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After Woolwich (and the important lesson): The Guardian Publishes Statistics (MAMA Source) on Growing Number of Attacks On British Muslims

This is the second post of the day, and the source is the Guardian; for the first post of the day, also on Woolwich events, either click here or go straight to the next post after this. Important Point From Both Posts of The Day: The More (a) new draconian measures are introduced by the … Continue reading

[UPDATED] Woolwich: How On 24th April 2013 Saeed’s Article Predicted The Event With Accuracy!

On the 24th April, almost a month before the Woolwich attack, I (Saeed) wrote an article following my Boston Bombing post which predicted (with accuracy as time showed) of similar event (esp. in size) to soon taking place in the UK; please click here to get to the article and it’s full details (on my … Continue reading

Spinning Out Of Trouble (British-Style): The Pork Meat Drama, Now The Argument Is…..

Today on Leicester Mercury one can find the new updates on the recent big local story in Leicester, a story with special relevance to local Muslim Communities, as it reported the findings of pork meat in schools, with large Muslims, contained in lamb burgers. Anyway, the new update apparently goes like this; Dear Muslim Idiots, … Continue reading

Who Is The Culprit and Victim: On The Myths & Realities of Modern Western/British ”Enemies” (The Muslim ”Terrorists”) [ADDED Sat 18th May 2013: YOUR WEEKEND READINGS]

INTRODUCTIONS: DECIPHERING REALITIES FROM MYTHS The general law, or logic, is that if one is to understand, and thus be in a position to effectively separate the realities from the myths based on all forms of alleged threats from certain parties or individuals, the law/logic dictates one must first understand the actors or groups motives, … Continue reading

On ‘Segregated’ Debate: Now They Equate Traditional And The [Universally] Legally Recognized Islamic Religious Practices As ”Strong Probable Causes of ”Radicalization” (and ”Terrorism”)!

Are You Living In Leicester? Before moving on lets direct those living in Leicester and with young Muslim schoolchildren or relatives to check, if they missed it, the big local story reprinted here (with the full list of affected schools) about the feeding of pork to young Muslim schoolchildren across Leicester Schools (see the second … Continue reading

Great Articles For Your Weekend Intellectual Readings: Revealed- The Other Face of The British Politics & Society

[1] On The Muslim Question, the usual bigotry and dangers of engaging on the debate, esp. by self-described Non-Muslim Commentators of Islam. Source: The Guardian On the Muslim Question by Anne Norton – review | Books | The Guardian   [2] The Traditions of British Victorian Racial Attitudes (click on the link to our old … Continue reading

Pork-Meat Supplied As Halal Meal To Leicester Muslim School Kids: Here is The Full List of The Affected Schools

The Story: Recently an Investigation by Leicester City Council found a supplier, Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods, has been supplying pork-meats as Halal to local Leicester Muslims via school meals. Anyway we will not be printing or directing you to the original story sources, only a brief outline (of a list from) Leicester Mercury and not … Continue reading

Chow-Time At Guantanamo: In Pictures (Just the Instruments Used In The Force-Feeding)

Guantanamo Joint Medical Group Hunger Strike Response Photos May 3, 2013 in Headline The following photos were released May 2, 2013 by the 138th Public Affairs Detachment.  The photos depict Joint Task Force Guantanamo’s Behavioral Health Unit and Joint Medical Group facilities where detainees are force-fed due to an ongoing hunger strike among more than … Continue reading

On Syria: An Excellent Piece From RT (Russia Today) Op-Ed Section

The European Union and the McJihad in Syria Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is sociologist, award-winning author, and noted geopolitical analyst. Published time: May 04, 2013 04:35 Interesting developments have been taking place in the European Union. Red flags are going up across the EU, with officials in the European Union and various EU member states expressing … Continue reading

The Petition Is NOW ACTIVE to Stop The Unconstitutional Practice of Stripping British Citizenship

The Petition Is NOW ACTIVE to Stop The Unconstitutional Practice of Stripping British Citizenship Dear Friends, Please find the link here to a NOW ACTIVE PETITION at Change.Org (we provided this yesterday, see the next post below, but alas failed to activate it; our sincere apologizes). Please Show Your Support in stopping this very dangerous … Continue reading