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Photo Of The Month: The Young Fighter & A Perfect Representation Of The Endless Long Protracted War


Excellent Article By George Monbiot On The Guardian: Journalists As ‘Mouthpiece of The Elites’ (nothing new, but good refresher reading)

Our ‘impartial’ broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite If you think the news is balanced, think again. Journalists who should challenge power are doing its dirty work George Monbiot The Guardian, Tuesday 20 January 2015 20.07 GMT When people say they have no politics, it means that their politics aligns with the status quo. … Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo: 1. The West Is (Always) Never The Source of Blame and 2. Do You Rememeber NATO’s Operation Gladio?

I vow not to get sucked in on the propaganda-isation, counter-propaganda-isation and conspiracy-ization of events surrounding Charlie Hebdo in Paris, but of course I cant wonder; [a] how it has never been a western blame, but always ”radical”, ”extremists” and ”terrorists” as the originated sources of blame; and how wonderful was the ”independent and free” … Continue reading

A New Must Read Article From The Intercept (by Glenn Greenwald): Another Fine Example of Western Totalitarianism (Police State) & The Ever-Sold (but out of date) Illusion of A Perfect Western ‘Democracy’!

For non-advanced totalitarian states/regimes, the existence of social media is, foolishly, treated as a threat to be barred/banned; completely stopped. For Advanced totalitarian regimes, found in the west, social media provide an opportunity to track, tag and identify potential voices of dissent and then lock them up (brand them criminal). Below is an article providing … Continue reading