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[UPDATED] Life of [Mu] Jihad [in]: An Excellent True Depiction For Wannabe Rambos – A Video Courtesy of TTP (Source: Jihadology)

Note: The video link attached here does not contain any violent or gruesome images. It depicts life of Muajhidins in training (camp) only.   OK. First and foremost JG does not [re]produce or [re]publish videos from fighting Muslims brothers and sisters or any other [non-Muslim] fighting groups but this – the first one to be … Continue reading

Drones Attack: Apologize Only When Christian (i.e. Non-Muslims) Civilians Are Murdered (The Case of Weinstein & Gavino) (Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept)

This article by Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept is an excellent reading (reprinted below in full). From same source, also have a look at this article and this. The Key War on Terror Propaganda Tool: Only Western Victims Are Acknowledged By Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald Yesterday at 11:08 AM In all the years I’ve been writing … Continue reading

Asked & Answered (On ISIS): What Is Our (JG/Muslim Nationalists) Positions On Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Da’ish?

Original Question: What is Jerusalem Group (JG), as Muslim Secular (with religious cultural and identity-sharing respect) Nationalists position on the Islamic State (ISIS)? The answer: We at JG do not support their ‘brand of Islam’ and would, if necessary, fight against them everywhere they are found and where they try to import their criminal and … Continue reading

[UPDATED NOTE] Asked & Answered: Is Anjem Choudray an Informant for UK Security Services (MI5, MI6 etc)? Yes He Is, But …

Recently a question was put forward about the trustworthiness of Anjem Choudray, the UK-based Muslim ultra/neo-conservative formerly of the now banned Al-Muhajiroun and now with Sharia4UK movement. The answer to the question is a bit complex and will require a brief explanation to strengthen it’s logic. Original Asked Question: Is Anjem Choudray an Informant for … Continue reading

Maajid Nawaz Leaked Video at The Strip Club for a Lap Dance: Disavowed by His [Spy] Masters or The Muslim-Accepted Version of What a ‘Whitemen Corruption’ Looks-Like?

Well today top breaking story is of course that which sorrounds the loud-mouth self-proclaimed and self-publicized ”Muslim or Islamists expert and community leader” traitor-collaborator Mr Maajid Nawaz and his little visit to a London strip club for a [lunchtime] lap dance and boozing; click here for Daily Mail story and here to go to youtube … Continue reading

Our Proven Analytical Assessments & Predictions: Shakil Ahmed (Labour Councillor, Rochdale) Son & Syria, New Waves of Hijra-Seekers, The Independent article on the Treatment of Muslims In Contemporary Britain

First and foremost – and all discussion today to be mainly in brief – our review that whatever happens or whatever the government might think it ”is succeeding” in winning over the Muslims (the great illusion), Muslims will remain ever true (and grow more so) with fellow Muslims (hoo-hah). If non-Muslims – or even the … Continue reading

Humza Arshad: Another DUD weapon for Hearts and Minds of Young (British) Muslims In ”Counter-Extremism or radicalization War”

Another Moron, Another waste of taxpayer doe: logic or explanation for such a claim provided below in brief. We first picked up Mr. Humza Arshad attempts to get paid – by milking the ‘seemingly pitless counterterror/extremism funds cow’ provided by UK authorities (at local to national) and in doing so to also help himself break … Continue reading