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2014 A Year for Change: New Year Message For Greater Global Islamic Resistance

Below are key set of advice for Greater Global Islamic Resistance for coming 2014. Lets make 2014 a Year for Responsible & Intelligent Change in our quest for Liberation, Freedom and Unity (Victory). Most of these points are dealt with in details on the page above, titled ‘Al-Qaeda 3.0 or United Muslim Front’ (Highly Recommended … Continue reading

UMF Communique: ISIL Is An Enemy of Global Islamic Resistance!

I believe Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), so-called ”Al-Qaeda” Iraqi-Syrian Branch, is nothing but a dangerous subversive enemy of the greater Global Islamic Resistance and should be treated no different from the enemies of Global Ummah. Other fighting resistance forces (partisans etc) should turn their backs (and guns) on these idiots, who are largely conducting … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0: Bravo to AQAP For Heeding To Level-Headed Advice!

My first ‘briefs’ or drafts of those ”Al-Qaeda 3.0” documents (see the page above), were first ”leaked” to affiliates close to AQAP (the resistance from my ancestral home-country); these were leaked when some forum administrators (linked closely to AQAP) picked my original drafts sent to a friend who apparently shared with them. These administrators emailed … Continue reading

This Week In Headlines: Your Sunday Short-Readings

Peer admits ‘clocking in’ for cash Police fiddle crime stats – watchdog ‘A culture of cronyism and broken leadership’: The withering verdict of MPs on BBC over payoffs debacle Who really holds the key to Britain’s ‘invisible handcuffs’? — RT Op-Edge The Stone: In Praise of Failure The over-policing of America AFP Photo / Tom … Continue reading

Interesting Headlines for Your Weekend Reading!

  Asians stopped 11 times more often Britain is up to its neck in US dirty wars and death squads UK police threaten Guardian editor with terrorism charges over Snowden leaks Guardian may face terror charges over stolen secrets: Met Deputy Commissioner confirms she is investigating whether newspaper broke the law Students: ‘police used excessive … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0 (United Muslim Front): Statement No. 3 (A Further Discussion On The Vietnamese Model, Full-Text)

UNITED MUSLIM FRONT FOR LIBERATION AND UNITY   STATEMENT NO. III: A FURTHER DISCUSSION ON THE ‘VIETNAMESE MODEL’   By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil     First let’s recap what we mean by ‘Vietnamese Model’?   A Vietnamese Model refers to my argument that the contemporary global Islamic resistance need to conduct themselves in accordance to … Continue reading


Thought might be a good idea to paste here full text of these recent three advisory papers;       AL-QA’IDA 3.0 (NOT REALLY, IT IS A) UNITED MUSLIM/ISLAMIC FRONT for Liberation & Unity UNITING ALL MUSLIMS UNDER ONE VANGUARD REVOLUTIONARY FRONT                   BY: ABU ISLAM AL-SÃHIL … Continue reading

Al-Qaeda 3.0: Statement No.2 On War and Politics (The Right Strategy)

Do not worry it is not ‘Al-Qaeda’, but when you title the post as such it captures the attention of many who should be reading these posts. The new advice is a communique/statement No.2 discussing the right thinking on contemporary character of war and future of our politics. Click Here for the Four-Page PDF Document. … Continue reading