Our Politics (Incl. Manifesto)

Introduction: Muslim Nationalists for Unity

On this article, we are going to outline our [i.e HMCO/JG] political position which will be shown to be simply that of a socialist-liberal democrat within Islamic Republicanism (of A Greater Islamic Union) and Nationalism (nothing to do with religion, pure secular social politics).

This article also discusses two very interesting and rather very significant though overlooked popular inquiries (highly recommended reading) on the general understandings and definitions of what we believe amount to critical issues within the Muslim Affairs, based on the general roots of misunderstanding or misrepresentation, or misinterpretations of (here lies our dfferences to every other Muslim groups and movements);

[a] what we define as really is a Muslim?;

[b] or what is an Islamic Democracy and Republicanism, is it different (if so how) or not?;

[1] Our Political Position

Let start by what we define as our political positions based on our understanding and interpretation of that critical issue or question: what is a Muslim?

We, as stated already, are social-liberal democrats republicans with nationalists outlook, not affiliated to religion ideological-struggles.

What does this mean? It means we accept the principles of socialism, such as the general distribution of wealth, looking after the vulnerable, giving hand to those who can not manage on their own, as well as nationalizing every key services and products, for example gas, electricity, water, even internet, transport, etc, so that the people can enjoy these without being over-burden by rates as the result of the greed of private sector (and their need for profit through price-hike without thinking about these severe negative impacts on the old-aged/senior, the poor or vulnerable members of the society).

In terms of Our Liberalism, which we also believe in, we stand for the need for a small, effective and competent republican  government that does not interfere on her citizens’ lives or intrude, or step on their civil liberties rights; in other words, the need to understand and respect individual rights such as of private properties, lives and enterprises.

In short, we are social liberal Muslim democrats of a nationalist republican character. And to understand our we reached our political position is to appreciate and understand what we believe is the definition of a Muslim.

[2] what is a Muslim?

First, we can not define and discuss what is a Muslim democrat/nationalists or Islamic democracy or nationalism in general. without being able to define what is a Muslim?

A Muslim, ladies and gents, brothers and sisters, is a citizen or national of a nation, that stretches from east to west wherever there is an Islamic state. A Muslim can be religious, and if one is, then he now can be referred to as either, [a] Muslim-Mu’umin (of moderation), or [b] Muslim-Mu’umin (of conservatism, not extremism or fanaticism, or fundamentalism, these are  propaganda and sound-bites favourites).

In other words, to reiterates, a Muslim [a] is a citizen of an Islamic nation (united or not, hence what happens over there does matter to all Muslims, Mu’umins or not). As a citizen one can be secular or a believer of religious theology, and still be a Muslim.

Being a Muslim, contrary to popularized definition, does not mean or equated to being a Believer/Mu’umin of Islam as a religion. This is the position of Quran, History and of course, ourselves.

A Muslim , brother or sister, can be sexually-different (we do not accept labels of ”gays”, ‘lesbians”, ”homosexuals”, ”transgenders” etc: we are strongly anti-labelling because we believe these are used to alienate those who freely, by their rights, chose their sexual preferences and freedoms— we stand by all Muslims, in colours, sexual differences or beliefs or not) or different in other forms, for example;

[b] A Mu’umin can be that of a moderate believer in Islam as a religion, and can chose to pray, do this or that as convenient to oneself — this is the definition of a moderate Muslim-Mu’umin.

[c] A second definition of a Muslim-Mu’umin is that of a conservative member of the community, that is Islam; he believes in the principles and values that governed and directed the lives of their prophets. We, as stated, and constantly reiterated, we embrace all Muslims, as long as they tolerate the differences between each other and those from the others (after all we are all humans: you can say we are from Adam-Eve, or Mother Africa as the first human is traced by evolutionarists, or god, or whatever you care to believe— it always come down to same person, unless you are a RABID RACIST then you have your own mystical theories and good luck with your stupidity).

This bring us to Islamic Republicanism or Democracy. As we have already touched above, we believe in socialism and liberalism, especially the principles and values within these schools of political philosophies which put the individual rights and liberties at sacred level: untouched, respected and developed rather than suppressed: the actual cornerstone and roots of Political Islam from it’s founding.

We believe Muslims around the Islamic world and beyond can live under Islamic democracy and prosper without losing their Islamic identity or values. They can balance Conservatism and Liberalism; with both balanced in terms of public and private, for example;

[1] banning of alcohol in public, but in private those who wish to indulge in the act is their choices as long as they do not harm or affect a third person during their indulgence, and never in public for role modeling towards the benefit of the young.

[2] Those who want to show affection to each others, they can moderately do so, as long as it does not set bad influence to the young.

[3] Coverage for women: they can chose this as they feel in accordance to their own individual tastes, again, still as long as when choosing to ”loosen-up” to restrain from over ‘loosing-up’ (get my drift).

[4] sexual freedom: we already tackle above, as individual rights.

