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Our Statement on Birmingham Incident this week

The link to the story and video is this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4746786/Police-removed-duty-beating-suspects.html

United Muslim: A statement on Birmingham event

The lessons are simple and clear. One, police have massively infiltrated Muslim communities with undercover (and at times armed) secret police in the name of ‘’fighting terrorism’’. This defeats the efforts of the British government and it’s apologists from ‘’free and independent’’ mainstream media that there is no deliberate targeting of Muslims. Two, we have warned about these infiltrations and spying efforts from long time ago which have treated the entire British Muslim communities as suspects.

Now watch out for those new white ‘’homeless’’ individuals roaming around the communities, for people you have never seen before or known around. For white ‘’converts’’ with ‘’families’’ moving in the neighbourhood and many other. Few points to observe: one, they always have with them either [a] bags, rucksacks and the likes or [b] wearing multi-layered clothing even in summer [c] attempt very hard to ‘’fit in’’ and perhaps the most important of all, [d] as long as they are white that should be the very starting point of suspicions; collaborators and traitors/snitches are coloured folks. Also watch out for new street cleaners, gas meters and the likes; in short anyone who needs an easy cover to move in and out of communities and who is white is your first point of suspicions even at work.



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