Al-Qaeda 3.0 or United Muslim Front for Liberation & Unity: The Remaking of The Global Islamic Resistance


for Liberation & Unity





Dedicated to all falling Mujaheedins



For their deaths to have not been in vain, we must strive for unity above all differences


Al-Qa’ida and other self-identifying Islamic Liberations or Revolutionary Movements across the world have all, sadly, totally failed the Global Muslim Ummah’s (and nations) inspirations for a truly popular vanguard leadership front towards a grand Islamic revolution with the primary goal of liberating and unifying all Muslims; Shias, Sunnis, Moderates, Secularists, Islamists (Conservatives) and all other residing within Islamic Lands. The major reason for this failure is to be found within the two inter-related factors, namely, that of the hasty transformation of original Al-Qa’ida, or other groups, conceived as a special military formation (or to be exact a sort of an Islamic global expeditionary special forces) in defense of Global Muslims from internal tyrants and puppet-rulers and external invaders and colonists, and the related second factor which rose as a result in the rise of Salafists/Wahhabists cadre-ship into the leadership positions of many of these liberating and revolutionary groups.

Thus the new Wahhabists/Salafist-inclined (and dominated) leadership transformed what was mainly a good, though still infantile, idea of Grand Islamic liberation and revolution towards a real desired Muslim unity into a project that sought to enforce ‘re-Islamitization by extremes’ of both the Muslim and Non-Muslim world in accordance to the strict teachings and practices of Islam as preached and taught by their dominant school of thought, that is Salafism-Wahhabism-Qutbism branches of Islamic Political Philosophies.

In other words, for example, the original idea as conceived under Sheikh Abdullah Azzam for Al-Qa’ida as a special expeditionary forces in defense of Global Muslims was very admirable and naturally popular with so much promises as a real vanguard for Global Muslim in transforming itself into a full revolutionary center and ideal. However the Salafication of Al-Qai’da under Osama Bin Laden’s Egyptian (Salafists-Wahhabists) dominated leadership brought undesirable new direction which sought to transform/hijack a perfect idea into a terrible idea that muddle itself as it went along and thus  alienating and losing both the support of the Muslims (the critical popular support required for any liberation or revolutions to be successful) and the peaceful non-Muslim world populations (foolishly uniting the enemies with their own popular bases).

It is these facts (justly related) which has brought the necessary need to redefine and recreate the idea of Islamic Liberation and Revolution as embodied within every original Islamic revolutionary movement’s. The new Vanguard, referred to as United Muslim Front for Liberation and Unity (or UM, Arabic for mother, or UMFLU) is based not on religious ideals and laws but rather it is, and will be, based on rationally pragmatic political principles where the division and conflicts between the so-called Muslim Modernists (democrats, secularist, liberals etc) and those of Muslim [neo-]conservatives (aka ‘Islamists’ or ‘extremists’) will be avoided and negotiated for acceptable middle-way so to be able to unite as one, as we should- this is the only way to achieve absolute victory for the revolution!

We will fight for Global Muslim Ummah not God or foreign Masters. We will fight to liberate and unite. We will fight to govern by good laws of wo/mankind; laws that which protect the freedom to believe and worship whatever ones wishes to; laws that protect individual and civic rights; laws that uphold social and political equalities between all races, colors, genders, sexualities and all other differences (natural or not); laws that protect our environment and our resources for our generations and global peace and security; laws that prevent us from ever again to be dominated by others (from outside or inside); laws that are blind to sexual, religious, political or cultural or even biological differences among ourselves or outsiders (as one can be anything and be assured full protection of the rule of law); and laws that are enshrined to check on powers of those who govern in order to protect the governed from their personal collective or individual greed or tyranny; laws that will insure safety and protection of property, life and happiness.

In short, UM (United Muslim Front) will institute a federal republic government founded on good laws [non-secular and non-religious just political]; laws made by our people (and their representatives) for the benefit of our people’s prosperity, happiness and freedoms.

Abu Islam Al-Sâhil


Any entity, be it a state, non-state actor, an organization or business, co-exist with the appreciation of the supreme logic of survival, that is to survive one must either adapt or die; that to strategically fit or rather be able to re-adapt via a process of lesson-learned approach with ever-changing and dynamic external environment, specifically in relation to it’s immediate environment and greater societal cultural milieu of the time. Thus the logic goes like this: failure to adapt or to be able to appreciate lessons-learned of previous failures or successes will inevitably leads to a worthless death of such an entity in time (with no results). This immediate need to adapt or face death is why I am writing this important strategic (operational and tactical) manual for the benefit of the global Islamic revolutionary cause to provide a unified leadership doctrine and inspiration with a real chance of winning.

All revolutionary movements have to accept the simple inevitable fact that though their fighters might be some of the world first class warriors in the battlefield, when these simply lack political-strategic mind, observable within many of these contemporary groups, such a complete absence of the appreciation of political nature within all forms of war or political violence they will inevitably lead to their easy defeat by their enemies because these [a] can not provide a genuine political blueprint for governance, and [b] if these do provide such a manifesto, these tend to be highly unpopular as these appear to offer an old model of tyranny and repression under new ‘class of military or tyrannical elites’. This is why whenever the Islamic fighting parties/forces dominate the battlefields and declare, what is to be a temporal, victory, they are always easy to be swept away, because these tend to lack the strong, and key, rooted [political] foundations in relations to the local populace support as most of the time they rather end up antagonizing these local bases through their harsh practices and outdated laws all of which do not strategically fit to contemporary world; a world seeking real freedom (as every generations throughout history have sought inherently).

