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Who really are the ”Jihadists/Islamists”?: The education of a western public

The discussion here is simple.

The so-called ”Jihadists or Islamists” are really what in the western countries are called the conservatives (and of course within this branch there are the neo-conservatives), or some call them the Orthodox. So why not calling them this way. Simple, this is a western racism (xenophobia and collective white supremacy) in international relations as well belligerency (colonial- and imperial-minded strategic cultures) in labelling them as extremists or ”jihadists” or ”Islamists” thus embed in these outfits a rather adversarial connotation or existential make-up. Hence this validate, justifies and authorise their claims of being at war and that only use of force and invasions or violence ”over there” is a valid and only approach.

So in short, we, Muslims, we have our own conservatives and neo-conservatives elements within as UK and the Brexiteers of the Tory parties within (or so-called ”1922 Committee”, the Moggs, Buffoon Boris etc) or the US equivalent of Trumpians and Bush-ians or Rumsfeld and Iraq War II era and the European Far-Right populists etc.

All conservatives in all societies have strong hatred of others/outsiders, and always believe in ”the integrity of the founding fathers (where are the founding mothers?) constitution” or to our Muslims’ own idiots, Sharia law of the Prophet’s deeds (Hadith) and Quran.

So as a centrist-liberal Muslim – whom will definitely face a beheading in front of my own conservatives – I hope I have educated the western public on this issue that continues to exacerbate the hatred from all sides. An issue which could have been dealt peacefully through non-intervention of imperial-minded, and xenophobia-driven western nations own conservatives (and some guilty parties among the liberals) ideologies, cultures and greed. I hope intervention stops so we, Muslim, can be left to settle the matter between ourselves, namely that of the conservatives and us, the liberals (or called ”modernists” or ”moderates”; we are not really that moderate!).

Thanks for reading.

This article (below) also relates to the education of the western public:




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