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British-Muslims Under Attack: Forced-Assimilations and De-Islamitization Continues!

Well the onslaught on Western Muslims traditional (religious-cultural) beliefs and practices continues inside the western ”democracies” (correctly also known as ”Liberal Fascism”).

This week we have seen and heard of;

[1] Top British Politicians, including the PM whose role in these sort of sensitive national political discourses bordering on outright religious affairs has always been expected, traditionally, to be neutral, stating their open support for a ban on Muslim Veil/Niqab and Hijabs;

Article 1, The Telegraph: Cameron supports Muslim veil ban in schools and courts

Article 2, Daily Mail: Ban the burka in our classrooms, says Boris: London Mayor tells radio phone-in that schools should have right to make pupils show faces to teachers

Article 3, Financial Times (the ”Good Muslims” beating the drums of their paying-masters): The Diary: Mishal Husain on Malala Yousafzai, the niqab debate and cycling in London – FT.com

Then we had the forced closure of a Muslim school for ‘enforcing’ Islamic practices; hey idiots, it is why it is a Muslim School in the first place!:

Article 1, The Guardian: Muslim school closes as Ofsted calls

Article 2, The Guardian: Muslim boys in school beard ban

And watch out for these ”Good Muslim [Secularists]” (another bunch of sell-outs and collaborators): Secular Democracy


For other recommended headlines, please browse the list below for your interests;

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NSA targets web tool that protects users’ anonymity
GCHQ faces legal fight over privacy
Lavabit founder defied FBI order
Scientists create DNA tracking tags, might soon be used to track protesters as well as animals
Tiny white elite dominates US political donor landscape – study
No to ‘extension of colonialism’: Gambia quits Commonwealth
Transgender bodybuilding sculptor
Capitol Hill car chase was ‘another senseless killing by the police’
Kissinger: USA needs the whole world, not just Syria – English pravda.ru




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