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US Senate CIA Torture Report: It Too Fell Victim of Being Waterboarded!

So with great – and the usual pre-conditioning – media fanfare for weeks on in preparation of what ”was to come out” the US Senate Report on CIA and Torture finally came out and surprise surprise WE, of course, LEARNED NOTHING NEW OR EXPLOSIVE; actually we learned something ”new”, the apparent names of the ‘black … Continue reading

The Runnymede Trust Report On Racial & Anti-Muslim Discrimination In UK Employment (Source: The Independent, UK Newspaper)

First report was published earlier this week (01 Dec – 07 Dec) discussing the ever growing anti-Muslim employment discrimination in UK (click here for a full article). What this article failed to inform/translate – in context to present economic environment – of course is the seriousness of the figures presented in terms of relations to … Continue reading