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Interesting Headlines From The Worldwide Media Sources This Week

            [1] On Muslims US high school allows Muslims time for prayer if they earn good gradesA high school near Washington DC has taken a rare step of accommodating Muslim prayer during class hours. Parkdale High School now allows a handful of its students to be excused to pray. The decision has made some Christian … Continue reading

Our Role In The Making of A New Political Party: International Justice & Peace Party

Below is the copy-and-pasted of the two key emails with all recipients addresses for your benefit, as outlined in some details are the key constitutional principles of the party, mission statement and visions. Hope you support us in time. Thanks.   The Emails reprinted in Full: Dear Friends, Yesterday I emailed you all concerning the … Continue reading

Guardian’s List of Drone Users In UK (half-truth and half-baked, though still informative)

The Guardian and Daily Mail  (and this) this week both ”revealed” a list of over 130 UK users of drones. However the list is partial of course and most importantly fails to explain the connections or ”inter-use”, as for example a West Midlands ”Fire Services” or Merseyside Police and drones, what are the obvious connections???? … Continue reading

Leicestershire Police Statement On Thurnby Lodge’s Pig’s Head Incident (Leicester Mercury) & A Detailed Torture Account of Mahdi Hashi In Djibouti (RT)

Below reproduced in full is an article from the Leicester Mercury on the Local Leicestershire Police statement on the recent Thurnby Lodge’s Pig’s Head Incident inside the Local Muslim Community’s praying areas, and the second article comes from Russia Today presenting a more detailed report on Mahdi Hashi’s rendition and torture. Following the articles’ reprints … Continue reading

This Week Headline Selections of Interests: Islamic Social Enterprise etc

The collection below comes from this week headlines (of interest). Enjoy. Islamic finance and ethical capitalism UN concern over police spies scandal UK’s first Muslim executive mayor United Arab Emirates, fearful that the Arab uprisings might spread to the Gulf, paid Erik Prince Google Tells Cops to Get Warrants for User E-Mail, Cloud Data Mali: … Continue reading

A Very Bad Week For HM Police Forces & Other Headlines

This week appears to have been one of the dullest weeks for Her Majesty’s Police Forces in the UK. First sign came when a notable pro-force newspaper, The Times published an article on ”A New generation of top police on course to be ‘stubbornly white’”, noting sadly that, ”next generation of police leaders is facing … Continue reading

Important Additional Information for Muslims & Counter-Terrorism (and those in Leicester on FMO) and A Great Reading Collection from Public Intelligence

First, the Collection below comes from the Public Intelligence, an independent open-source intelligence resources site, where users can upload ”secret documents” (not for public eyes), as well as for public eyes materials; on par with wikileaks.We want to take this opportunity to thank them-Cheers! We have collected the below for some interesting self-enlightenment reading links/articles, … Continue reading

The Daily Mail’s First Exclusive Interview With Mahdi Hashi in The New York Jail: The Torture in Djibouti Ordeal In the Hands of CIA (with British Government ”Acquiescence”)

Reprinted below is a full article from The Daily Mail on Sunday on Mahdi Hashi Illegal Rendition Ordeal with the Acquiescence of the British Government (see also this article here on the new torture cases against the British Forces in Iraq between 2003-2006). He account his torture in the hands of CIA-Djiboutian Secret Police in … Continue reading

St.Phillips Centre: Your ”Friendly” Inter-Faith Society or A Church/Diocese With A Secret? (Doubling as a Counter-Terrorism & ”Re-Education” Centre)

We have known about St.Phillips Centre for a while, but a recent email exchange with the local police was able to remind us of the centre and it’s important role vis-a-vis local Muslim communities in Leicester, as a ”counter-terrorism and re-education” centre (to ”counter-radicalization” and ”prevent” terrorism); a role similar to FMO (see this blog … Continue reading

Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian): In 4-Years, The West Have Bombed & Invaded 8 Muslim Nations (Is This not a ‘War on Islam’?, he asks)

Assalam Aleikum, It has been a while. Please have a look at an excellent article below written by Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian UK Newspaper, on how in just 4-year period the west, namely, US, France and UK (acting as a ”coalition of terror”, via NATO or new EU security framework, ”authorized” by western-dominated UNSC), … Continue reading