Training II: Education




[a] the aim of the course:

On this session we will outline the essentials of [leadership and rank-and-file] cadre educational training; in other words, what to read to be a great leader in the service of the movement ideals.

[b] introduction:

Training of the cadre reflects the general societal educational institutions and their respective time-lines. The leaders will be expected to endure a self-disciplined approach of a between 1to 10 years of educational training.

[c] The Training Period:

For the strategic leaders, that the core (ourselves and those who inspire to be the elite), this group will be expected to hold a ten-year self-educational training achievement (or in other words, our own advanced personal development achievement); non-stop training even after ten-years. This will of course be tested and verified in time.

The middle managers/leaders will be expected to be still undergoing the rigorous self-education and personal development efforts; this group will have 5+ years of self-educational or other professional achievements (like being an established doctor, professor, teacher, social worker, banker, investor, etc). This group, in other words, will essentially consist of mainly well-trained and experienced professional members whose expertise are largely outside politics and social work (or activism).

The low management staff will consist mainly of the entry-level leadership trainees under the mentoring and supervision of the middle managers/leaders and at times of the super-group top leaders (for evaluation and independent support; since some of the young trainees might be more gifted as leader than their mentors).

Finally, the rank-and-file will be taught what their respective leaders have just covered with their mentors; in other words, if a leader of the 10 rank-and-files and three young leadership trainees just finished self-training (educational) on particular field of studies, for example, management studies, s/he would [a] recommend the same reading materials to their three young leaders-in-training, [b] while making sure s/he also gives a presentational seminar/talk (discussion group) to his/her work-group all in one place together (incl. the three young leaders-in-training) on the basic and general learned-lessons from the subject— this can be done during those social interactions time, during weekends or after-work.

[d] The Subjects to Be Covered:

The relevant subjects to be covered for educational training needs of the entire groups, and especially the elites (the leaders) are;

[1] Psychological and Sociological Studies;

These are essential because we will be dealing with humans and not animal, and it is essential to thus understand human nature and behavioural tendencies (in order to manipulate or anticipate the reactions), hence Psychological (for individuals and groups understanding) and sociological (as collective existing within social mores and rules).

[2] Geographical and Historical Studies;

Knowing different countries and their climates, their people, cultures, languages, economics and general histories is important. This means not only covering Islamic geography and historical studies, but also global and western in specific (western because this is where one finds one’s people ever-persistent want-to-continue-be-masters main opponent).

[3] Management and Business Studies;

Essential so to be able to manage humans, finances, and other important resources for organizational and general successes.

[4] Military and International Studies;

Very Important for the entire groups, and especially the leaders who are training as ”diplomats” and political cadre with ability to understanding and appreciating sensitive political and social, as well as cultural differences. Military studies are essential because these can be applied on any fields (management studies came out of military studies).

[5] Physical Studies and Fitness;

No need for martial arts, etc, however if one wishes to undertake such past time health and fitness activities it is their own indenpendent choices. For general fitness see this post (for self-defence for sisters) and this for sisters and brothers basic fitness training (excluded is stairs-run, cycling, boxing or mere shadow-boxing etc). A fitter cadre is a sharp and disciplined member.

[6] Daily Newspaper Readings

Though be very selective, just browse, no need to read articles, we repeat, just peruse through the headings is enough, those relating to Islamic affairs when written within western ”free and independent” papers or general media will always be biased and based not on reality but interpretation for political ends; here is the secret about the so-claimed ”free and independent” western media, when you see a story which appears to be ”taking account” of the government is not really a bombshell it is printed because it was already expected to come out somehow, those on the other hand, which are believed to be able to stay ”hidden” from the public are left untouched hence you hear that (when these do come out) it was no a secret everyone knew about it!!! So do not ever think that western media are not state-directed media like every other nation’s media.

Those stories which catches your attention and might prove educational or morale-inducing for the members, make sure you copy and email these to your respective members so they can all be aware of it. For a list of just basic newspaper reading, we have selected these (though again be very clever in your readings);

Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian | The Guardian
The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion
News – Latest breaking news – Telegraph
Business News & Financial News – The Wall Street Journal – Wsj.com
World business, finance, and political news from the Financial Times …
The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and …
Washington Times – Politics, Breaking News, US and World News
The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
International breaking news and headlines – FRANCE 24
Press TV
Latest News in Leicestershire – News Stories & events | This is Leicestershire

[6] Policy Centres Weekly Readings;

This is important for all leaders-to-be or just established leaders.

At the end of every week, let say the usual lazies Sunday mornings, make sure you visit key (pro-establishment, thus powerful policy-centred) think-tanks. Find at the end of this section, a recommended list. The reason for this attention on these policy-centres is their influential powers to shape policies and directions of the state/government (is like getting into the mind of the governments).

The recommended list to visit;

Policy pointers
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Center for a New American Security
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
AEI – American Enterprise Institute For Public Policy Research
RAND Corporation Provides Objective Research Services and Public Policy Analysis
Atlantic Council | Renewing the Atlantic Community for 21st Century Global Challenges
Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs |
The Institute for Government |
Foreign Policy Centre
Policy Network – Home
The European Council on Foreign Relations
European Union Institute for Security Studies – EUISS
Homepage – International Crisis Group
ORG News & Updates | Oxford Research Group
Canadian International Council
Home / ICSR
ETH Zurich – Center for Security Studies (CSS) Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Federation of American Scientists
Institute for the Study of War


For those purely anti-Muslims are many but these two are perhaps the biggest;
http://www.quilliamfoundation.org/ [UK]
Gatestone Institute  [US]

These are some of the points to appreciate while undertaking your leadership educational training. We are giving you a priceless gold-standard training, even Intelligence Officers or Diplomats Do Not get this kind of training advice. If you complete these you will essentially be a trained intelligence analyst (almost!).

We will add more in time…………. so please do come back!



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