In short this manual sets out a new doctrine (under a new and younger leadership) with a greater chance of strategic fit by thus re-mending old issues and concerns, and weaknesses. In order to achieve this, the manual (the new doctrine and leadership) argues it is necessary for the old Islamic revolutionary/liberation movements to [a] put political consideration above military and/or religious preferences, which means [b] embracing a pragmatic and rational-based political position which balances the interests of hardcore Muslim [neo-]conservatives (so-called ‘Islamists’) and those of Moderate Muslims (the Modernists, hereafter). What this means is simply that the new proposed vanguard front (in doctrine and leadership) will not seek to [super]impose religious value or ideals, nor predominate itself with military operations but rather seek a political-military solution that satisfy the logic of revolutionary movements and actions and contemporary social-political and cultural milieu.

In sum, the New Front/UM will conduct itself purely in accordance to the revolutionary practices and theories where politics, not military or religious, goals and vision will set out the desired grand (political, operational and tactical) strategic end-goals of Global Muslim Liberation and Unity. All Muslims (Sunni or Shia, and of course any others including non-Muslim Muslim nationals; from Coptic Christians, Syrian or Lebanese Christians or Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Idol-Worshipers, secularists, sexually-different, and so forth) will all be treated as Muslim Nationals (citizens of Islam as a multi-racial and ethnicities supranational structure and not as forced followers of Islam as a religious movement). There will never ever be attacks deliberately conceived or not against one-another (Muslim Ummah/Nationals) or even the peaceful non-Muslim populations within inside our territories or inside own western or non-western territories.

The primary target of the New Front (UM) is the old enemies of global peace and justice; the primary culprits of global greed, colonialism, imperialism, exploitation and wars and insecurities– western mega-corporations (old powerful families) supported by western political-security-information  elites.

What this means is that western public are not our enemies. Western armed forces are not our enemies (but just a mere exploited tools of our western corporate enemies who present their greedy corporate interests as national interests and thus successfully sells wars of aggression against the rest of the world in order to maintain their greedy holds on other’s resources and wealth). Western states or real elected governments are not our enemies. Our enemies are internally all puppet-rulers (and these will be approached with diplomatic offers for repenting for an exchange of bloodless reforms and acceptance of a global Muslim republican government ruled by good laws and good governance under one flag (Palestine-Flag as Supra-Islamic Revolutionary Front Flag of Unity); externally, the enemies are the actual masters of our internal enemies, the mega-corporations/old families of the west from Banking to Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Communications and so forth (see below for more details).

This is the New Front doctrine and vision under New Management/Leadership and Strategic Doctrine towards a Global Muslim Liberation and Unity.


1. In order to win the revolution the New Front can not afford to limit our thinking to primarily military strategy and operations (and tactics). Instead all revolutionary and liberation movements coming under our unified vanguard front (umbrella) needs to accept the founded truth that politics always command over the military thinking and practices as Clausewitz noted war is nothing but a mere continuation of politics by other means, and stressed by every revolutionary fighters and leaders ever since from Lenin to Mao, Guevara to Arafat.

2. By thus accepting the supremacy of politics over military issues the New Front will come to appreciate the obvious fact that the modern world is ‘democratic craze’! And by accepting such a logic, or what the Communist called ”scientific contradiction”, the New Front accepts to embrace such a contradiction by turning that ”craze for democracy” into their own policy; as such robbing the enemies who constantly make use of ”defending democracy or spreading freedoms” as their jus/casus de bellum (cause of war), while at the same time by choosing to embrace democracy the New Front will also achieve the ability to expanding their popular base among the Greater Mix of Muslims beyond the small nucleus of hardcore Salafist base (who the New Front will extend the hand of co-operation but will never allow to be commanded by a vile idea as the enforcement of ‘Salafication’ of Global Muslims; a true return to 7th Century Dark world of no science, no knowledge, no progress, no enlightenment and just mindless barbarism). Here the New Front re-clarifies one important conceptual point that is, being a Muslim can be understood within very two distinct typological categories; a Muslim as a believer of Islam as a religion (Mu’umin), and a Muslim as Natural Citizen/National of Islamic Commonwealth (when United or Separated, hence what happens over there always matter to all Muslims at home-countries or abroad, the diaspora; this conceptual re-definition is in itself of high added-value nature as it re-creates and re-emphasis Inter-Muslim Patriotism and Kinship, defeating enemies counter-propaganda of Sunni-Shia or Moderates-Radical divisions).

3. Thus as the New Front accepts the rationale to expand the popular base beyond the limited Salafists to include even the wrongly-hated Shias and ”moderates” (or Muslim Secularists), then without a grain of doubt Victory will be Ours/Muslims In time! (Drones, Robotics, Special Forces or Not) As by approaching anew through this strategy the New Front would have just turned itself from small fishes confined to a much smaller swimming (operational space and popular bases) on a little pond to fishes surrounded by ocean of supporting waters (bigger pools of recruits, support and unlimited operational spaces), every where it goes it will forever be covered/screened by popular support: a true popular vanguard for an Islamic Revolution!

4. By expanding the base the New Front can now freely co-ordinate the grand Revolutionary War by initially limiting our operational thinking to Guerrilla warfare supported by highly sophisticated and advanced models of Underground Networks remodeled after the Communists Approaches.

Important Note:

Make Sure all members, from top to bottom, are from now-on are to be acquainted  with the Communists Underground Revolutionary Doctrines and Practices such as those based on the practices of compartmentalization, the parallel mirroring ”supreme executives councils” with main leadership always to be placed within secret underground parties.

In sum, the New Front needs to first swallow hard the need to embrace democracy (openly, truly and totally) as the truth is even when prophet (PBUH) was to re-appear today, himself as an intelligent individual he would recognize the need to adapt with the changing global social, political and economic cultures, structures and systems. Hence from here the New Front will learn the need to expand their preexisting limited bases of support that beyond the hardcore Salafists and moving to our Shias, Seculars and so forth brothers and sisters and thus truly reforming and transforming into a true Popular Islamic Revolutionary Vanguard with a real chance for a total  and real victory.

Finally, by changing the outlook at strategic level in embracing politics before military, the New Front can now embrace a total Guerrilla Warfare Strategy at operational and tactical co-ordinated among the divided groups across our Islamic World. And before proceeding onward, I can point out one further important point concerning on who are our real enemies?


