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Charlie Hebdo: 1. The West Is (Always) Never The Source of Blame and 2. Do You Rememeber NATO’s Operation Gladio?

I vow not to get sucked in on the propaganda-isation, counter-propaganda-isation and conspiracy-ization of events surrounding Charlie Hebdo in Paris, but of course I cant wonder;

[a] how it has never been a western blame, but always ”radical”, ”extremists” and ”terrorists” as the originated sources of blame; and how wonderful was the ”independent and free” western media in short-time to create one of the most contemporary propaganda-ized issue; and we are, of course, still talking about it, but only from our ”good-guys” point of view against them, the bad-guys. Seumas Milne and others on the west to be blamed too for their never-ceasing involvement – and belligerent wars – inside the Muslim World/affairs.

[b] since the first day my mind kept wondering back to NATO’s Operation[s] Gladio where NATO special forces played the active role of terrorising Europe in the name of ”red/marxists terrorists”. As I said my mind kept going back to this similarity because of a single act that of the composed nature of the gunmen. I can assure you only in the most specially trained (and for long years) individuals can one expect to see such self-composure in the heat of battle not ”time spent in Yemen” (too short for such discipline)! Of course the act, or the intriguing moment, referred to was when one of the gunmen stopped and picked up whatever it was that had fallen off the car and put it back in calmness and then entered and drove off. Other moments are the way they never worried much about ”battle/operational security” as if they had perimeters secured by ‘others’, also the most newest of released video of gunmen firing at the police car; if it was any other average trained fighter these would have not have kept going on the same direction these would have, definitely, turned on the immediately available left street or reverse (seemingly no other obstacles were on their rears, hence we did not see them firing at the rear) and so forth: one can really pick plenty of anomalies.

Anyway I will leave you with these, above, two thoughts for now.


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