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”….And The War Goes On”: Our Choice of February 2013 Winning Photo

      Newspaper Articles of Interest: How snooping customs staff secretly search your luggage: Covert checks to look for excess alcohol and tobacco Scrap ‘dangerous and unnecessary’ secret justice bill, hundreds of lawyers and QCs urge the Government The Stone: Dependents of the State ‘Che dreamed of united Latin America standing strong against the … Continue reading

Seth MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy..) On Oscars’ Night: Jews Control Hollywood!

Recently we wrote, a controversial seemingly to some who still prefer to bury their heads in the sands rather than bravely tell the truth as it is, that the Jews do control key major, or rather very critical and strategic sectors of global finances, banking and entertainment (news and communications included) industries, and we gave … Continue reading

Weekend Readings: A Selection of Interesting Headlines

Galloway shuns debate with Israeli George Galloway storms out of Oxford University: ‘I don’t recognise Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis’ | Mail Online Galloway shuns debate with Israeli Police secretly kept body parts of 90 children The ghetto families on 10p an hour making party gifts for Kate’s mum’s £30million business empire PIPES: … Continue reading

Our Published Paper: Do You Legitimize The Existence of A ”Jewish State”?

A Foreword: This paper is reprinted after the events surrounding Respect Party MP George Galloway’s refusal to debate a Jew because he stood on his principles of not appearing to legitimize the existence (by recognition) of a ”Jewish State” in Palestine. The paper examines the almost two-third control of key western media and entertainment industries … Continue reading

White Leicester/Britain [Part II]: Senior Muslim Police Evidence & Others

This post is an extension of the last night’s (Weds 20th Feb 2013) post, which examined the myth of a ”proportionally representative” multicultural Leicester/Britain, by showing, supported with hard evidence, that Britain is still ruled and run by white-majority in many sectors, especially those key to running the nation (yesterday we provided the evidence for … Continue reading

White Leicester: The Myth of A Multi-Culturally Representative Leicester (Evidence: The Council & Police)

We have continuously stated, with obviousness, how not only Leicester, but also the Greater British Society in general, is still backward in racial representation within her society’s key post such as the government, police, judiciary and many other essential facets of running an effective and representative society. In this post we present two key evidence … Continue reading

Our Fee-Based Services (For Fund-Raising Purposes Only)

Assalam Aleikum, Please have a look at our new fund-raising efforts which are fee-based services rather than mere direct solicitation (already Muslims are having bad financial days and we intend not to overburden but to help and empower through our expertise and knowledge). Please Check It Out and Let Others Know About These Services (we … Continue reading

Thurnby Lodge Offender Walk Free From Court Sentencing (Source: Leicester Mercury)

Man avoids jail for placing pig’s head outside Thurnby Lodge community centre Monday, February 18, 2013 Tim_Healy27   A man who placed a pig’s head outside the front gates of a Thurnby Lodge community centre used by Muslims has been given a suspended prison sentence. Liam Ferrar (24) appeared at Leicester Magistrates’ Court today for … Continue reading

Is The ”Black Standard” Being Embraced [With Ease] Today As The Global Muslims/Ummah ”Union Flag/Jack”?

Everywhere one looks nowadays one just can not miss to observe the [proud] flying colours of black and white flag (so-called ”the black standard”) of the Mujahedin (Muslims Insurgencies and Resistance Forces), which seems to be slowly growing in popularity, even among the Greater Muslim Ummah (Muslim public) as a ”rallying flag” for a new … Continue reading

Sunday Readings: A Collection of News Headlines

Entrapment: FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot – BlackListedNews.com Annie Machon’s (ex-MI5 Officer) New Piece: The End of Privacy and Freedom of Thought? Civic Watchers On Modern Western Surveillance and Police States: EPIC Obtains Documents Detailing Data Collection on US Citizens for Counterterrorism Center EPIC Obtains New Documents About FBI … Continue reading