The New Front needs to re-clarify (and thus make it clear to the world) the character of the our (Global Muslims) enemies in simplicity and absolute clarity.

These [enemies] parties should henceforth be NOT western States or publics/populations but rather their own self-hated (that internally hated by their own publics due to their inequalities in wealth, their autocratic practices of favoritism, greed etc) elitist elements within which exploit national resources for their own personal greedy commercial, and not national, interests. These enemies should be recognized as the big western (and puppets) corporations, e.g. the Oil and Energy Industries, like BP, Exxo, Shell, Texaco, Aramco etc, and including all other big corporations, like Supermarkets (Walmart, Tesco etc), Banks (Barclays, HSBC), Travel agencies and so forth; in short, meaning all and any western multi-national corporations including ”military-defense Industries” (BAE, Boeing, Carlyle Group, and of course including all Law Enforcement, Policing, Military Forces, and Security Agencies like MI5, CIA and their agents, collaborators etc), as well as so-called ”independent” think-tanks (such as Brookings Institute, Council of Foreign Relations) and All Western Media both personalities (individuals working for these, Muslims or not) and their physical structures (their headquarters, offices, universities etc). Finally the so-called Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are mostly openly exploited by western security services for espionage (e.g. ”Save The Children” or ”Polio Drive” etc).

All of the above mentioned ”new clarified enemies” should be from here forth be recognized as the legitimate and the primary (ONLY) targets and NEVER EVER the WESTERN PUBLICS/Nationals, this is primarily to remove our enemies need to justify popular national authority to ”fight terrorism”, and thus by robbing their claims of ”fighting terror” their aggression will be clearly seen as nothing but personal greed, natural to these elite networks since the heydays of colonialism (strongly linked especially between the US, UK and French establishments). This new strategy should be made absolute public with clear following apology to ”all past terror and crimes” committed by Muslim Revolutionaries against western publics and states, stating ”We were fighting the right people but through the wrong strategy and tactic, and thus from here onward we promise to restrain our action only to these parties (our real, and greater world, because of these parties natural colonial/xenophobic tendencies and exploitations of other resources, enemies; even the use of  recent evidence of new ‘scramble for Africa Colonization’ efforts by these three primarily real ”axis of evils” parties, US, UK and France elites as seen in Mali, Libya, Djibouti etc. can be used as proof)”.

Important Point:

Make sure that those who chose to come into ”hot or active battlefields” under guise of humanitarian services for independent NGOs, innocent or not, will be held and if found guilty punished accordingly to the internationally recognized laws of war in such a field; in other words, outside the three main legitimate groups to be found within the hot or active battlefields, namely, [1] local populace, [2] enemy forces and [3] Our own forces, everyone else outside these three groups will be treated as enemy agent and will be prosecuted according to aforementioned laws after appearing in front of locally established courts of law and founded guilty of no local connections or ignoring the warning to stay away from hot areas even under claims of humanitarian efforts! This is to warn western civilians to try and stay away in order to avoid collateral damages, and unintended harm upon themselves as innocent civilians.

By undertaking this new enemy strategy, and thus moving away from the old ”Far Enemy” or other Models (”terrorism” etc), the New Front will not only popularize itself;

[a] but correctly represent itself as a continuation of the old war of national liberations against colonists, and thus appealing to the world through facts and evidence that the war is against the ”greater world own old enemies”, big western corporations and secret greedy commercial interested parties supported by ”national” resources like intelligence agencies and armies, a logical tactic which might even win within western states military rank-and-files who might refuse to fight for ”fat cats” interests and not for national self-defense interests.

[b] Of course by limiting the enemies, in clarifying who these are as small greedy parties who are after colonizations and exploitations, like the Communists used correctly (but approached it badly in execution as a new tyranny) such an argument the New Front will, or might, also be able to enlarge their enemies’ enemies parties; in other words, by correctly turning and representing our revolutionary war as a continuation of the old ”wars of national liberations” against white-colonists (led by US, UK and France elites under the guise and veils of responsibility to Protect, R2P, or Humanitarian Operations, or Freedom wars, or ”War On Terror” etc), the New Front might (and should responsibly) inspire new African revolutionary groups, or western ”red Marxists”, or Latin American Marxists, South East Asia and so forth- Make it A Global Movement for Neo-Liberational Efforts against western neo-colonialists.

[c] By re-clarifying the enemies, the New Front will also be able to concentrate its resources effectively and efficiently through highly selective operations rather than random acts as well as be able to maintain a well co-ordinated strategy from here onwards.

In short, the need to re-clarify in clarity and in public who are to be our/Muslims (represented by the New Front) deemed real enemies and targets will lessen greater burden on war resources as well as time-line, and while having a vice-versa effect on our enemies increasing their huge war efforts burdens of legitimacy, authority and operational freedom and spaces, as well circles (alliance) of friends, while increasing that of enemies.

So what needs to be done.


1. The New Front needs political cadres (from social and political sciences, or art and humanities studies) more than fighters and those of technical studies background (e.g. engineers etc).

2. The New Front needs to start building up sophisticated networks of underground cells of all types, from intelligence to logistics, propaganda etc in supporting the visible guerrilla fighters efforts, before reaching the new areas of operations (before, during and after operations) for civil affairs. These are important in ”preparing the battlefield” (through ”Intelligence Preparation of Battlefields” efforts, IPB) before guerrillas reach these areas by spreading propaganda, educating and preparing local populace on what is to be expected from the New (not old) Front, and their enemies, and after victory. These parties will also be able to separate loyalists, supporters, and collaborators, and also do and undertake  many other things/tasks; from storing food, cache arms and so forth: Sun Tzu counseled ‘Wars are won before they are actually fought”- lets remember this!

