O- About Us (Incl. Ideology)

We are Young Muslim Nationalists with a secular-based Islamic Union Agenda [Neo-Islamists; Republicans By Virtue].

We believe first comes Muslim-ness [nationalistic not religious in reference] before British-ness, American-ness, Iraqi-ness etc in terms of allegiance. However we believe we are a part of a Greater [British, American etc] Society we reside in, reflecting a peaceful and friendly nature, and we must reciprocate with same values.

We do not believe in violence (but we will not and never ever ‘criminalize’ those, Muslims and non-Muslims, who fight back as a form of internationally-recognized right to self-defence).

We believe we can change in time our position vis-a-vis Greater  Society mainly and principally via non-violent based approaches via socio-political advocacy, lobbying and general participation; at the present we, the Muslims of the West and World, are the most marginalized communities in the general and micro politics and socio-economics.

Please have a look at our manifesto page for more details.

About Leadership:

My name is Saeed. I reside in the Highfields Areas of Leicester (predominantly Muslim Neighbourhoods), and I am the projects and Group’s Senior Project Officer.

Our Contacts:


Twitter: @highfieldsUK

Facebook: Highfields comm

Finally having trampled through many experiences and experiments, having sifted, mixed and observed end-results, we, at Jerusalem Group, have finally reached, and thus founded, a given name for our new proposed socio-political (economic, cultural) ideology; Neo-Islamism.
What is Neo-Islamism?
By Neo-Islamism we mean a purely political movement and ideology based not on traditional Islam (as founded on religious tenets and inspired by cosmic, godly and prophetic thoughts), but a movement founded and rested on the ideals and practices of Humanism and Democracy thrust within the foundations of Islamic Culture (KulturIslam).
What does this ”mix” means [Demo-Humanistic-Islamism]?
It means we define a Muslim, as already stated and ever-repeated, as a citizen and not a religious follower of Islam (namely, all the Islamic states from east to west, north to south).
  1. A Muslim can be not a practising Muslim-Believer (a follower of Islam as a religion: see other pages for more elaboration or the document below).
  2. A Muslim can be a believer and follower of other religious faiths and beliefs, from Judaism to Christianity, to Buddhism, Idolatry, to Atheists (non-believers), Agnostics, devil-worshippers and so forth.

In short, we define (that our new proposed ideology) all as Muslims, as long as an individual can trace one’s ancestral genealogy within Islamic Blood-Line (born inside Islamic States).

Hence the centrality of our new proposed ideology’s democratic and humanistic ideals. As for third factor, namely, traditional Islamic Culture, the ideology refers to those teachings and ideals already founded within traditional Islam that are still sound for retention; for example,
  • due to necessity to maintain the cultural distinction of our Islamic women, Islamic dressing (modesty of head-scarf etc), but not the de-genderfication, that is separation of women to men, or inequalities between these two sexes, is highly prized and encouraged to be preserved as symbol of Islamic Roots. This will be done within the promotion of equality, independence and full rights to both, without undermining these important tenets of our new character.
  • the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco,or  drugs and fornication, all in public will be preserved and pressed upon; due to health reasons and moral reasons. Behind private doors, people can do anything to their body and to those of other consented adult parties without fearing any persecution or harm.
  • We will not ban education, the arts, cultural participation, sciences, philosophies and general learning, or even music and other forms of entertainment. All Muslims can freely participate, learn and contribute to these fields openly without fear of prosecution or any harm.
  • There will be no physical violence as a result of ”religious differences”.
  • There will be no Sharia Law (but sound principles found within these models might just be incorporated, as long as these do not tend to limit individual freedoms of expression, thoughts and lifestyle).
  • The symbolic centre of our new movement/ideology is not Mecca or Medina, it is Jerusalem (Al-Quds to most).

From such a brief list one can observe the revolutionary character of our new ideological movement, Neo-Islamism. Where all races of colours, beliefs, faiths, practices, gender, sexualities, relations, associations and so forth are Muslims Citizens and not Muslim Believers.

However, like our traditionalists kinship, we too share a similar end-goal, the unification of old Islamic World (from one end of earth to another), without being mastered by external parties (anti-imperialists and colonialism). 

For our Proposed New Purely-Political Islamic Union Manifesto, Founded on Principles of Neo-Islamism, continue reading below.

Islam-e-stan: Our Detailed Vision of An Islamic Union [Document 24 pp]

Below is our key document envisioning a United Islamic People and Nations. In the document we refer to this proposed or envisioned union as ”Islam-e-stan”, but the desired name is The Union of Islamic Commonwealths, or Union of Islamic Ummah, or finally the Union of Islamic Republics (a task for later delegated conferences).




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