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[[UPDATED]] Take The Test (Social Experiment): Are You Able To Empathize/Sympathize With Muslim Fighting Groups (ISIS/Islamic State, Al-Qaidah, Taliban etc)?

CAMDEN PREVENT STORY: If you were redirected here please scroll to the end of this original post; though you might find this post very interesting have a read. Originally sent out to major [so-called] independent, free and unbiased western media (e.g The Guardian, Independent, Washington Post, NYT etc) as n op-ed piec for publication; of … Continue reading

Part Two of ‘Unspoken Truth, Spoken’: How We (The Muslims) ARE WINNING This [Revisited Century Old Muslim-Christians] War.

This post is part two of the ‘Unspoken Truth, Spoken’ and to speak frankly it should actually be viewed, as all others, as an open [newer] form of defiance – resistance, non-compliance and disobedience – to those who seek to force us, Muslims (worldwide and here in the west), to stop talking, to stop expressing … Continue reading

Our Statement After Paris Offense: Muslims Will Never Apologise or Condemn (Unspoken Truth, Spoken)

What happens after the events and initial ‘sense of jubilation’ among Muslims: Please see added statement at the end of this original published statement explaining how Muslims across the world react to big events inside the west by fellow Muslims who have chosen violent resistance. This statement is for the attention of the West (i.e. … Continue reading

Our Big Longitudinal Study (3 Months) With Empricial Evidence: Are You A British or Western Muslim? If so, this is how the state watches (surveillance) you as ‘potential terrorist/criminal[ized]’ 24/7

Executive Summary: Sustained Surveillance of Muslims in The West Today We will not be disclosing much in the way of methodologies, or sampled locations, or involved parties who took part, voluntarily, in conducting the research. Period. Objective of the study: The study as mentioned investigated the expanded illegal (unconstitutional and undemocratic) blanket surveillance of local … Continue reading

The Independent Good Recommended Read: How Former Heads of Government & Security Services (Spymasters) who ‘cheerled’ ‘aggressive inavsion 4 resource wars’ (benefiting Big Corporations) end up working for their benefactors

Also see Frankie Boyle good read (below) on snooper’s charters (for further reading on collected materials on this issue see our most recent posts here and here). It might be advisable that before (or after; your choice) reading the first article – on how those who serve in government and intelligence services work in primacy … Continue reading

Photo of the Month (Movember): ‘Our Pride, The Fearless Lioness’ (Daily Mail)

Innallilahi wa innallayhi raa’jiun. The brave lioness (palestine sister) was killed on spot after getting his coward prey. The question that should dominate your mind when seeing these images, especially ops conducted by our brave sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, aunts and general female population, is not only of the shame in you but also the … Continue reading

John Naughton & Heather Brooke: An Absolutely TERRIFYING Must-Read Articles From The Guardian On The Full Metamorphis of a British Facist State (Armed with absolute Powers to Surveil & Control)

Before we proceed in republishing (links and full prints) of these absolutely terrifying must reads articles (from The Guardian) by John Naughton & Heather Brooke, lets make a brief point, mainly taken from the most significant piece of film-making ever, V For Vendetta.; a film that shows the true state of fascist Britain today. In … Continue reading