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After Ottawa Attack: Canadian Revolt Against Islamophobia (Video)

Whoever – probably the level-headed Canadian CSIS – thought of funding this ‘public diplomacy’ film against Islamophobia after the wake of Ottawa attack GOT IT RIGHT! The video is a 3-4mins clip which shows average Canadians in the streets coming to the defence of a ‘Muslim’ (who is a part of this ‘secret experiment’). Enjoy. … Continue reading

A Theory of International Politics & Security: Why The Westernisation of Non-Western States Make these Vulnerable (& Easy Prey) To Regime Change & General Western Interference

Is it possible to apply predictive analysis or general -studious -observational analysis in understanding which countries may fall foul – next – to western attempts of regime change and within what timeline? This article argues it is very much possible – though one must appreciate the complexities of predicting international behaviour as influenced essentially by … Continue reading

Fresh Out Of The Press: Evidence That UK Police Uses Legal Loopholes To Trample Upon Our Revered Civil Liberties (Source: The Times)

Police use loophole to hack phones and email Dominic Kennedy Investigations Editor Published at 12:01AM, October 20 2014 Police are hacking into hundreds of people’s voicemails, text messages and emails without their knowledge, The Times has discovered. Forces are using a loophole in surveillance laws that allows them to see stored messages without obtaining a … Continue reading

Foley, Sotloff, Haines, Hennings… Kassig: Western Spies?

Jerusalem Group is no place for any type of – open or covert – support towards any forms of violence or idiocracies or mere apologists viewpoints. That said we can proudly say it openly what our ‘free and independent’ western media seemed to have either chosen to ‘forgotten’ towards informing the public or found it … Continue reading

Wish I Were Here: Zach Braff’s New ‘Pro-Jewish’ Lobby & Apologist Film

Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I was Here is truly one big piece of an apologetic spoken word on behalf of ‘conspiracies’ (reality and truth) levied upon Jews hold on US and Hollywood (even the film made a note of this point, of course in Jewish fashion, that is sarcastically). Now this is where the … Continue reading