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[[UPDATED]] The Guardian Exclusive Interview: UK Security Services Seek ABSOLUTE & FULL Intrusive [Spying & Arrests] Powers On UK Muslim ‘Private Lives’ – WOW (who cares?)!!!

The face of the new calls for new intrusive spying and arrest powers is an ‘ethnic idiot’ or as The Daily Mail describes him as ‘Britain most senior Muslim police officer’ at Scotland Yard (Daily Mail article: Brainwashed Muslim children aged five think Christmas is banned, warns Scotland Yard commander) put forward to save ‘the … Continue reading

[UPDATED with a Must Read Interview: Extend Spying Powers on British Muslims ‘Private Lives’] After The Fall of Ramadi & Talmud (Palmyra): A Discussion On Islamic State, Muslim Tolerance Towards It & The Alliance or Fitna Path (With Ramadi Video Clip)

”Syria is usually where empires end, not where they begin”. Paul Cobbs, Islamic Studies Professor (2011) So recent amazing successes by the Islamic States appears to; [a] make others, namely older Islamic revolutionary movements, rethinking their relations vis-a-vis the self-proclaimed Khilafah. Thus if the group continues to build into its present ‘hydra-like’ alliance form it … Continue reading

MUST READ: Steve Hilton (Former Downing St. Adviser & PM Top Man) On UK Sham-Democracy & Surveillance Laws (Just Passed Under The Carpet WHile You Were Asleep) That Support The View

The article is from the Daily Mail: click here (or read in full below). For The Guardian’s commentary-version click here. For a recent National Interest (magazine) published article by a former top US Army Commander on his view on why the US is no longer a ‘democracy’ but rather an old European Aristocracy read here. … Continue reading

The Week Big Story: Seymour Hersh (Respected Journalist), The US government & The ‘Presented Sory’ on [the apparent] ‘Killing’ Of Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Ladin (R.A.)

This week the biggest story, hidden as usual from front pages and screens of mainstream media, is of course the new breaking alternative story to one presented by The US Government on the [apparent] ‘killing’ of Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Ladin {R.A.}; we put quotes on the killing because we truly believe if he was … Continue reading


Note: The video link attached here does not contain any violent or gruesome images. It depicts life of Muajhidins in training (camp) only. OK. First and foremost JG does not [re]produce or [re]publish videos from fighting Muslims brothers and sisters or any other [non-Muslim] fighting groups but this – the first one to be shared … Continue reading