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RT (Russia Today) Picks Up The Case of Mahdi Hashi & MI5 Dirty-Tactics: Good Reading Plus Additional Advices From Us To You

Before moving on, let us say we have just started a Twitter-Campaign hash-tagged #BringHashiBackHome (PLEASE SUPPORT, Muslim or not, Thank You: also follow up the hash with key addresses @foreignoffice @TheresaMay_ and @ukhomeoffice). You can follow us on twitter @highfieldsUK and on facebook at Highfields comm. Tomorrow it might be a campaign for you! Before … Continue reading

One of Us Soon To Be Published Book (On Geostrategic Behaviourism)

I hope you might find this work very informative and interesting, as well as enjoyable. The book is a revised version of one of us recent masters research thesis. It’s a 79pp on a pdf. It requires a general disposition towards the appreciation of geopolitical, security, strategic and defence knowledge, though it has attempted to … Continue reading

The Case of Mahdi Hashi (Daily Mail): A Somali-British Who Refused MI5 Approachments To Spy On His Own Local Muslim Community Is ‘Rendition’ To Djibouti For Torture, With Full-Acquiesence Of British Government!

Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5 and may now be in African prison Mahdi Hashi is thought to be in prison in the African state of Djibouti While he was visiting Somalia, Theresa May deprived him of all his rights as a British national He was accused … Continue reading


1. Americans Names Leicester as the Most Conservative Of course it is. and does not necessary means a bad thing, it means people have their own ways of living, in faith or not, and as stated because they have been literary locked outside the ”greater mainstream, at local and national, society” feeling completely isolated and … Continue reading

Important Information To Watch Out For: Leicestershire Police Commissioner Election; The Truth About Federation of Muslim Organisation and The Secret Policing of UK Universities’ Islamic Societies

Soon Leicestershire will elect it’s first Public-elected Police Commissioner. Though the event is important to all residents of the county, it’s very much significant for the ethnic minorities and in particular the Muslim communities, and as anything in the realm of public administration the native white British (not racial, but factual) are dominating the field; … Continue reading

New Updates After The ‘Bust-Up’: What Leicestershire Police Did Next, and As Promised Further Discussion on The General Nature of Intelligence

So what happened after we reported here (see the posts below) on how we ‘busted up’ recent Leicestershire Police efforts or rather campaign of intimidation and surveillance against ourselves.   First, we are happy to report that there has been a substantial drop in the ‘drive-bys’ and ‘park-bys’ to an almost complete stop; i.e the … Continue reading

Further Analytical Explanation On How We ‘Busted’ Leicestershire Police: Explaining the Taxis, Yellow Cars etc

On Friday we outlined some few observations on how the Leicestershire Police have started in earnest their new campaigns of intimidation and surveillance on us, HMCO: and explained how the tactic is not new and it is a general practise for all types of gestapos (and provided the case study of the Sussex police and … Continue reading

Leicestershire Police Start An Intimidation, and Surveillance, Campaign Against Us (HMCO): Not Surprising

The nature of police intimidation of socio-political (ourselves, socialists and communists, and others) or economic (UK Uncut, Occupy Movements etc), and environmentalists (as most recent undercover case blown-out) activists (individuals or groups) is nothing new, all has been a mere part of a usual security services approach to peace and order, or what in reality … Continue reading

The Final Part of The Three (For Now): How To Bring An End To The Dangerous Anti-Civil Liberties Laws and Undemocratic Practises (Never Be Afraid, or Cease, To Talk About It’s Evils & Strengthen Inter-Community Relations and Trusts)

This final part of the recent three posted articles/discussions on unconstitutional contemporary domestic security practises and laws that infringe with greater seriousness on the general civil liberties and rights of many section of the society, in particular (our focus being) the Muslim communities of Britain. In this section, we are going to enlightened you and … Continue reading

Recognising Community Surveillance Activities: How To Become A Spy-Cather!

I have been asked by few, to illustrate or outline how one is to recognize the general patterns of community surveillance or espionage activities. As such this a little bit longer brief attempts to outline the general principles of understanding these activities. First and foremost, to be able to train yourself to successfully recognize these … Continue reading