ by western media, commentaries and personalities, that the poor girl has a ‘marked for death’ target on her. Well that is unfortunate…. Now … Continue reading

Must See (and Read): Jews Set Dogs On A Palestinian Kid, And Glenn Greenwald Excellent Piece On ”Free & Independent” Western Media

The Clip (0.15secs), Source: Youtube: Click Here (RT also picks up the story). New updated 05.03.15 a commentary on same story – ​‘IDF use dogs as weapon to terrify Palestinians’ — RT Op-Edge Glenn Greenwald excellent [must-read] piece on the hypocrisy of self-described ”free and independent” western media (full article, reprinted, below): UK Media Regulator … Continue reading

The Tall-Tale Man: Maajid Nawaz & His ”Insider” Stories and Advices (Why Western Govs Never Get Anywhere and Perhaps Make Things Much Worse?)

This guy, Maajid Nawaz, seems ready to sell his very tall-tales of ”radicalization” to anyone who will listen and many want to listen within western government to such ”helpful insider’ intel”. But the fact that these government listen to people like him, people who tell stories as if they were centre of resistance or the … Continue reading