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Western Ruling Families and The Sham of Democracy (Re-Edited)

A BRIEF INTRODUCTORY HISTORY ON THE NOBLES/RULING FAMILIES HOLD ON WESTERN ‘DEMOCRATIC STATES’ UNDER THE GUISE OF ‘PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACIES’ Only an ignorant idiot deludes oneself of ‘the reality of real democracy’. As I and we  have constantly argued before, and appreciated by many, democracy is a sham concept; dangerous to put it into full practice … Continue reading

Seumas Milne On The Guardian: A Century of British Global Wars (Good Read)!

I enjoy Seumas Milne’s work in general, and  I once told him saw and got a courtesy thankful note. Anyway this new article though a fantastic read, it does appears a little bit more ‘Over-Zealous in Idealism’ than the usual level-headed realistic analysis found in his work in general. The claim is, that Britain, as … Continue reading

George Monbiot On The Guardian: Is International Syrian Brigade (of Foreign Fighters) ‘Terrorism’ or Modern Anti-Fascism?

The article is highly recommended, the logic is simple, the establishment are fearful not because of ‘terrorism’ but because of the well-trained anti-fascists fighters coming back to fight own home growing western fascist regimes of NSA-GHCQ Surveillance, etc…. The Article:       Orwell was hailed a hero for fighting in Spain. Today he’d be … Continue reading

Prof. Stephen Graham Must Read Article on Open Democracy: Foucaltian Boomerang Effect of Internal Colonization

The article as expected is very academic but rewarding (highly recommended reading)! To follow the original link click here. Published on openDemocracy (http://www.opendemocracy.net)   Foucault’s boomerang: the new military urbanism Stephen Graham [1] 14 February 2013 As our planet urbanizes more rapidly than ever before, an insidious set of boomerang effects, linking security doctrine in cities in the global … Continue reading

ISIL Is Not Al-Qaeda, Says Central Command Leadership: It’s About F****** Time!

The good news coming out today from the world of Global Islamic Resistance is the level-headed decision by the Al-Qaeda Central Command Leadership to distance their image and brand of resistance away from the super-idiots known as ”The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” (ISIL). We, the Muslim Nationalists & Republicans, welcome this first strategic … Continue reading

Carry On Spitting: Calling For Civil Disobedience In & Around Leicester Streets!

This week a new by-law was passed by the Leicester City Council that will see people getting fines of up to 80GBP for spitting in the streets of Leicester; click here for the article. Remedy against the slow train to fascism (already taking place across the nation, from over-policing surveillance power, to security surveillance, to … Continue reading