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The Reality of Surveillance of Muslims: An American Case Study (UK ‘to advanced in surveillance culture’, US ‘to cowboy-ish)

The article reprinted comes from the Guardian (rightful holder of all copyrights). Its a MUST-READ for every Muslim in the West. UK uses same practices but with almost zero scrutiny from any ”independent” media, parliament committees, civil societies etc. Check this out as an example and we can also provide actual footage or ‘walk-about around the targeted-communities to … Continue reading

RECRUITMENT Phase Two (Military Leadership; Officers & Junior Officers): Full Training to be Provided (No Pay Initially)

OK. After phase one recruitment of specialists, we are now recruiting for immediate active action combatants. Please note;   You must accept our political ideology and vision; creating an Islamic democracy, giving final say and power of governance and authority to our people directly. You must familiarize yourself with this political manifesto (click here). You … Continue reading