3. The New Front will have to accept the primacy of Politics before Military, meaning every trained fighter should be first and foremost a diplomat, a political representative of the cause as well as an armed-propagandist, engineer, a police officer, a magistrate, a politician, a bureaucrat before being a fighting soldier! The Communist Model, hence the importance of getting in-depth acquittance with the Communist teachings, doctrines and practices during the Cold War Years.

4. The need for a strong unified leadership, young not the old Guards, so to be able to appreciate the need to embrace changes as related on this key document and as learned in order to adapt strategically to new environments and cultures by embracing democracy. This core, as all other regional to lower levels, leadership cadres must all be located within the underground structures never visible.

[1] On Tactics:

1. No Suicide Bombings or Any Indiscriminate Terrorism (Only Selective against collaborators, officials, soldiers, and never ever against civilians, Muslims or not etc). These two tactical approaches tend to loss more support bases among all sectors of Muslim populace, especially the young [westernized or not] Muslims whose greatest fear is being used primarily as an ”exploding bomb” and not as a mujaheedin (a combat fighter who can fight one battle after another); a fear well-exploited by western states propaganda. And as already stated no operations within western states! This removal of suicide bombing will reserve fighting numbers, a critical factor for all revolutionary movements!

2. Only Guerrilla based tactics of hit-and-run, sabotage by underground parties, and so forth should be embraced, with full recognizable uniforms (black and green squares for urban operatives/combatants; green for forest and jungle operations; white for arctic conditions etc: uniforms based on environment like chameleons as long as one publicize their designated combat uniforms in order to be recognizable by the opposing sides, this is in accordance to laws of wars especially for non-underground personnel/forces).

[2] On Operations:

The so-called regional affiliates or franchises of Salfists-Al-Qaeda should be turned into disciplined autonomous-leading regional guerrilla outfits/groups modeled after the American Regional Command Centers, e.g. AFRICOM, EUROCOM etc.

[a] AQIM (Al-Qai’da in the Maghreb) should take the leadership responsibilities of North Africa and Sahara Region. Under their leadership, groups should be divided to within areas of national territorial operations, e.g. Libyans autonomous to Libyan Operations, but overall strategic and operational leadership lies with AQIM council (which should be made up of each of regional groups key leadership members, e.g. a leader of Libyan outfit should have a liaison political-military representative at such a council but never in person, just like the leadership at AQIM will have a similar ”political commissar” at these respective regional command centers).

[b] Al-Shabab and the Horn of (and East) Africa Leadership, with subordinate roles for MYC (Muslim Youth Center of Kenya) etc.

[c] AQAP (Al-Qai’da in Arabian Peninsula) and Greater Arabia Regional Leadership (that encompassing the entire GCC, Gulf Co-operation Council Countries) but working closely with Houthis and other local Outfits not against.

[d] Middle East should be led by Syria-Based Group (revised: favorably the newly formed Islamic Front), with subordinate groups in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq. However Hizbullah should be viewed and treated as an equal-senior leadership group as well as Hamas-Fatah to oversee inside Palestine operations.

[e] Iran is, and should be, out of operational reach. It is a Muslim nation with a strong anti-imperialism philosophies, a shared similarity, and should be courted diplomatically as an ally and later as legitimate part of the union.

[f] The Old Guards based in the borders of Afghan-Pakistan should be in control of Greater South-East Asia, supported by Kashmir-based groups.

[g] Far East should be the responsibility of Abu Sayyaf Group, MILF and others, shared leadership role and responsibilities.

[h] The Caucuses, of course, belongs to the Chechnyans, also to include Bosnia and other former Ottoman Principalities within their leadership role.

These will be regional command centers for military and political operations. These groups do not have the authority or the legitimacy to force the ‘Salafication’ of local populace and thus all local populations/lands once liberated should be left to their customary traditional ways of life and governance and in time we will slowly as a unified single governing authority enforce internationally recognized rule of laws (good republican laws based on human and civil rights etc) NOT behind doors salafication!


1. An Islamic Federal Republican (a modern Khilafah version) Constitution with all frames of International Rule of Law and Human Rights, however applied within Islamic Traditions; which means in Public behaving in accordance to moderate Islamic Cultural Traditions; in Private Homes, Offices or Gatherings, all must enjoy absolute and total freedom to behave as they wish from listening to Music, act, sing, dance, etc.

2. ”Very Selective Reformed Sharia Laws”: NO HARSH ANCIENT PRACTICES, No gender inequalities, yes to freedom to educate or to be artistic and so forth.

3. European Union Modeled Federal Islamic Union/Khilafah. Our union will be called Islamic Federal Republic (IFR).

4. Muslim is a national and not necessary a believer or a follower of Islam as a religion.

5. Respect for all Colors, Races, Genders, Sexualities (gay or straight, trans-gender etc), Religious, or Non, Beliefs.

6. On Foreign Policy: No Colonialism, No Imperialism, No Puppets Monarchs or Leaders. On Defense Policy only Self-Defense. On Economics, 100 per cent Nationalization of key strategic resources, managed as 30 per cent ”privatization” and 70 per cent nationalization of other resources and sectors, such as banking etc.

7. Institutionalization of A Martial [Spartan] State/Union. Where each able citizen will be well trained in military affairs and be ready to serve the union integrity from external or internal threats. At age 10-12 (Junior Scouts) for both genders, 12-14 yra old (Senior Scouts) all genders, 14-16 (junior cadet, chosen services), 16-18 (senior cadets), 18-21 (university military corps), 21-23 (mandatory two years operational services; then chose to work within military or private), and from 23 onwards (to 50 years old able-bodies) be ready for re-enlistment or mobilization in time of war or emergencies.

8. No Ownership, Control or Operating of Islamic Resources or Lands by Foreigners, especially old enemies of international peace and security, (the mega-corporations, and their western loyal-servants political-security elites.

9. No recognition of so-called ‘international institutions’, e.g. UN, IMF, World Bank etc!


For Guerrillas and everyone else;

1. Absolute Full Respect & Courtesy To All People, Muslims or Not.

2. Never Infringe Upon Private Properties Without Full Permission From Owners.

3. Never Break, Steal or Confiscate Anything from All Groups of People. If Accidentally broken, or had to be by necessity be confiscated, IOUs should be issued, or cash should be paid, or any sort or legitimate and equal replacement should be made.

