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In The Media: Police & Public Trust, Mahdi Hashi, Mo Farah ”Terror Arrest” etc

  Please find below our brief discussions on a more effective police-public accountability and trust model. This comes after (months) today new headlines on reports on the dangerously broken public trust towards their local police forces in UK, see the links below. Also included are few headlines on Mahdi Hashi, Mo Farah (British Olympic Hero) … Continue reading

Read Our Full Strategy Here

This post directs you to our new-added page discussing HMCO strategy (see above pages section ”STRATEGY” or click here). Thank You. Sunday Articles (Muslims in the News): Revealed: how the FBI co-ordinated the crackdown on Occupy Double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah quizzed by customs officials in ‘terror bungle’ at U.S. airport Theresa May faces … Continue reading

3-Arrested For Thurnby Lodge Incident & The New Report On The Disturbing-Rise Of ‘Islamophobia-Hate-Crimes’ in The UK (2012 Report)

First, We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our local Leicestershire Police and the general Leicester public who assisted the police in getting their hands (as well to defeat the rise of hate-crimes in our multicultural city) on the three alleged [and now detained] suspected perpetrators on the recent ”Pig’s Head in … Continue reading

Leicester Mercury: ”Pig’s head dumped at Thurnby Lodge centre used for prayers by Muslims”

Follow the link directly to Leicester Mercury Online Print, Here. Or read it below in full. Before reprinting the story, here is a highly recommended website to check it out, Privacy International, a Non-Governmental Organization involved in monitoring surveillance of the public. Other excellent reading articles, see the list below: Senate set to approve FISA … Continue reading

Nile Bowie Unmissable Article on RT: The West ”Regime Change” Tactics Against ”Independent-Minded” Islamic States

Go to main page   News   US attempting regime change in Malaysia: Fact or fiction? (Op-Ed) US attempting regime change in Malaysia: Fact or fiction? (Op-Ed) Published: 26 December, 2012, 22:49 Edited: 27 December, 2012, 14:15 As the South-East Asian nation of Malaysia prepares for general elections, distrust of the political opposition and accusations … Continue reading

Excellent Article By Glenn Greenwald From The Guardian

Before re-printing, in a sentence, we would like to reiterate the point that The Guardian, like any other western newspaper, is a mouth-piece for the state propaganda, but the article republished below is still a very good reading simply because it is a ”close-of-the-year review” of excellent articles across many platform, though relating only to … Continue reading

RT On Mahdi Hashi US-Court Appearance Story

Go to main page   News   British-Somali man abducted from Africa appears in US court British-Somali man abducted from Africa appears in US court Published: 24 December, 2012, 17:49 Edited: 24 December, 2012, 17:49 A British-Somali man, who earlier this year was stripped of British citizenship and subsequently went missing, has appeared before a … Continue reading

The Daily Mail’s Update On Mahdi (He is In The US, Now), Also Our Position On Police Clarified (Friendly, but need reforms)

Last Night The Daily Mail had a Breaking News update on the situation of a British-Muslim/Somali, Mr. Mahdi Hashi reporting that Mr. Hashi is now in New York, United States and had appeared in court on charges of terrorism in Somalia [?]. Anyway, below is a full article from the Daily Mail. Before we proceed, … Continue reading

We Had A Visit From The Local Stasis/Police (Nah, Not to Arrest, but Enquiring about an Auto-Theft…?)

Well around 1555hrs today (Thurs 20 Dec 2012) we at HMCO had a little pleasant visit from our fine men (there were no women) of the local statsis/Leicestershire Police, SPU (Spinney Hills Police Unit). The ”reason” for this apparent pleasant visit, drums please, drummmmm….., was not to arrest us (we have never done anything to … Continue reading

Our Third & Fourth PressTV Articles: On Global Geopolitics & Iran Nukes

The Direct Link to PressTV: Here and Here. Original pdf sent-out centre of resistances. Few Interesting collections of news-headlines: Schedule 7 terror laws used to interrogate activists Peter Van Buren: Torture superpower We don’t need secret courts to protect our relations with the US Comedian Frankie Boyle pledges to use £50,000 payout to help last … Continue reading