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Community Park Games: Leicestershire Police ‘Steals’ Our Idea [not the first time, ha]!

Yesterday at Spinney Hills Park [Highfields Areas] Leicestershire Police in cooperation with the Leicester Riders (local city’s basketball team) held what they dubbed (and sound very familiar to us since because we also had in the past shared such idea, and others, in discussions with them and the Leicester City Council as well as the local Highfields Community Centre to organize such activities via grants, we also intended to call these, Highfields) ‘Park Games’.

Well let see what next from our itinerary of ‘ideas book’ they will try to steal next? We have cut them off for sometime now; as we no longer [1] share any more ideas, [2] we do not anymore lobby for changes and reforms in mannerism and other behaviours, as well as [3] stopping in advising them about the more effective and efficient approaches to local community relations issues.

Past acts of ‘intellectual property theft’ included the idea we were carrying out dealing with the youth entrepreneurial and coaching (they dubbed theirs ‘build it’ or something).

Anyway their weakness and major mistake, with the recent stolen idea, is their overt attempt to identify intimately such ‘community project’ with themselves, that is the Leicestershire Police (as they had their big crown plastered on the advertising platform). They appear to fail in putting our stolen ideas into effective practice, for example even our past advises on ‘community policing and safety’ seems to fail as they end up overdone it with many unwanted and counterproductive patrols (in the parks and outside), when if we were to undertake such a project we would have done it differently, for example & because……………………………………………………………….

Anyway, for interesting headlines of the week check the next post below and have a good weekend.



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