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Get Ready For Summer: Our Simple & Free Fitness and Health Guidelines

After being asked over and over again, here is our gift to you all, Muslims and Non-Muslims, free of charge, to a better lifestyle; more fitter, healthier and happier. If one follows these guidelines one will have a truly fitter and healthier as well as happier lifestyle (even sex life will be fantastic, you will … Continue reading

Your Long [Easter Holidays] Week-End Readings: Spying On American-Muslims (New Report), UK Police In The News & Others

The racism that fuels the ‘war on terror’ | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk an excellent interview a new reportĀ  (the recommended new report on US Gov illegal spying activities on American-Muslims) shockingly invasive and indsicriminate surveillance program supports the NYPD program Glad to Be Unhappy: The French Case : The New … Continue reading

[[ADDED ENDNOTES]] On Syria & The General Realities Of War [Fighting]

For sometime now we have had questions on why we have not yet discussed or explained Syria. Well here is our simple and to the point discussion and explanation on Syria, and naturally, the general realities of war[fighting]; in other word, what is like to be a fighting soldier in front-lines. A. On Syria: the … Continue reading

[[ADDED NOTES: Sat 23rd March 2013]] Who Are We Really: Revealing The Dominant Strategic Cultures of Global Races/Nations [A Socio-Psycho-Behavioural Analysis]

Introduction: The Discourse Approach In this post we will attempt to outline in some amicable details the dominant psyche of global races/nations, within the confined frameworks of socio-psycho-behavioural methodological analyses. In other words, we will discuss that what differentiate between one people (of one nation-state or regions, or cultures) to the other, and what, if … Continue reading

((ADDED END-NOTES: Tues 18th March)) Human, All Too Human [Exclaimed Nietzsche]: The Good & Bad of Humans

There are some people who are good and some bad, the former class is in the minority (the rarest of the species), while the latter (the bad to very bad) are among the majority, that is, to use the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, we are all ”Humans, All Too Humans” pegged by our upbringing! Before … Continue reading

Sunday March 17th 2013 Headlines

First an incredible story. a UK activist convicted in UK for ”Yelling @ the PM” (give a leg, they will take a foot in time). Activist convicted for yelling at PM UK activist convicted for yelling at PM This one is how the ”democratic security services” works (no different to Chinese or Soviets). One firms … Continue reading

Your Great Weekend Readings: Muslims In The News (Destruction of Makkah; Leicester Council Pay; etc)

Our recommend and painstakingly collected articles from the world of the international, local and national media for your weekend [still in bed] reading. Enjoy. Top Leicester City Council officers’ salaries published | This is Leicestershire Photos taken by activists in Saudi Arabia showing the destruction of the Grand Mosque Traces of pork in halal sausages … Continue reading

The Guardian Exclusive: An Historic Defeat Against Modern-Day British Police State (Lets All Follow With Our Own Legal Requests!)

Well the Guardian came out today with an amazing story of an historic defeat on the modern-day British Police State, and thus without a single grain of doubt, today’s victory for Messr. John Catt, a peaceful political activist, will undoubtedly set an unprecedented wave of counter-sues and actions against these dangerous modern police state powers … Continue reading

Kings College London Report (Published Via The Guardian): EDL Exploiting Sex-Grooming Issue For Own Anti-Islam Agenda

The article, reprinted in full below, from the Guardian is an original product of one of the elite UK Universities, Kings College London, which illustrates in some details and with more supporting evidence on how many of the far-right groups in UK, like EDL (English Defense League, a militant branch of the British National Party, … Continue reading

British-Muslims In Britain Today: The Truth

INTRODUCTIONS: BRITISH-MUSLIM’S BRITISH-NESS This page discusses the British-ness of Muslims in UK. The Case Study or example is entirely taken from our personal positions, those of friends, acquittance and from other attended forums or visited on-line forums and blogs. We, British Muslims and ourselves here at Jerusalem Group/HMCO, are allĀ proud British. We Love Our Country, … Continue reading