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Al-Qaeda 3.0: The Making of a United Muslim Front for Liberation and Unity

One has to chose sides even when one is confronted with family feud. And for me, I always chose the ‘right’ side but only when it is truly on the right or seek to change to be completely on the right. In short, the two documents attached here are my advice to Global Muslim (Our) … Continue reading

A Week In Review: Your Weekend Readings – 30th Nov 2013

  Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques across the country because it ‘clashes with state religion of Christianity’ Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg secretly briefed wealthy investors at his glamorous French neighbour’s dinner ‘Racist’ judges are MORE likely to jail black and Asian criminals for the same offences – and give them longer … Continue reading

A Week In Review: Your Weekend Readings – 23rd Nov 2013

  ‘Excessive’ surveillance knocks UK down table for ‘free and open web’ ‘Lack of a war’ blamed for Army recruitment failure: Outrage over comments made by chief of company responsible for employing new soldiers Police are cracking down on students – but what threat to law and order is an over-articulate history graduate? | Aditya … Continue reading

The Big Headlines Of The Week: Cambridgeshire Police & British Police State Model, On Hijab and so forth…

Police tried to spy on students, footage shows Muslim face veil ‘is a kind of bag’ and women shouldn’t wear it in court, says Ken Clarke ‘Public should decide if Islamic veil should be banned in court’, says Lord Chief Justice Yassin Kadi’s ordeal at the hands of the US security services is Kafka incarnate … Continue reading

A Week In Review: Your Weekend Readings

First, a ‘gentlemanly battle’ between a pro-establishment New York Times columnist (Keller) and one of the heroes of our generation (Greenwald), an exciting reading: Keller: Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? Then, world of madness (in Leicester!); People caught spitting in street face £80 fine Then the usual greed of the few corrupt; Profits … Continue reading