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Breaking News: British Media (& Politico-Securocrat) Establishment Great Disappointment In The [None British Asian] Identity of the So-Called ‘Jihadi John’ (Muhammad Emwazi)

This is week has been a very busy, and a very big week, for the usual bash the Muslims and Islam ‘Old-New Boogeyman’ within Western Media, Political and Security (as well as societal) national discourse; for a MUST READ selection of these week news stories ranging from BBC ‘Survey’ (Muslims will no the real facts … Continue reading

A Very Big (& Busy) Week For Muslims & Islam In Western Media: The New BBC ‘Survey’ On British Muslim Attitudes (and Commentaries) and ‘Islam Is Evil’ Thesis of Graeme Woods (The Atlantic) & Roger Cohen (New York Times) – MUST REVIEW & READ

First of course is the BBC ‘survey’ – I personally do not consult BBC for any of general ‘mediocrity’ of western representation of what is news but here is the direct link on their website – plastered all over the ‘free and independent’ western media. First, from Daily Mail we have this: A quarter of … Continue reading

[UPDATED: Weds 18.02.15] In Response to The Daily Telegraph Article On the Question of the ‘Muslim Problem’ In Britain

This I forgot to state on the last post here, so here is the response to the Daily Telegraph (UK Newspaper) piece on the ”question of the Muslim problem” in contemporary Britain. As stated above, I forgot to make an important observational point in response to the idiot (Messr. James Kirkup) who wrote The Telegraph … Continue reading

UPDATED Few Selected [Good] Readings for The Weekend: The Telegraph Says ‘Muslims To Be Blamed For Being Marginalized In British Society’ (!?); UK Police Continues To Extend Their Unlimited Surveillance/Draconian Powers &tc

The police need to be reminded of their place in a free society Police from several UK forces sought details of magazine readers Remembering the Watts Rebellion, Operation Chaos and the Infectious Logic of National Security The U.S. Media and the 13-Year-Old Yemeni Boy Burned to Death Last Month by a U.S. Drone Worried about … Continue reading

Hard Facts Post-Jordanian Pilot Killing (Moaz al-Kasasbeh): Islamic State Might Be Deplorably Barbaric But Almost All Muslims In The World (Hard Fact) Cheer Their Many Actions – WHY (read)?

Why the most recent deplorable killing – namely, the burning alive – of the Jordanian captured pilot by the Islamic State is secretly and openly a cheered act among the billion of Muslims across the world; believers and non-believers alike. The answer is of course so simple though a very hard fact to be accepted … Continue reading

Photo of the Month (February): A Jew-Monkey Man-Handling A (8-10yo) Palestinian Kid (The Essence of Global Muslim Never-Dying Spirit of Fierce Resistance & Warlike Spartanism Is Found Here)