Our Rules of Conduct

There are three principal rules for our new proposed ideology (Neo-Islamism and it’s supporting movements). Other are mere complementary points (to be added later on).



What we mean here is essentially that one though can be free to believe, associate and practice whatever faith or religious schools of thoughts one belongs to (i.e. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism etc etc.), when one associates oneself with our movement and it’s ideology based on principles of political Islam (not religion) and founded on humanism and democratic principles then one is expected to respect the need to keep one’s religious or mystical beliefs, practices and associations to oneself. However,

[a] One is free to observe and perform ones religious duties and practices such as fasting, praying and so forth, but

[b] One is not expected to be discussing, engaging or evoking religious arguments or ‘evidence’, or attempt to ”change fellow members position” in advantage to one’s own beliefs.

[c] The essence of this is to have an independent mind and not a mind not free from ”higher teachings or authorities”, as well as to preserve the political purity of our new ideology.

In short, when one openly associates oneself with us and our new ideology, one is expected to accept the necessity of the first rule that religious thoughts, arguments, evidence or associations within the parameters of the movement’s time and membership has no place. One is also expected to keep the authorities of holy books, holy ghost, holy gods, holy spirits and the likes (in connection to religious or mystical beliefs) to oneself, and in absolute private.

To reiterate this does not mean one who is religious has no place within our movement and ideology, but rather it’s one’s religious or mystical beliefs which has no place in such a movement or ideology. We are purely political, we are doing it all this in the name of the Muslim people and not some divine authority (that not in the name of the god[s] like the traditionalist we are deliberately trying to break-away from).


This point needs not greater elaboration as we have already continuosuly repeated this theme that we are not associated to any violent themes, agendas or groups.

Any person who claim a membership or affiliation to our new movement and ideology and only to be found guilty in-association to any violent behaviour, rhetoric or other groups, this person will completely be denounced and banned from our movement.

We, especially those of us inside the western nations, have no queries with these nations (even their aggressive, imperialistic, and xenophobic elite-elements who are the primary sources of global crises, especially within the triangle of three national governments of UK, US and France). Our goal is to shape the new thinking and approach to change within the Muslim populations only. We are not to engage, or to fraternize or to associate ourselves with western authorities (however we continue working with or for them in a professional manner without breaking this rule; meaning, if one is a judge a police officer one can continue his professional undertaking without feeling forced to either undermine his beliefs or even to break one’s professional ethics), or even care if they go about chasing after us, as longer as we conduct ourselves in Open and legal manners and ways, then just let these idiots run around, and by focusing on shaping the minds of the Muslim this in itself will in time put their over-hyped running-around to a stop; as one says goes, to stop a wandering wild animal one only needs to concentrate on building a fence around it, not to catch it or kill it!

For Non-Violent training, check this training manual courtesy of CIA-funded Canvas. (CANVAS-Core-Curriculum-web). We are also going to publish a page later this week solely for training purposes (Our Training).


In short, we do not support all forms of negative -isms; racism, in-equalities-ism, sexism, ageism, xenophobism, Islamophobism, colonialism, imperialism, belligerent-ism, masochism, and so forth. When one associates oneself with us, one is to be free of all these.





In relations to Rules No. 4 & 5 we refer to the need of [1] not shying away from your Islamic roots, as well as [2] being an exceptional role-model all the time in relativism to your Islamic Cultural Identity Roots. Those who fail to stand up to Islamic exceptionalism and role-modelling tend to be the result of bad parenting and upbringing; hence you will see them smoking at young age, ”experimenting” at young age, or thinking to highly of themselves, and so forth.

A true proud and exceptional Muslim, to our definition, is one that is down to earth; does not look down on others; shows absolute respect to all ages (young to old), colours, genders, beliefs and general races; and always put one’s fellow Muslim Common Good First.

In short, what we mean here is the need to show pride in your Islamic cultural identity (away from religious practices), which means you can observe all those strongly held Islamic cultural [blurred to religious at times] traditions, like saying the Salams (Assalam Aleikum…] , showing respect to opposite sex, avoiding alcohol, smoking, drugs, and respecting your elders, helping hand to your neighbours and those fellow Muslims in need of such a helping hand (for example with grocery or anything, even among those ”disgraceful Muslims”, it is all in trying to change their ways), or even the wearing of the traditional [modest] clothing [both sexes].


What we mean here is, whatever happens you always side with your fellow Muslims, unless one has really broken a universally recognized law or ethical practices.

And for those living and working within the west, born native or not, remember this fact: you are a Muslim first, traced to your ancestral homelands, and as long as they [westerners] never accept you here and even when they do, you are never ever a British, American, French etc, your loyalties lies always with your fellow Muslims people and home countries.

This is also in reference to the need to never ever accepting the conditioning attempts by certain corrupted and greedy parties [within western states and government: the military-security-corporate-industrial-banking complexes] in portraying your fellow Muslims (who might have chosen a violent approach out of self-defensive necessity) as ”Terrorists” and thus criminals.  RESIST THE CONDITIONING!!!!

[Important Point]

We do not condone or support violent behaviour and acts. However, we will not accept the criminalization of any parties, Muslims or Not, who attempts principally to defend themselves from external aggressions or enslavement (colonization or internal politics interferences), even when we strongly do not agree with these parties violent approaches and general characters.

You, as a proud and exceptional Muslim, affiliated, associated or supporting our movement ideals should thus always side with your fellow Muslims, and never ever, we repeat, accept the negative portrayal, or reference (the use of ”T-Word” against fellow Muslim) of your Fellow Muslims under any circumstances.

One should also henceforth approach all media (”independent” or not), esp. those founded in the west or under a puppet western client state (like those making up GCC, Gulf Co-operative Council, the self-proclaimed ”emirs” and Sultanates)  with absolute closed-minded approach, because these always do not represent or interpret the reality as it is, but rather reinforce establishment discourse (i.e. propaganda). BBC you should completely avoid, as well as The Times, The Economists, The Financial Times, the usual Red-Tops, even The Guardian take it with a full-spoon of salt, as the rest. The Daily Mail, with it’s all xenophobism and Islamophobism is actually surprisingly the most ”balanced” of the lot.

In other words, chose your source of your daily news-in-take carefully, and never ever accept the general represented ”reality” as interpreted by these.

More to be added soon………….



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