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In Response to [another] Monkey Sara Khan of ‘Inspire’ Daily Mail’s (where else) Article & Clarification

First to, yet another monkey among Muslims who turned against their own and this time, Ms or Mrs or whatever Sara Khan of ‘inspire’ (an organization claiming to supporting countering extremism; which means, in reading between the lines, ‘I am getting paid, bitches’, haha) we say read what we said yesterday and below for more … Continue reading

Open Letter From Muslims In Britain to Treacherous Idiots led by Mr. #QariAsim (‘MBE’, ha) & Co.: FUCK YOUR NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE COUNCIL & FUCK YOU SHAMELESS SPINELESS LOT!!!!

Open Muslim letter to treacherous spineless fucking morons, 19th August 2017 First Mr. Qari Asim, a self-proclaimed – and state-funded mouthpiece as – #Imam in Leeds is an ‘MBE’ which means Member of ‘British Empire’, basically a medal of honour for fucking collaborators and traitors who weakly, spinelessly and shamelessly fall to their fucking knees … Continue reading

Our Statement on Birmingham Incident this week

The link to the story and video is this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4746786/Police-removed-duty-beating-suspects.html United Muslim: A statement on Birmingham event The lessons are simple and clear. One, police have massively infiltrated Muslim communities with undercover (and at times armed) secret police in the name of ‘’fighting terrorism’’. This defeats the efforts of the British government and it’s apologists from … Continue reading