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In Response to [another] Monkey Sara Khan of ‘Inspire’ Daily Mail’s (where else) Article & Clarification

First to, yet another monkey among Muslims who turned against their own and this time, Ms or Mrs or whatever Sara Khan of ‘inspire’ (an organization claiming to supporting countering extremism; which means, in reading between the lines, ‘I am getting paid, bitches’, haha) we say read what we said yesterday and below for more clarification of the point of your treacherous behavior.

Like other monkeys, Ed Husain and Majid Nawaz (both hidden away by their masters out of public ‘life and spotlight’) and others, Mx. Khan writes on Daily Mail (where else right?) that it is ”the duty” of Muslims to fight ”terrorism”; mmm, fuck off [please and thank you]. And see below for open letter to another monkey, Mr Qari Asim ‘MBE’ (who had to bend and knee down to get it; and he calls himself an ”imam” then he bends and knee down to not God but murderous house of the Windsor or something), to understand what we mean.

Now for clarification: Why you should never turn your back to fellow Muslims even when you are in disagreement

Yes our fighting resistance, of young men and women, are certainly not perfect and yes they scare the shit out of all of us for simple reason: they are fanatics of their faith. Their interpretation and vision of how Muslims should be governed or the laws they should live under is absolutely unacceptable but [and this is a big big but] they are our people, our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and so forth. They are our fellow Muslims and one never turn one’s back against his or her own family even in disagreement and especially when one’s family comes under constant attack from violent outsiders who liberally come and assault violently, abuse, steal and humiliate in all ways unimaginable.

In simpler words, dear monkeys and related, most (that is majority) of Muslim worldwide are never in agreement with out fighting resistance forces (branded ‘terrorists’, ‘extremists’ and the likes) and we believe they are an absolute nightmare for our people wellbeing, prosperity and freedoms but the critical point is: we all never chose ‘our families’ (where we are born into) instead we must persevere and stand with them no matter what or try to reason and change their ways rather than happily and spinelessly and on your knees running to the violating violently outsiders and take their side against your own fucking family!

One thing our Muslim populace must know is this, people like ourselves (UMF/GIAP/JG) will always stand by them even against our own current resistance; if they refuse to see reason. But we must never condemn or side with those who make war, aggression and violence against our own Muslim people and lands even when we now reside among their own countries. This is a disgrace. Instead, if you believe you are a monkey by nature, just stay the fuck quiet and let nature [or human foils] plays out; but if one wants to chose side openly then there is no contest or need to think, if Muslim it is always with Muslims even if currently made up of most idiotic and nightmarish groups among ourselves; and all we can do is wait until they win and when they enact their harsher visions of how Muslims should live or be governed then we can organize – on our own and not seek outsiders support like many puppets in existence who we will always hate, despise and seek their overthrow – and lead a new internal civil war against our own religious dictatorship of whatever name, be it ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, or whatever model of extreme Caliphate.

We, at that time as today when ready to lead under a unity banner, we will seek to uphold freedoms and rights of all Muslims (and non-Muslims living within) whatever their colors, races, ethnicities, tribal affiliations, politics, beliefs or non, sexualities (incl. LGBTQ+), gender (incl. Trans and others), religions, schools of thoughts/madhahab (Sunni, Shia, Sufi etc) and the likes. We are modern Muslims and we look to fit in with modern age and society and not force ancient laws (Puritanical Sharia) in modern age, while preserving and adapting to our traditional Islamic values, norms and ways of life, including cultural preferences; and not as many try to do corrupt our Islamic ways, traditions, beliefs and cultural values. For our movement position [and if seeking to join] read these two pages;



and the rest of our pages on top.

In summary, those monkeys like Mx. Sara Khan, Majid Nawaz, Ed Husain, Qari Asim and many others, they fail their own Muslims by empowering and legitimizing the ‘outsiders’ bad behavior of violence, aggressions and warmongering against our beloved people and lands; if you keep accepting violators to come and violate your family then they will never stop, especially if you keep apologizing and accepting ”their truth” and the likes. And so, these monkeys, deserve nothing short of what all traitors deserve by acceptable standards and recognized international laws towards them.

Yes our current resistance forces are nightmarish even to our own people’s future and wellbeing, but they are our resistance (see this old argument), fighting our wars and defiantly keeping alive our traditional Islamic ways of life, values and cultures; without these fighters/defenders Islam would have died out long time ago. And so instead of siding with ‘violent outsiders’ against our own people and lands, we must tolerate and be proud of our own nightmarish defenders and resistance [forces] and once they have liberated our people and lands from outsiders and their local monkeys/puppets and then they seek to oppress on claims of religious authority or legitimacy, then we can arm and lead our own internal resistance against our once brave defenders; natural ways of life. The point is simple for all Muslims: either shut the fuck up and be proud quietly, be proud openly and condemn the real criminals (outsiders) or accept you are a fucking spineless, shameless and worthless treacherous monkey!


Open Muslim letter to treacherous spineless fucking morons,

19th August 2017

First Mr. Qari Asim, a self-proclaimed – and state-funded mouthpiece as – #Imam in Leeds is an ‘MBE’ which means Member of ‘British Empire’, basically a medal of honour for fucking collaborators and traitors who weakly, spinelessly and shamelessly fall to their fucking knees and kiss the feet and rings of their paying-masters who openly persecute and aggress violently and freely against Muslims and non-Muslims [of colours] people and nations, yesterday [while in their colonised countries] and today [while inside their former colonial masters countries and now turning against fellow Muslims they have always sell-out].

And in terms of new progressive council, no one fucking care. By and by, you know this worthless piece of shit bowed and kneed down to a human being before being given his ‘MBE’; and he call himself an ”imam” – fucking trash; you only bow and knee down to your maker or whatever, fucker. Seriously an ‘MBE’ for Muslims and coloured people is like having an African-American/blacks accepting the ‘Jim Crow badge of honour’ or ‘confederate medal’, never gonna happen!

Finally, the only thing these fucking monkeys and piggies do is to support the de-Islamisation of Muslim’s faith, values and traditions; what used to be referred to as Morisco-ism in Spain, when after the Muslim Moors were defeated (actually they defeated themselves due to internal civil wars/fitna), the entire remaining Muslim populations were forced either to convert to Christianity or practise their religion behind their walls or basement, or forced deportation!

In sum, FUCK YOU Qari Asim of Leeds and your monkeys conspirators and fuck your national progressive council.

The link to the story: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/18/muslim-islam-qari-asim-uk-british-values

Sincerely, FUCK YOU LOT!

From Real Muslims of Britain

ADDED: and then there was another self-opportunist monkey or is it a horse-ass called Mr. Ed [Hussain] (get it Mr. Ed as in 1950s series of talking horse) who like another fucking moron, Majid nawaz (or something) wrote this on Telegraph; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/18/enough-blaming-west-terror-will-continue-muslims-reject-need/. Oh, well done next years ”Honour Gongs” you will get your own fucking MBE for helping to support and legitimise violence and oppression of Muslims’ lives and rights. Fucking Moron.

O, another monkey speaks. Sara Khan of Inspire (wrote about this group long time ago). Here is what the moron said (and useless): SARA KHAN says it is our duty as Muslims to defeat terror | Daily Mail Online



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