4. No Favoritism or Corruption due to Tribal or Religious Affiliations.

5. No Harsh Sharia Laws, especially Corporeal Punishments which should be replaced by other more Humane forms of Punishments, such as jail sentencing, payments, returns of goods etc.

6. No preoccupations with adultery or Music, or any forms of entertainment or practices deemed ”non-religious” such as acting, singing, walking holding hands etc. Only ‘Standard Legal Normal Policing’ orders should be carried out to insure security and peace.


8. DO NOT ENFORCE ”RELIGIOUS PRATICES” ON LOCAL POPULACE IN ANYFORMS WHATSOEVER!!! Leavethe people to freely go about their ordinary ways of daily lives.

9. Never Ever Touch the Local Women, ever, or physically handling or abusing any local members even those arrested (male or female), or even enemies soldiers should be treated with utmost courtesy in order to win them over your side or when left free to go ”to sow the seeds or defiance to serve” (to show we are not the bad guys portrayed by western-elites controlled media)

For Underground personnel;

1. Absolute Secrecy through Sophisticated Systems of Compartmentalization of cuts-outs.

2. Sophisticated levels of divisions of labor and responsibilities, e.g. intelligence, logistics, supplies, liaisons etc.

3. ALL MUST SWEAR AN OATH on either Quran for Islamists or for secularists a ”Honor Oath” on complete loyalty to the cause to death or victory!

4. Maintain a well-regulated special-classed ”terror teams” for selective missions only against collaborators, traitors, officials and ONLY WITHIN/INSIDE our Islamic nations never outside (that is within western states).

5. The penalty for treason, after secret court hearings, should be Death.

6. Do everything to win more support, recruits and financial bases; hearts and minds.


Look towards Communists Doctrines and Practices on revolutions, underground and guerrillas.

Symbols are important, start embracing these (move away from Haram-ization of these valuable practices); for example Uniforms should be more modern, full black cargo trousers, black shirt and jacket, black beret with a ‘union flag’ placed on the shoulders with colors mentioned above. Embrace Music. Create a new National Anthems which includes all stated principles here, from rule of laws, democracy, politics before religion.

Make available the new constitution, rules of laws and symbols, spreading these in the approach of the past revolutionary movements. Use Graffiti, Drawings, videos to spread own message. On Media make use of sisters beside the brothers, to symbolize the equality of efforts and investment of a new equal Islamic society of the future united under our new leadership. Include the sisters in the underground and visible guerrilla forces, side by side, without the need to cover themselves etc (but orders and laws should be clear and  no unlawful or illegal fraternization without full consent of both parties (who fell in love during the struggle). Anyone found guilty of sex abuses of fellow sister comrades will be shot if found guilty after trial.

Undermine the enemies every chance, as already stated above, making it a war of [Islamic] National Liberation against same old colonists and their local puppets as it should be, not a religious war (and as it should be naturally).

And continuously never ceasing to encourage others within the developing or under-developed worlds to see it as such as well as to define their own grievances and poverty or other forms of injustice (social, political and economic) as the crimes of these [enemies] parties (UK, US, France). In other Words, Be The New Global Revolution Vanguard.

At the same time try to divide the big players by making clearer that new contracts will be handed to eastern powers or Scandinavian Countries with no corporate or governmental relations with ”the big three enemies” and their businesses etc. Make it clear that the western enemies parties will be robbed of all their contracts and freedom to own, control or operate within Islamic states and it’s natural resources. However small and medium based enterprises/business with no links or associations to bigger players are free to tender in proposals to operate without ownership inside our lands (part of the constitution).

This is it for now. By Following this document VICTORY WILL BE OURS!

Yours Brother,

Abu Islam Al-Sãhil.



By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil

What is the difference between a brilliant leadership (genius) and a bad leadership (non-genius)?

The brilliant leadership or Genius seeks to unite the factions so to create a popular movement with a powerful force behind it, in numbers and passion. The bad or non-genius leadership seeks to ‘’take advantage’’ of existing divisions to ‘carve’ itself a ‘niche’ support and base. The former, that is the genius, always wins and when it does it survives forever due to its broader popularity and representation as a result of its ability to unite all divide parties or people under one umbrella. The latter, the non-genius, never wins and if it does (out of some miracles) it never survives for long as it is always weak within and thus its inability or its preoccupation with divided factions within always make it vulnerable to internal uprising, revolts or challenges springing up naturally or by design and management of external (sponsoring internal) parties and powers.

So who are the geniuses and non-geniuses of Islamic resistance and revolutionary parties today?

Everyone is non-genius today especially the so-called Salafist-based movements (Al-Qaida and its affiliates). But being a non-genius today does not mean one cannot change into genius-led movements as long as one accepts to learn the lessons of the past.

So what are these lessons today to learn?

On my strategic document for a United Muslim Front for Liberation and Unity I mention of a number of things that need changing, for example;

