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Your Weekend Reading: Articles from Around The World

Man ‘planned to blow up mosques with home-made nail bombs after stock-piling chemicals at his home’ Don’t follow France’s burqa ban. It has curbed liberty and justice Swiss Canton Approves Burqa Ban Activists ‘intimidated at UK border’ Google has more access to No10 than me, says top Tory: Admission shows growing political clout of internet … Continue reading

The Disturbing Breaking Story: Dear Muslims Sisters (In UK), Prepare Yourselves For The Coming Islamic Veil Ban! (and apparently is for your best of interests!!!!)

This is part two of the recent disturbing headlines across Europe and UK on how laws are manipulated and used against traditional Islamic [Religious-Cultural] Ways of Life. For Part one click here or go directly to the next post below; the post discusses (with original source-links) German mixed swimming laws, Birmingham College defeat, France and … Continue reading

On The Disturbing Growing Trend: How Laws Are Used To ”De-Islamitize” (Against) Western Muslims!

The has been a disturbingly growing trend inside the western world today where laws are exploited, manipulated and used against Muslims in order to de-Islamitize these western Muslims; in other words, that is criminalizing traditions of Islamic (cultural-religious) ways of life. The creeping trend we warned about for sometime now; yesterday is veil ban, tomorrow … Continue reading

Covert Action In Action (Part II): Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy, ”The Syrian Expert” Is Thrown Out/Sacrificed to Cover Further Investigation Into The New Powers of Institute For The Study of War (ISW) On Contemporary Post-9/11 US Government Foreign-Security Policies

On the post below, ‘Covert Action In Action (On Syria)‘, we discussed the exploitation and infiltration of ‘covert actors’ within specific nations pillars of power, e.g. the media etc, and reprinted an excellent article on the case of Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy, a 26 years old American from The Institute For The Study of War (ISW, … Continue reading

Introducing Liberal Fascism: John Pilger MUST READ Guardian Article (and few on NSA and Smartphone, CIA Fabricated Syria Chem-Attack, John Hopkins and Prof. Matthew Green and more)

The first of the must reads article is of course by John Pilger which appeared today on The GuardianĀ (On Liberal Fascism or Militarist West): click here (or see the full article reprinted here below). The second is an excellent article by The Independent written by Andreas Whittam Smith (On How The West Is Losing The … Continue reading

Covert Action In Action (On Syria): How to Recognize The Exploitation and Inflitration of Agents Inside ”Independent” Media and Political-Security Establishment (Source: Mondo/StratRisk)

Before publishing the article in full (highly recommended reading), I would like to say how I have started watching that Burn Notice (entertaining, but full of crap mostly) TV Show. Anyway what caught my attention was episode 6 (Series 7, the most recent), where he narrates the relationship between covert operatives and running– I was … Continue reading

On Syria: Told You- Senate Committee On Foreign Affairs PASSES The ‘Syria War Bill’!

The passing of the bill is the first stage to full Congress ”permission” for war (kind of first reading-meet-approved private bill here in UK). Here is the link to the breaking news: Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves plan to strike Syria Obama yesterday, using his oratorical gift, ”claimed” ”the world” not the US government that … Continue reading

On Syria: Congress To Vote For War (Yes), Because AIPAC Has Paid Already!

The new breaking news is of course the ”postponement” of ”surgical strikes” by Americans and ”her allies” on Syria which was initially planned last [mid] week and then forwarded to next week (after John Kerry, US Secretary of State or to those unfamiliar with the title, a foreign secretary, ‘declaration of war’ speech this week; … Continue reading