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[updated with FBI story on Stasi Tactics against American-Muslims] UK GOV to Muslim Women: Help Us To Stop Muslim Men From Fighting (HAHAHAH; also Included Traitor Nagdi Views)!

Well by now we have all heard the breaking news of the day that is, after getting frustrated with all sort of illegal activities in ”penetrating” Muslim communities without any successes the UK Gov and it’s security stooges [or known professionally as securocrats] is calling (sorry but I just can not stop laughing my ass off right now) … Continue reading

The Truth about the Pharrell Dance: ‘Happy’ British Muslim Dancing to Pharrell, Honesty Policy and British Muslim for Secular Democracy

If you have not heard of British Muslim for Secular Democracy then go out and research, and investigate, it as it is yet another in the pipeline of many of so-called ”independent”, ”grassroot-y”, ”non-profit” organizations set by British State Police/Government to manipulate, control, dominate and de-Islamitize the British Muslim. The recent so-called ”Happy Muslim Dance” … Continue reading

A Modern Masterpiece: Banksy Takes on Surveillance State (at Home/near GCHQ)!

This article is a product of the Guardian newspaper (online). New Banksy? Mural near GCHQ depicts agents listening in on phone box The guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy is believed to be behind an artwork which has appeared on the side of a house in Cheltenham. The Gloucestershire Echo reported that the owner of the house, … Continue reading


Snooper’s charter scuppered Parents of young aides working in the Commons ‘would be horrified’: Sordid new claims bring calls to rein in the Westminster drinking culture Police fiddle crime figures ‘to hit targets’: Even rapes are not recorded, say MPs To Do: Celebrate Your Spouse Today The workplace – prison or sanctuary?  Gang may be … Continue reading