  1. Ceasing all operations against (directed at) innocent civilians, Muslim and Non-Muslims (especially outside Muslim Lands). This, when done/undertaken as a favoured tactic as it is today, it loses us popular support and sympathy and thus increasing our enemies moral standing and support and general alliances in strength. The perfect example of how this sort of ‘self-limitations’ on operations works can be observed in the study of the ‘Vietnam Model’. What is a Vietnam Model? Vietnam Model explains how during the 1960s through to 1970s when US waged highly belligerent and imperial war on the nation of Vietnam with all the crimes committed on her people, the Vietnamese resistance forces never even thought of targeting American innocent civilians (beheading, kidnapping etc). The crimes against the nation of Vietnam was summed up by the events in My Lai; the Pillage, the rapes and the complete total annihilation (genocide) against the locals. What the Vietnamese Resistances Forces did instead, and what I beieve we should do from learning, is that they kept fighting against legitimate uniformed and non-uniformed clandestine enemies parties, which saw them holding a moral platform and in the end won the war; as one Vietnamese General informed his American counterpart, ‘Though we [Vietnamese forces] never won a single battle, We won the war’. This was brought by a huge global (western and American) support for Vietnamese against their own national governments and forces, which saw a mini-civil war inside western nations (in US, for example, saw the rise of Black Panther, Weather Underground, Hippies Protests, Veterans protests all pro-Vietnamese etc). This is what our own resistance should try to attain, the moral platform for a moral victory, rather than going around acting idiotic, barbaric and alienating and making all fearful of us, and to stress, stop beheading people, torturing or beating them and publicizing these foolish acts (even when not publicized, these should never be practised, ever!). Treat every individual in your custody or areas of operations with utmost respect and in accordance to international (civilized societies) laws [of war and crimes] even (and especially) enemies combatants.
  2. The cessation of Suicide Bombing. This I have already discussed. It is simply stupid to be blowing people up when these people can fill in the ranks of sustainable fighters/combatants. And this tactic also discourages new youths and other to fill in the ranks and support the resistance for fear of being used as exploding-bombs.
  3. Added: Cease Making it A Religious War and instead transform it into a National People’s War for Greater Muslim Ummah Liberation  and Unity. This means if you come or go to fight motivated by love and loyalty to your God[s] then that should be your private/individual source of motivation and not enforce it as a collective law. The collective law should be simply the drive to liberate and unite our Muslim people and homelands under good laws and government in order to stop humiliation, exploitation and enslavement by neo-colonial foreign powers supported by internal puppetryanny (puppet rulers installed by foreign masters who are tyrannical and dictatorial).

In short, and for now, unite rather than exacerbating divisions within Islam. Do not preoccupy yourselves with Sunni-Shia or Moderates-Extremists divisions, these, alas, have been architected by both internal and external forces to keep you/us (Muslims) more divide and thus weak; never capable of uniting and concentrating as a powerful single force against your enemies.


Abu Islam Al-Sahil.



By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil

1. On The Character of Contemporary War

First let’s simplify the point I have been making throughout, that is, the need to clarify and correctly identify the nature or character of the present war, or in other words, the urgent need to re-define or remake, away from our enemies self-justifiable definition that, the character of the contemporary wars are ‘religious’. Our definition needs to move towards the making of a truly ‘national people’s war’, simple.

Thus, the contemporary war should never be accepted (in definition or character) as a religious (or sectarian/inter-Muslim Civil) war, but we need to simply define it and practise it as truly a national people’s war, that is a natural a continuation (new stages) of old-aged wars of national liberations against external colonial powers. Simple. To make contemporary wars as religious wars is a fool’s strategy as the war will never be won in this contemporary social-political age and environment. To make it a national people’s war is the only answer to give it no chance of the war being lost. This statement is supported by a simple observation: it does not matter how hard, how long or how much is put in funding the need to win Global Muslim hearts and minds the enemies will never win in convincing Global Muslims and Global Non-Muslim Population that there ‘wars’ today against Muslims are ‘righteous and just war’. However, when Muslim resistances forces ‘fight right’ there is always a popular sympathy for their fight as observed in early phases of Iraq insurgency, do you remember the popular global support for end to the occupation!

Let’s stop here for now, but I must repeat myself in order to emphasis the seriousness of this fact. That is, this war today should never be a war for the God[s] (religious) but should be truly a war for the Muslim People/Ummah liberation and unity (a People’s War). This is the only way to achieve total victory and unite as all, that is the co-ordination of the shiite and sunni-based resistance side by side, turning our guns and our anger at the enemies (as defined in the original document). Once we have defeated the enemies (internal and external), we can then seek a peaceful co-existence by letting our people, the Global Muslim Ummah, to decide and define the nature and form of their future’s laws and government (see below for the discussion on politics).

Before leaving this section let us remind ourselves of the lessons of wars as taught by some of the masters of war. Clausewitz warned and advised that one should never mistake the character of the war being fought on as doing so is the first phase to one’s own total defeat. Clausewitz also understood the unstoppable force of ‘people’s war’ when well executed by a genius, as seen also throughout history. So let’s heed to these lessons and stop the foolishness for the single core goal of liberation and unity; turning our guns away from each other and towards the enemies.

2. On Politics: Let The Ummah Decide!

Here the point is simple. Let the Muslim Populace/Ummah decide on the form and structure of their future government and laws under the new modern version of Khilafah (Islamic Federal Republic). There should be constant referendums and votes to let, and allow, them to decide and participate fully on the bigger policies and laws of the government.

Let them decide between being governed by laws of humans or laws of Gods, or both (according to the best of the two, as I have proposed and will soon publish the political manifesto that outline in detail the structures and systems of future government).

Let them decide if they want to be ruled by so-called ‘Islamists’ and their desires to erect Sharia-based form of rule and government or to be ruled and governed by democratic systems.

Let them define the extent and nature of their future governments limits and powers. However, the Republican Constitution based on Human, Civil and Individual Rights and Liberties should never be infringed upon or substituted for anything else and should always be placed higher as supreme laws of the Republic in order to check on those human vices of greed, corruption, violence and abuses of power.

