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[[New UPDATES]] An Open Letter From Muslim Communities In UK To UK PM: Do Not Shift The Blame On Us (As A Result Of UK Gov Failures To Integrate Us)

Dear Mr Cameron Today you have gone beyond the usual customary calls for Muslim Communities in UK to do more to ‘fight off’ ”extremism and radicalisation” and instead you have chosen (as UK Gov Senior Representative) to put squarely the blame on our communities for your Government policy (and British Society) failures in/at integrating Muslim … Continue reading

Intelligent [Excellent] Reading: Ali A. Mazrui Article (Via Foreign Affairs, CFR) On ‘Islamic & Western Values’ (First Published 1997)

CFR or Council of Foreign Relations is US ‘council of shadow government’; it is the heart of secret US power-elites. The article below was published from it’s magazine called Foreign Affairs; Ali Mazrui is a pro-western Muslim so dont expect much ‘truth’ or ”standing up”. Islamic and Western Values By Ali A. Mazrui DEMOCRACY AND … Continue reading

[[UPDATED]] MUST READ: Who Is [Traitor] Raheem Kassam? & Exposed UK Police ‘Fake Phone Towers’ (For Spying) (and few others, DSK, Blair)

Just to be brief. The treacherous Raheem Kassam works for a project funded by US-UK spies via US favoured ‘shell organisation’ (with the goal of spying, fomenting protests, violence, wars around the world all in the name of ‘American Democracy’, similar to US National Endowment championed by George Soros) called ‘Henry Jackson Society’ (right-wing). The … Continue reading

Semi-Recommended Reading: Myriam Francois-Cerrah’s Article In The New Statesman & The Bilderberg 2015 Full Attendees List

Article link: The absurd hunt for “Muslim toddler terrorists” exposes the extent of anti-Muslim prejudice Bilderberg: 2015 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List | Public Intelligence Others; America curbs state snooping, Britain gives the green light MPs David Davis and Tom Watson in court challenge Police ‘deliberately manipulated’ accounts of a stop-and-search that resulted in death of … Continue reading