[5] education: must be to all, ”even women” (quotes and reference to conservatives view that women are not allowed to go to school: we  believes in absolute gender equality), unless one choose independently according to one’s beliefs not to do so; as long as not enforced upon her such a choice then the choice must be respected.

[6] Underage marriages: No Bloody way, that simple! other such as arranged marriages will be dependent on families and individuals own preferences and say, and should be left to private choices.

and so forth, we can go on and on. But we will leave it here.

In short, the point is, there is and should be a necessary need to differentiate between the private and public within the J.S. Mills ‘Harm Theory’, that as long as an individual or group act does not affect or harm another and it is of free choice then the choice should be respected. The mixing of utilitarianism and Islamism values of leave all to develop but on constant awareness of actions and behaviors that might impact on the common good and welfare.

This is our political position at HMCO/JG.

We are proud Muslim Nationalists (Republicans) of Socialist-Liberal democratic linings, actual root of Political Islam where individual civic rights are sacred.

Thank you, and Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further elaborations.


Jerusalem Group Senior Project Officer.

Our Manifesto

The movement does not accept the schism within Islam of any sort, exacerbated by nefarious internal and external forces (for their divided and conquer goals), for example the  so-called ”Sunni-Shia” divisions, Arabs or non-Arabs Muslims, and so forth, but rather, we at JG/HMCO defines each and every Muslim Individual as a citizen of a Greater Islamic Union irrelevant of their ideals, beliefs, sexual orientations or colors, as long as one can trace one ancestor inside the Islamic Lands, then one is a Muslim Citizen of A Greater Islamic Federal Union.

  Our Core Initial Ten-Point Manifesto:

  1. We are based on the Republican values, principles of government, and general ideals of liberty, toleration, freedom, respect of properties and happiness. In other words, this means embracing universal human/individual rights, freedoms and pursuit of happiness, and welfare.
  2. We, as such, embraces a Republican Islamic Constitution, where freedom and rights of Muslims (believers or non-believers) and non-Muslim fellow citizens will be central within the principles of the union’s rule of law, and where Government will be by the people and for the people, with strong checks and balances and separations of powers. Where Federal practices will separate state and federal roles and powers.
  3. We recognize Only One State In Palestine, a Palestinian State (End of Discussions on the Issue: we do Not recognize or discuss the regional Jews who claim statehood, but we believe those who have been there pre 1948 have a right for full citizen’s rights like any other Muslim Nation, they are Muslim Nationals of Jewish Race; namely, Muslim-Jews).
  4. We desire to see a peaceful union among the greater Islamic Ummah of all colors, sexual orientations and beliefs.
  5. We have zero-tolerance on external interference on Islamic Internal Affairs, which means we are against colonial and imperial practices. We also possesses no tolerance for weak puppet-leaders within our nations (controlled and commanded by external forces).
  6. We seek a Non-Alignment and Non-Intervention Foreign Policy, supported by a Strong Self-Defensive-Focused Defense and Security Policy which means a full conscription of every citizen with mandatory military training from the age of 10. From age 10-12 (Junior Scouts), 12-14 (Senior Scouts), 14-16 (Junior Military Cadet), 16-18 (Senior Military Cadet), 18-21, university years (Non-Operational Young Reservists), 21-23 (Mandatory Full-Time Services), 23-26 (Mandatory Reservist Services). 26-45 (Open to Conscript in Time of War). These meant to make sure that no Muslim nation or people will ever again be humiliated, robbed, murdered and enslaved by foreign powers; always ready and well-capable to stand against aggressors of any colors and pretenses.
  7. We strongly believes in a Fully Means-Tested and balanced Welfare System, running side by side with Liberal market practices though largely controlled by the state (to avoid western dilemma of corporate greed and corruption, or collision with the state interests).
  8. We will seek to completely nationalize every natural resources within Muslim lands, from oil to tourism industries, transport to communication and will never allow for monopolies to take place in any market sectors, for example even financial and banking sector will be nationalized at 70 per cent with 30 per cent left to private-ownership; the central principle of our economic system. We will also never allow for external foreign ownership or running of Muslim resources or lands.
  9. We will make sure that wages mirror/reflects above-average living standards, which means an average worker ‘s wages can be divided into three portion, with one-third paying off all essential bills, one-third spending-income, and final one-third for savings. We will also erect a national citizens investment funds for each national in support of Pension/Old-Aged Saving and Child Funds.
  10. We are a Global Movement with a focus throughout Islamic States, and whenever there are Muslim Diaspora Communities (in the West). We seek to unite all divided parties, groups and movements for the benefit of Muslim prosperity and well-being, never again to be humiliated and dominated, or merely keeping the dream of unity alive with an alternative working blueprint away from religious dominated alternatives, where we will serve and see to it the new model serve well all, from students, the poor, the business communities, the rich, the once powerful, the ordinary workers and citizens, farmers, teachers, police and so forth.

For those who want to get involved and support the growth of the movement you can get in touch via our usual email (altawhid.leicester@hotmail.co.uk). If you have questions or just want to show support, as a formal member or merely as an informal member, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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