For one point needs to be clarified and stressed is that under ‘Islamic Laws and Government’ the new Republic will never cease to suffer another defeat and old divisions. Why, because there will always be;

  • No competitive education; traditions of ‘forbidding’ the education of Muslim women (my sister was forced of her education at the age of 9, and she is the genius of the two of us). Or the traditions of ‘forbidding’ the ‘western education’ as corrupt and secular, all illogical and harmful for our inevitable contest for global power relations as well as maintaining the union as One Republic.
  • No competitive scientific and technological breakthrough as a result. This is self-explanatory. With ”limitations” on ”what is acceptable as proper education” and ”who can be educated and who can not”, we will sacrifice the future of our young Republic even before it matures. Why because without education, there will, inevitably, be the absence of scientific and technological progress and development, which will weaken our competitive nature against external advanced states who embrace science, technologies and other new forms of human breakthroughs.
  • No competitive human capital. In short, without both of the above out citizens will be useless in relation to making our new Republic a power to be respected and reckoned with.
  • No competitive economies. As we wont be able to produce good economic ideas and leaders.
  • No competitive arms. As we will never be able to challenge our enemies on military sphere especially in terms of matching their advanced weapon systems capabilities. When they reach our shores with massive advanced aircraft carriers sheltering 150 or so advanced weapon systems from drones, to fighter jets to well-trained combat forces, we will be left naked to their combat power.
  • No Good Government or Laws. Without any of the above there will simply be no good government or laws, as the future privileged will continue to dominant the ‘upper echelon’ of power with no chance to ordinary citizens of hoping t reach such status in social mobility. Corruption, as today, will continue to be ripe. Greed and spineless nature of their character to ‘sell-out’ to foreign masters will be inevitable, since the social contract is non-existent and weak. Accountability is non-existent. Even their own (that is those in power) abilities and confidence of defending our borders is non-existent as a result of weak national human capital and it’s effect on  zero scientific and technological achievements.

In short, under any form of strict and traditional Islamic-based  government and laws there will continue to be a massive gap in national intellectual, scientific and technological knowledge, all of which are key to remaining competitive in a highly competitive (zero-sum) global politics, economies and security. Without education and freedom to learn, or to freely express oneself and to create an equal society there will always be a gap in scientific and technological breakthroughs required to create and maintain a sustainable competitive economies and arms of force (with advanced weapon systems and the likes).

In other words, under an Islamic rule, the Islamic world (the great contradiction) will never be able to exist for long as single union; it will be open to new invasions, new colonisations and new challenges (internally and externally; from medical problems due to shortage of highly qualified and trained medical staff, to shortage of self-sufficient medicine productions, R&D and so forth). The paradox of religiosity and politics.

This is why the answer is the ‘hated truth’, that is, only by embracing ‘good principles and practices of liberal democracy’, while maintaining our Islamic Cultural traditions can we really hope, and have a true chance, on not only winning the war but also insuring we keep the victory for the long long term because we would be investing in our people human capital projects; from free education to free healthcare, to freedom of creativity, expression, participation in politics and society and so forth. This is our only future!

If our people decide to vote for ‘Islamist parties’ and rule (form of government based on Sharia) we will respect this but this will only apply to those locales which has voted so and not national federal spheres. In other words, the Republican Constitution we are to institute which promises a range of liberties and rights can never and will never be allowed to be trampled with it will be the supreme law of the lands and the people in the face of all authorities (God[s] or Not) and can only be overturned or modified by a majority of over 80 per cent of the Global Muslim Population Votes (not so-called political representatives)!!!!

Political Manifesto is to come, Inshallah.



By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil

First let’s recap what we mean by ‘Vietnamese Model’?

A Vietnamese Model refers to my argument that the contemporary global Islamic resistance need to conduct themselves in accordance to what was observed or studied in reference to the Vietnam Wars of 1960-70s in their quest for Global Muslim liberation and unity.

The Vietnamese suffered incredibly all forms of despicable acts imaginable from mass atrocities, to mass genocide, mass rapes, mass pillages, mass extermination, mass environmental and resources destruction and many of the kind of mass crimes against humanity. However the Vietnamese as a people and as the resistance (especially the Vietcong Forces) never ever resorted to similar despicable behavioural acts against their enemies. They did not cross over and committed acts of crimes or terror against peace-loving innocent Americans or any other peaceful innocent westerners (people or states). They did not nilly-willy blew themselves up. They did not make the war a religious war (instead they cleverly made it a national people’s war, as I keep argue for). In other words, the Vietnamese never lived by the principles and practices of ‘an eye for an eye’ as practised by their enemies, rather they cleverly (actually very very clever) sought out the opposite (the highest point of moral justice), their primary goal, in essence, was to win the war through a moral defeat of their enemies.

To further simplify what this point means, is this, they, the Vietnamese resistance and people, left their enemies, US and allies, to defeat themselves through their illegal, immoral and highly belligerent imperial dirty wars. By doing so, what the Vietnamese achieved was a strategic masterpiece of a victory; the ever sought out model by every war practitioners and strategists. Through patience and not over-reaction the Vietnamese people and their fierce resistance took every despicable criminal acts committed against them (without doing same) and chose to openly held accountable the shadow/secret governments behind global western wars of aggression and imperialism. This was a masterstroke which won the war for the ‘little resistance’. As first their resolution and strategy strengthened internal will for a long protracted ugly war against foreign imperial enemies as local Vietnamese wholeheartedly turned to their resistance for support even when defeat looked inevitable and imminent at times. Secondly, the strategy paid off by turning an entire peace-loving world against western imperial aggression committed on a peaceful state of Vietnam and as diplomatic isolation and protests built, so too internally, that is within western states themselves, similar peace-loving western people/population started to voice their protests against their ‘actual elected’ governments and their ‘secret governments’ aggressive wars. All these, by logic, thus forced those local national western ‘actual elected’, not shadowy and secret, governments to finally also voice their own protest and to lobby their powerful parallel secret/shadowy governments (architects of western wars of aggressions and colonialism) to bring an end to their dirty wars, fearful (i.e. the elected governments) of losing their hold on national power as elected government (the power of electoral democracies even in limits).

In short, this is what our contemporary global Islamic resistance should try to do today (learn and embrace as their own strategic blueprint) by emulating the Vietnamese (hence Vietnam Model for Victory); leave our enemies to tighten their own nooses and thus to hang themselves by their own dirty and belligerent hands or deeds. Hold them accountable. Turn their popular support into popular protests. Leave them isolated, vulnerable and weakened with no one to support them morally, psychologically or physically. Take their illegal authority and legitimacy for illegal and imperialistic wars away from them. This is the only way the resistance today can win this [yet another of western secret/shadowy governments] dirty war.

