Training I: Organization




Before getting started one is highly recommended to read, or to have read, all of our above pages: on our ideology, our rules (also updated Mon Apr 15th 2013), our manifesto (and the document), our politics, and thus be absolutely committed to upholding our movement position and ideals.




In the history of socio-political movements there tend to be two approaches towards setting up any organization in the first place, i.e during early recruiting efforts and long before mobilizing; [a] the highly selective elites (this will be limited to us at the ”HQ”) and [b] the mass organizational approaches.

With our new movement we have decided to make use of both approaches by creatively and innovative-ly mould these two to modern business organizational structures, supported by modern information technologies, hence, virtual training centre. In other words, ours will be based on ”Franchise” model, known professionally as work-groups models.

Explaining The Work-Group Model: The ”leaderless” Franchises

If one, that any Muslim individual, thus has accepted in the first place our movement ideals and goal (to create a political, non-religious, alternative towards the end-goal of Islamic Unity), and thus to working, patiently and within strict discipline and conduct as related to our rules of conduct (see Our Rules Page) and within our movement long-term strategic framework based on the primary goal of founding and establishing (for future generations) an alternative organization/movement and ideology towards Islamic unity,  then one, such an individual, can proceed from here into setting up, independently, a small starting work groups around oneself (with zero-costs: financial, time-wise or energy— all can be carried out as a normal day-to-day part of social interactive activities with friends and like-minded people).

Work Groups are to be divided within three main groupings;

[1] The Professionals:

These will primarily be made up of the Muslims working/professional sector; of doctors, police officers, bankers, entrepreneurs, skilled and non-skilled labours, teachers, and all other working professionals; as already stated previously, the participation and involvement into the movement will not demand much of your time outside your usual daily social interactive activities; sort of after work and week-end thing!

These groups organize themselves within the special Muslim ‘fraternities’ like Muslim Bankers, Muslim Officers, Muslim Civil Servants, Muslim Young Doctors, Muslim Teachers etc. From here these individuals start organizing in accordance to our movement’s ideals and desired structures, as the First Person [the leader] will first recruit three close and intelligent friends; he or she will spend some time, progressively, informing them of the movement agendas, goals and beliefs, and directing them to this site for further readings and training.

This group will essentially provide the first group of leaders for the young movement.

Note: Though the primary goal of the movement is to seek a political Islamic Union defined and set within a long-term strategic framework (that generational, namely, over 30 years old framework, by setting the roots first) rather than ”naively” changing the world today, the latter, ”changing the world today”, can be achieved only when certain conditions create an opportune moment for us, as a movement, to take it’s advantage afforded; hence we need to start organizing and anticipating any ”black swan” moment, and NO, the so-called ”Arab Spring” is not our opportune moment, it is a moment for the idiots (used by same external masters to hijack the real revolutionaries moment)!

Anyway back to our organizational discussions.

This First Leader will have the right bested upon him to call his or her group by any desired name; for example if the First Leader name is Amir or Amira then one can call his or her group, respectively, as Work Group Amira or Amir (and always including in brackets the sector it is founded within, for example, Leicester University [Islamic Societies] Student Unit or Leicester Young Doctor Unit, in respective to whatever professional sector it belongs to, and the locality).

Note: Inside the west we do not seek ”regime change” or ”undermining of existing regimes and governing institutions or ideals”, but rather we will mobilize inside only to defend and fight for our fellow Muslim Civil and Human Rights, with our fellow non-Muslim Human and Civil Liberties Groups.

The First Leader after recruiting his or her three lieutenants (middle managers), he or she will have to also independently, from initial leadership recruitment, recruit others (from general public or within respective sectors) to fill the rank and file (these desirably must be between 10-20 per one individual recruitment and human resources management).

Now Work Group ‘Amira/Amir’ is up and ready.

Note: Make Sure, directed to Group Leaders, to note down every important dates of founding, of membership for each member and others. This is important in order for us, the ”HQ”, to be able to know these correct details when taking over the records and issuing Membership Cards.

The First Leader then tell his first three lieutenants to each replicate his own recruiting model, thus the three young new leaders under the leadership of First Leader (Amir or Amira) will set out to recruit and manage their own independent teams/work groups (franchises), with three more leadership-potential individuals and 10-20 for rank-and-file support. This is how any political/social organization begins; and thus from one individual a birth of a mass organization takes roots; 1 to 40 or so in time, per group (once the group reach maximum desired membership number, 30, the principal first leader will have free authority to create a new parallel group and handling this new group’s leadership to one of his/her first original young middle managers/leaders, though still answering to him/her).

Each leader of a Work Group must maintain a detailed database of his or her recruits, i.e. group members; their full names, family histories and names, nationalities, affiliations, professional backgrounds, beliefs, reasons to joining and so forth. The easier way to manage this database is to do the old ”researcher/librarian” methodology of having a small ”Note/Librarian Card” with the member’s name, passport picture and smaller essential details with a small file/binder for detailed information, from CV, birth certificate copies, educational diplomas etc.

Important: One essential detail to be included on this little ”Librarian Cards” beside the relevant file reference number is the special classifications assigned to respective individuals in accordance to their special skills, capabilities, networks, familial relations etc: for example if one member of Work Group Amira has had extensive travel experiences then this is made note of on one corner of the card in clear and bold letters [extensive travels: just note down EXT.TRA] and in reference to whereabouts [for example Middle East: add EXT.TRA/ME]. If another has good relations within Middle Eastern Governments, in other words, he or she is a part of the existing establishment then this is made a note of [ME. GOV. LKS: Middle East Gov Links]; or another can speak more than one language this is made note of as well.

All the special details are kept on a separate detailed pages/folder (within the members respective file/binder), and marked as in a similar way to the marks founded on the card (i.e. EXT.TRA for Travels etc).

The next group is made up of;

[2] The Non-Professionals:

These groups will be essentially be made-up of the unemployed individuals (special members, the disable, the elders) and the housewives.

This group will be a backbone of our new movement bureaucracy.

These will replicate above approach within their own milieu (social environments). For example, housewives will come together and organize ‘Book Clubs’, ‘Knitting Club’, and so forth. All the time spreading the new ideals and words for an alternative new approach towards Muslims Unity, away from religious bigotry etc.

[3] The Students and Youths:

These group consist, as defined, mainly by students and youths.

Similar models of organization can be replicated here. For example, in relations to local universities it is easier to start at the respective Islamic Societies, from there, there can exist many separate Work Groups either founded on separate Female/Sisters and Male/Brothers or on mixed gender approach; preferences are to be independently reached.

These can organize themselves as Soccer Clubs, Scouts Clubs, etc.

This group will contain mostly future leaders of the movement as well as most important personalities.

In short:

Above is the essential template for organizing and recruiting.

We, the core leadership cadre, will in time, when the timing is right, approach and get these many separate work groups into a more united front and set out the next stage/phase of advanced training. But for now, all one can do is following these steps and continuing to read every post here and every page (and keep coming back weekly for updated posts and pages).

We will in time add reading materials and essential documents.



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