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Photo Of The Week: Niqab-Wearing [Sisters] Commando Unit!

    The picture might be propaganda and from a group we all hate most, so-called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Sham/Syria) or ‘Islamic State’ (they wish!!!) – apparently depicting an all sisters-only special commando unit – but we still LOVE it/the picture (that is)! The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist … Continue reading

Brand Them ‘Domestic Extremists’ or ‘Vulnerable To Radicalization”: West Midlands Police (UK Security Services) & The Tactic of ‘Depoliticising’ British [Muslim] Politically-Conscious Youths (Source: NETPOL) & Palestine Children As Victims (Source: Daily Mail)

July 15th, 2014 Counter-terror police contact parents of Birmingham student protester over alleged ‘domestic extremism’ Counter-terrorism police have approached the parents of a student who was arrested during a protest earlier this year at Birmingham University, asking to discuss ‘concerns’ about his behaviour. Thirteen students were arrested for offences including aggravated trespass, assault and criminal … Continue reading

Palestine (Children) In Picture: Thanks To The Daily Mail (No Words Required!)

Keep emotions under disciplined control, sweet day will come! 1   2   3 4 5 6 7 8 9 headlines; Twenty-first Century Protest: Social Media and Surveillance Islamophobia in Italy unveiled GCHQ’s dark arts: Leaked documents reveal online manipulation, Facebook, YouTube snooping Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the … Continue reading

Leicester Mercury: No-Go Areas In Leicester For Local City’s Muslim Women

No-go areas in Leicester for Muslim women wearing niqab By Leicester Mercury  |  Posted: July 08, 2014 Veiled Muslim women in Leicester say there are parts of the city they are frightened to visit  Comments (11)Muslim women who wear a full veil say there are no-go areas in Leicester which they feel frightened to visit – even in a … Continue reading

A New Study, Same Old Finding: British-Muslim Women & Anti-Muslim (Islamophobia) Targeting

Women more vulnerable to Islamophobia: Traditional dress makes wearer ‘visibly Muslim’ and a soft target for abuse, say researchers There has been a surge of anti-Islamic attacks following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby Jonathan Brown Sunday, 29 June 2014 Muslim women are more likely to fall victim to Islamophobic hate crimes than men, with … Continue reading