Assalam Aleikum Warhamtullahi Wabarkatul,

Abu Islam Al-Sahil.



By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil

What is the secret of a successful military operation?

The answer lies in the ability to bring the enemies to you, or popularly know as the genius abilities of marshalling initiative, surprise, economy of force, concentration of mass, aggression etc (aka the principles of war) to ones advantage; weakening the enemies while strengthening one’s position vis-a-vis the former.

So how does one achieve such a success, that is bring the enemies to one’s own ‘turf’? The answer lies in the abilities of the resistance in assaulting repeatedly the soft targets that is known as ‘the Long Tail or feeding tubes’ of any military operations. For example, during conventional or Guerilla warfare the primary source of attack (that is the long tail within this environment/context) are those thing that will force the division of concentrated enemies forces in order to protect these key resources. This is similar to any warfare including the present Global Islamic Global Resistance.

Lets take the Aemanes Oil Complex assault in Algeria or the Westgate Mall Assault both of these were over-the-top idiotic operations which could have been done much cleverer by ‘attacking’ (and thus avoiding endangering innocent civilians lives) these structures ‘long/feeding tails/tubes’. What do I mean here? The first point of attack was ‘BP’ and the second ‘Financial Centre’. So the question is how could these two attacks have been conducted within a much more successful operational model which I will discuss here now.

First, the operational model discussed here can be observed to have the positive advantage of achieving [a] an assault on the enemy, while [b] preserving ones own limited forces and of course [c] not unnecessarily endangering any innocent civilians lives. Secondly, the operational model seeks to ‘bring out’ and thus ‘spread thinly’ the enemies heavily concentrated and well-protected and supported (with heavy weapon systems) forces. Thus the attacks could, and acting as general model for every resistance, seek to assault ‘Enemies Oil Companies and Financial centres’ by going after ‘their feeding tubes’ (the long-tails). For example, logistic convoys of oil transporting trucks or ‘neighbourhoods’ or isolated streets ‘Petrol/Gas Stations’ (all done with finesse that do not endanger any non-combatant individual lives; owners, drivers etc); this means for example ‘taking over’ a local ‘Gas Station’ and ‘removing the precious asset/product’ (that is oil and gas reserves) by either via cleverly pre-conceiving indigenous ways or means to take it with yourselves on retreat (post-ops) or laying waste to it, e.g. burning it while making sure no non-combatant individual lives are put on risk towards any form of fatality or death (that is clearing these areas of civilians before ‘ridding/stripping it away of its asset’).

Above described seemingly ‘small’ action actual is worth unmatched military engagements as these very small and seemingly worthless act in time will accumulate into massive pains for the enemies whose primary focus within the urban-centric approach to fighting insurgency is to secure the financial and economic as well as ensuring painstakingly the social continuum and well-being of primary centres of the country. These ‘small operations’ will also in time force the enemies concentrated forces to divide and thus thin themselves up and be ready to be picked one by one away from their supporting ‘force multipliers’; that is well-protected bases, aerial and ground-based weapon systems; sympathising populace areas; very close lines of concentrations (extending their long tails and creating more vulnerability) and so forth.

In short, my advice here is pick the ‘feeding tubes’ (which are everywhere and not well-defended or even with zero-protection at most of the times). These small operations will force the division of enemy forces while also providing opportunities for underground combat cells to slowly pick these off one by one and to expand co-ordination with their close guerilla forces. In other words, military operations do not need to be [a] very big or decisive which will focus on forces-to-forces engagement, especially within the earlier phases of resistance where everything is highly limited and vulnerable, and also [b] not pre-occupied with ‘Media Attention’ but rather feasibility and value!


What has been discussed here does not mean that, or give licence to, any resistance forces as free to target indiscriminately any ‘businesses’ or economic structures inside our [resistance] areas of operations (which we defined and limited to inside Muslim Nations Only!). Instead what I have sought to impress upon is the need to selectively and intelligently target ONLY our enemies financial and economic assets (and their supporting political, security and social structures). This means not targeting local popular markets but instead selecting the critical and isolated ‘feeding tubes/long tails’ of our [resistance] enemies economic and financial assets, structures, wealth, products and services; meaning limiting operations on the mega-global western corporations (which I have painstakingly defined in a very narrowest of focus) and their local puppets and collaborators assets.

Above can be achieved by [a] embracing the ‘Mafia Tactic’ of reinforcing absolute ban on any products or services produced and provided by these enemies corporations, for example, if a local shop sells products traceable to these firms, e.g. BP petrol or gas, or Nestle or Medicines from these companies, then first the owner should receive a clear warning to remove all these products (well specified on the document sent out), and to only sell the alternatives attained from within the emerging markets. If the owner refuses or ignore the warning he or she should not face any physical retaliation or harm but rather a simple visit by specially hired ‘local street thugs or goons’ to ransack [in open daylight/public] the shop by forcefully removing the said products selectively not ‘criminally’ thrashing or damaging the proprietor’s said business (and public statement should be read or published-and-pinned on said business establishment explaining such an act of vandalism as well as the hired-thugs must be informed of post-consequences of any out of control criminal behaviours beyond agreed established terms, that is go in and remove the given list of prohibited items only not undertake monetary theft or abuses or further unwarranted criminal vandalism).

In short, no local Muslims Nationals-owned businesses should be targeted but only foreign businesses, their products, services, wealth, businesses and services (and local business people collaborating with these and, f course, not in personal bodily harm only assets-targeting; a special form of resistance own ’financial targeting strategy’ to cut off the money, investment, profit etc making it unprofitable and undesirable for foreign big corporations establishing and maintaining businesses or investment inside our nations- the bleeding strategy).

Assalam Aleikum Warhamtullahi Wabarkatul,

Abu Islam Al-Sahil.


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