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Get Ready For Summer: Our Simple & Free Fitness and Health Guidelines

After being asked over and over again, here is our gift to you all, Muslims and Non-Muslims, free of charge, to a better lifestyle; more fitter, healthier and happier.

If one follows these guidelines one will have a truly fitter and healthier as well as happier lifestyle (even sex life will be fantastic, you will never disappoint, we promise!).

These guidelines can be followed and completed by both genders (male and females), and as such we will outline the guidelines at minimum standards of getting fitter; for example instead of recommending 100 push ups we will make a basic approximation of lowest, that minimum numbers both sexes can undertake without much strain.

First and foremost it is important to know yourself: do you have any medical conditions that might be effected or strained by these exercises, if so, take these minimum standards set out and cut it into further halves.

Now lets start. The recommendations will be based on hypothetical modelled lifestyle, in other words, what is a perfect way to living.

First, any healthier and fitter person obsessed with keeping fit and healthy would have a standard living routine, and it is this routine which will serve as our modelled lifestyle.

[A.] Going to bed earlier (by 10pm/2200hrs). Yes you can have ”nookie-time”, no problem. Making sure before jumping on that bed you have done a 10-15 mins mild stretching exercises (a mini-yoga, so to speak: for more details on these email us). You will naturally wake up with the dawn feeling fresh and energized (another nookie-time not recommended before morning work-out, unless you will do your work-out at latter hours of the day, then go for it sailor!), that is the body and lifestyle of an athletic (fitter and healthier) individual (not the lazy-logs).

[B.] You will have a nice hot (for winter days) breakfast full of protein and vitamins, and few fats (unsaturated). After an hour from waking up to finishing breakfast and few minutes of TV watching or reading, or just meditation, you will start your morning (if you are a morning person, if not this will be similar to evening or time of your choice) exercise. This morning phase I will be made up of Circuits Exercises.

[C.] Circuit Exercises comprises of Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Chin-Ups, Dips, Squats, Lunges etc.

For recommended sets (both sexes):

Sit Ups: 3 reps of 15s (3×15) or 3×10 or for those with healthy conditions 3×5 (be sure you know yourself, do not over done it).

Remember there are variations of sit ups and every other positions outlined and discussed here (for these variations get in touch with us). These variations serve to shape and mould your different parts of your body, lower abs, upper abs, sides etc.

Push Ups, similar reps as Sit-Ups.

Chin-Ups, minimum 3×5

Dips Minimum 3×10

Squats 3×10

Lunges 3×10

Star-Jumps 20 minimum (one set).

Jumping Jacks and Crunches 20 (one go)

After this Phase I of morning exercises you can go straight, if you still have time before work or after work, to cardio phase II.

[D.] During Cardio you will try to go for a 30-60 mins run, depending on your physical fitness level and abilities. You can spend two days doing cross-country long runs, and one day shuttle-runs (15mins) with a mix of cycling and swimming, and further two days jogging (ease running). 5-days of training is enough with 2 weekend days of full rest (not totally for the athletic types).

[E.] When not doing your exercises you will walk to where you want to go that if it is not outside 30 mins walk-time, no need for driving (cycling is recommended).

[F.] After every meal you can do simple ”stretches” for 15-30mins to let your body ”chew” that food. (email for details).

After two weeks of this lifestyle regime you will see improving changes and soon you will join the fittest and healthiest, and of course happiest, elite club of the few.

Any questions and more support please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at altawhid.leicester@hotmail.co.uk.

Remember that Cliche GYMS ARE FOR SUCKER! It is sadly true, Gyms are for Suckers, you can do everything and thus be fit and healthier at home or outside without paying.


A List of Recommended Readings (nothing to do with fitness: though recommended for all Muslims and those civil rights and want to be clever people):

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