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Global Politics 101: If You Care to Understand The Dynamics of The World Affairs

First recommended reading is by the First President Kwame Nkrumah of an Independent Ghana, find it here: President Kwame Nkrumah Must Read Paper: Understand the Politics of Neo-Colonialism and Imperialism Secondly see these posts by Saeed: US Dollar Wars The Exploitation Of Women as Foreign Policy Tools Saeed’s Research Paper On Counter-Terrorism and Democracies What is … Continue reading

Our International Media Campaign Is Working Successfully: Telling The Truth About UK ”Democracy”!

Most recently we started targeting special international media channels in communicating the BS, or lies, of western governments and media, especially our own in the UK, and their claims of democracies. We have been writing and communicating with [1] Iran’s, now banned in UK (double standards, and a symbolism of the big democracy lie), PressTV, … Continue reading

House of Lords’ Defeat of The Secret Court Bill [Phase I] & Muslims In The News

Secret courts plan in chaos: Lords reject closed hearings by crushing majority Peers voted to remove ministers’ exclusive right to apply for secret hearings Critics say Government’s proposals will seriously threaten Britain’s reputation for open and fair justice By James Chapman and Jason Groves PUBLISHED: 23:07, 21 November 2012 | UPDATED: 07:38, 22 November 2012 … Continue reading

The Daily Mail’s New Article on Secret Courts [& A Few Good Selections of ‘Muslims In The Headlines’]

Clarke’s secret courts belong in a repressive regime and undemocratic society warn lawyers Justice and Security Bill would allow civil cases involving national security to be conducted behind closed doors Law Society warned it would badly damage Britain’s reputation for open and fair justice Leading lawyer says current proposals are ‘unfair, unnecessary and unbalanced’ By … Continue reading

Muslims In The News’ Headlines: Saturday’s [17.11.12] Reading Collection

We at HMCO thought we might start a new informative and educational tradition, one that will strive to bring you, Muslims and general blog readers of interests, a segment of a highly recommended readings from your local, national and international newspapers and general media as they appear which covers Muslim affairs, and might thus affect … Continue reading

Leicester Mercury: UK Chef, Clarrisa Wright, On Leicester’s Muslims (A ”Frightening” Experience of Encounter, she says!)

Today, Fri Nov 16th 2012, the local newspaper, Leicester Mercury, published a story on the writings of one of the best-known British chefs, Ms. Clarissa Dickinson Wright, headed ‘‘Fury at TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright’s comments about Muslims in Leicester”, which can be found on this link for online reading. In short what the Mercury … Continue reading

The Guardian (& The Daily Mail Full Articles) On The Progress of Justice & Security Bill: Voting On Monday 19.11.12 at The House of Lords

The article below is from The Guardian, (and the Daily Mail late-addition) printed in full and in it’s original appearance, dated Nov 15th 2012. It is a follow-up story on the progress of the, what many refer to as, Orwellian Bill (George Orwell, the alias name, who wrote the famous 1984 & Animal Farm, etc; … Continue reading

Justice & Security Bill (Secret Courts UK): Fully-Explained By The Guardian & How To Get Paid (Easy-Money) For Injustices

Before proceeding to the Guardian main article that which will be reprinted here with full permission, we would like to put a question that we know most of you have already had, a question with relevance and close associative-relation to the proliferation of secret courts in UK and the West, in general: How does the … Continue reading

Why HMCO finally decided to Write To The World About British-Muslims Silent-Persecution?

We, at HMCO, finally decided to pen-out a Letter and sent out yesterday to the rest of the outside world telling of the persecution of our people, the Muslims: the letter can now be located on the top, as a page and not as a post. After tolerating varieties of actions directed against ourselves by … Continue reading

How To Recognize Other Government-Funded Muslims-Targeting Organizations Like FMO

Here is a simple advisory outline on how to recognize other government-funded and commanded organizations that might be presented as working with or for you, but in reality these are working against you. As stated previously the practice is normal within the confined practical world of covert operations against what has been identified as a … Continue reading