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[UPDATED] Q & A: The Truth About A Life of a Revolutionary/Resistance etc (Incl. Sergey Nechayev, ‘The Revolutionary Catcheism’)

Romantics, or those who should be more honestly defined as ‘Fools of Heroic Dreams’, tend to believe that a life of a revolutionary/resistance individual is filled with heroism and adventure, do come close please and let me whisper the heartbreaking truth into your deaf naive ears– pssst, a life of a revolutionary/resistance is the most … Continue reading

Sarah Harrison on The Guardian: [Good Article] Britain’s New Fascism or How Britain Treats Journalists In The Name of ”National Security”!!!

First few of this week’s good reads/articles’ links: Teenage soldier who posted Facebook hate message after murder Pakistani three-year-old, spared jail because he was raised a racist AMAZZZING…. Like a fortress: CA development promises security and surveillance AN EXPERIMENT IN THE NEW ”SURVEILLANCE COMMUNITIES/NEIGHBOURHOODS”…. Aren’t you a little young to be behind the wheel? Adorable … Continue reading

The Beautiful Blowback: The Positive Effect of Western Governments’ Anti-Muslim ”Laws” (Veil Ban, ”Anti-Terror” etc) and The Homeland Intra-Muslims ”Sectarian” Wars

In the past we sought to criticize and at times advice against the western proliferation of anti-Muslim (or for the religious-minded, anti-Islamic) ”laws” from the likes ”anti-terror” to veil/nikab/burka bans but now we have come to learn [in wisdom] the positive effect of these, and we hope more of these ”laws” are introduced. Why? Because studying, critically, … Continue reading