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Week In News: Your Weekend Readings!


Mosque graffiti left worshippers in fear of attack
‘Instead of tea I got a mouth of bacon!’: TGI Friday’s staff ‘tricked devout Muslim woman into tasting PORK after cramming bits of it in her’ drink straw’
‘Schedule 7 powers too intrusive’
The Hunger Strikes
Guantánamo: harsh tactics revealed
Guantánamo Bay: the Hunger Strikes
CCTV to monitor ‘lazy’ road workers
Tory MP Liam Fox claims THREE PENCE for 100-yard car journey he could have walked in less than A MINUTE
Every last penny
Police colluded in blacklisting plan
Imperialism destabilizing Africa
Ecuador’s Correa: Obama’s exceptionalism talk reminiscent of Nazi rhetoric before WWII
American ‘exceptionalism’ as exemplified by US international lawlessness
USA’s cowboy democracy is terrorism dressed in noble clothes
Latin American Countries Put Up Front Against Corporate Lawsuits
New twist in Diana SAS mystery: Why are detectives examining this image discovered on the elusive Soldier N’s laptop… of snipers from his unit aiming at cars from bridge in the Welsh countryside?
Drug firms paid to attend meeting of FDA panel
US & UK intel target Tor’s tough encryption
Venezuela without Chavez, Argentina next?
Routines of the most creative minds
Under the hood: Astonishing glimpse into secretive rituals and mundane family life of Ku Klux Klan members across America
Prehistoric elephant had giant spoonbill instead of trunk which had in-built ‘scythe’ used to cut its food
Neuro-enhancement in the military: far-fetched or an inevitable future? | Science | theguardian.com
A Tiny Pronoun Says a Lot About You
Where on earth are the richest 1%?
France struggles to address racial profiling by police
Should you stretch before running?
Stephen Lawrence’s brother WAS picked on by the Met: Officer to be disciplined for stopping teacher for no reason
What IS the taxman doing? Despite outrage at big firms not paying their way the amount of uncollected tax rises to £35BILLION
‘Racist’ LA police dogs only bite Latinos and African-Americans
Hedge fund investing in Royal Mail employs George Osborne’s friend
Why do leaves turn red?




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