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The Interview That Shook The British Establishment: Russell Brand (UK’s Grillo) On BBC Newsnight and A Call To A Very Modern British Revolution

This is the highly recommended link to view the complete 10mins interview between Jeremy Paxman (BBC Newsnight/The Establishment Representative) and Russell Brand (British answer to Italian Beppe Grillo): WATCH: Russell Brand brings the message of revolution to Newsnight others (also see post below added Sat 26th Oct); A History of Secretsby Jill Lepore ‘Self-censored UK … Continue reading

Seamus Milne Greatest Work To Date: On Spies, NSA and Illusions of ‘Western Democracy’ (Highly Recommended)

It’s the spies, not the leaks, that threaten our security The NSA-GCHQ machine is about global power, not protecting its citizens. US and British intelligence still fuel the terror threat Seumas Milne The Guardian, Wednesday 23 October 2013 19.06 BST GCHQ: much of what it does ‘has nothing to do with terrorism or security at … Continue reading

Recommended: Articles on British Muslim Converts (The Guardian) and Neo-Imperialism In Africa (Robert Fisk)

Article One: Converts’ Tales Converting to Islam: British women on prayer, peace and prejudice Around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year – and most of them are women. Six of them talk about prejudice, peace and praying in car parks Veronique Mistiaen The Guardian, Friday 11 October 2013 18.15 BST Ioni Sullivan: ‘In … Continue reading

Week’s Headlines In Review: Your Weekend Readings

Police face secret files legal challenge Police: Duggan gun ‘disappeared’ Teenager admits she punched Sikh pensioner, 80, to the ground and spat in his face in brutal attack Former prostitute pictured with George Osborne is raided by police on eve of ‘tell-all’ book about her dominatrix past FCO hoards 1m historic files in secret archive … Continue reading

Week In News: Your Weekend Readings!

  Mosque graffiti left worshippers in fear of attack ‘Instead of tea I got a mouth of bacon!’: TGI Friday’s staff ‘tricked devout Muslim woman into tasting PORK after cramming bits of it in her’ drink straw’ ‘Schedule 7 powers too intrusive’ The Hunger Strikes Guantánamo: harsh tactics revealed Guantánamo Bay: the Hunger Strikes CCTV … Continue reading

British-Muslims Under Attack: Forced-Assimilations and De-Islamitization Continues!

Well the onslaught on Western Muslims traditional (religious-cultural) beliefs and practices continues inside the western ”democracies” (correctly also known as ”Liberal Fascism”). This week we have seen and heard of; [1] Top British Politicians, including the PM whose role in these sort of sensitive national political discourses bordering on outright religious affairs has always been … Continue reading